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Submitted by MsMcClever 930d ago | preview

The Ryse: Son of Rome Demo Fails to Make an Impression [TheGameHeadz]

One of Microsoft’s biggest highlights at E3 (at least in their minds) was Ryse: Son of Rome, which is a third person action-adventure game in which the player controls a Roman general named Marius Titus. In the E3 demo, Marius storms a beach with his army, fighting past foot soldiers and archers. The demo became playable for this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and I was able to get in on the action at Microsoft’s Xbox Lounge. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

trywizardo  +   930d ago
da fuq is this ... RYSE was one of the best game i sow on E3 and every video commentary or even screenshots makes me love it
yo failed to post a good post sonyboy
xHeavYx  +   930d ago | Funny
Shut up before I throw a dictionary at you
trywizardo  +   930d ago
angry much sonyboy !!!
mikeslemonade  +   930d ago
The demographic that is gonna own X1 doesn't care about substance apparently. The game doesn't visually impress me either. It's what you should expect from a next-gen game.
daggertoes83  +   930d ago
@heavy lol!!!! That was funny
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trywizardo  +   930d ago
@mikeslemonade search youtube for a video called "behind the scenes" it shows how te make the game and the awesome facial animation that is more than LA noire
Ares84HU  +   930d ago

You should be spending more time learning and less playing video games. English isn't even my first language but even I can see that you really butchered it. Even if you might think you're being cool, you're not. Should be ashamed with grammar like that.
NewMonday  +   930d ago
the XBone's Lair

this how Wiki describes it:

"During development, Lair gained attention due to its graphical presentation and developer Factor 5's reputation. However, upon release, it was seen as a critical and commercial failure"

we already see the same symptoms with Ryse.
deanobi  +   930d ago
Let the sony fanboys hate, we will have a better console and games then them!
RememberThe357  +   930d ago
Oh snap! What if they buy one too?!
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CaptainofCrush  +   930d ago
ONce again Crytek have Rysen the bar.
JokesOnYou  +   930d ago
hmmmm, site is down for me, OK well here's another impression from hands on experience:

"San Diego Comic Con 2013: Xbox One Hands-On Impressions"

"This Roman war mongering simulator looks incredible. The combat isn't all about doling out repeated Quick Time Events, which is something I was relieved to learn about. As it turns out, the QTE's are definitely optional. There's no penalty for skipping them entirely, either. I had a blast just cutting up hapless soldiers and just moving on to the next one without ending their lives with a brutal QTE. Each button pertains to a different piece of equipment (the sword, shield block and shield bash/kick counter)."

"When facing off with multiple enemies, the complexity of the game's battles become a bit more prevalent. It pays off to know exactly when to block, slash and counter all the enemies that surround you. Paying attention to character animations plays a large part in knowing how to approach certain battle situations. The QTE's aren't the focus of this historical beat 'em up. Thank God for that (or the developers themselves)."

-Plus this vid below from yesterday has me pumped and there is no doubt in my mind this game is going to be day ONE for me. haha

"These vermin dare to stand against the might of Rome, they have no honor. They deserve to suffer our retribution!"
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Major_FitZZ   930d ago | Spam
DonFreezer  +   929d ago
You are the one that should have shut your mouth.A game that looked like this is pre-alpha will probably destroy everything on the ps4 in it's final built.The article is shitty because the developers have screamed so many times that the game is nothing at all like the scripted demo they have used on E3 to save time.
FamilyGuy  +   930d ago
The articles criticisms are completely valid. Games are supposed to be fun and interactive. The way he describes it there's little substance to this title.
Heartnet  +   930d ago
Yeh but his points make little or no sense..

"As I fought across the beach, I “died” four times, which had no effect on gameplay."

makes no sense as unless teh game has a death timer or is a game like dark souls etc no games death has an impact on gameplay...

and also he states that since he cudnt aim his spears and just had to press A if felt like a minigame.. tbh if u had to aim the spears it wud be a minigame -_-
RememberThe357  +   930d ago
If that was the combat this game is fked. Maybe it's a Heavy Rain type game and they just haven't shown us yet?
TRU3_GAM3R  +   930d ago
why bother ? what others says you have your own opinion...
good game btw.
NeoTribe  +   930d ago
Ill take this guys word for it considering he played it. You havnt even played it and your saying its a gg. I understand being a xbox fan has been pretty shameful lately but atleast be honest with yourself.
PFFT  +   930d ago

lol but how do you know that this person isnt a hating Sony nuthugging little B****?? Why should i listen to this person HELL WHY should i take his personal opinion of the game into consideration even if he has played it or not RATHER than me trying the game itself AND giving the game a rating that I THINK it deserves?? Im telling you some of you Sony fanboys are extremely delusional and sad sad sad little creatures.

And yes tr3_gam3r i too think RYSE looks like it will be a great game.
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TRU3_GAM3R  +   930d ago
If I liked a game on xbox doesn't mean i am xbox fan...
thetruthx1  +   930d ago
I can say the same thing about Killzone

Absolutely no substance and a typical 1st person shooter

What do they show in the trailer a couple of enemies got shot and it has a melee attack

Omg where do they get this creativity from Lol
bsquwhere  +   930d ago
you could say that, but you'd be wrong, its more open than most FPS, with the ability to take out objectives in any order you choose. Ryse looks good, but there's more QTE than every GOW game yet. Every time you fight a guy it slows down to a QTE.

BTW good thing you brought up a game that has nothing to do with this one. Let your fanboy flag fly!
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blanket14  +   930d ago
most all of these games are launch titles...... for both systems! remember 360 and ps3 titles for launch? vs now big difference so give launch titles a break give it 2 or 3 years than complain about crappy games.
NeoTribe  +   930d ago
The thing is you would be wrong. Killzone has already proven to be a good game with its past products. This is the same formula but improvments and nexg gen graphics. People who know killzone already know what to expect. Your defending a new IP which has been getting a variety of mixed reviews. A lot of reviews talking about the dullness, lack of gameplay, and oversaturated QTE's. Im able to look past its semi pretty graphics and see the boring, repetitive gameplay. Your just so caught up in trying to persuade people your console of choice has a killer IP, that you miss the plain as day signs of it being a mediocre soon to be bargain bin game.
NeoTribe  +   930d ago
You were deceived. Why do you think they didn't show real gameplay. all qtes. Because its bland and boring.
PFFT  +   930d ago
It was all in game gameplay DMB@SS. You are highly misinformed if you believe that what they showed wasnt in game gameplay.I seriously feel bad for you dude. Hating on something just for the sake of hating. And not only that you actually believe what other tell you rather than taking a chance to analyze, research then give your opinion in the matter. Thats your typical Sony fanboy for you.
thetruthx1  +   930d ago
@bsquwhere I was replying to this clearly bias written article and to tell you Sony fanboys that your game is flawed and looks worse than Ryse. I can deal with 100 different qte's as they are varied but I will not play crysis impostor Killzone sf Lol
thetruthx1  +   929d ago
@neotribe this game looks better than anything I've seen on your Indie platform Ps4 lol

I'm sure you were waving your pom poms when Heavy Rain came out lol

This game is still in development and I'm betting no matter how good it becomes you'll still fix your mug to say something bad about it. You decided this game wasn't going to be any good when it was announced as a Xbox One Exclusive
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illtownNJONE  +   929d ago
what dumb arse base their console purchase off of 1 game #fail #sonydrone #exposed
DonFreezer  +   929d ago
Fucking ps hypocrites the game was in pre-alpha. Pre fucking alpha?Do you know what that means dleusional ps drones?If the games was like that at this time then I would only expect it to get better and better.
Yo Mama  +   930d ago | Well said
Just goes to show ya.

Microsoft is all show, little to no substance.

But what would you expect from a game originally designed for the Kinect and retrofitted to a controller.
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HeavenlySnipes  +   930d ago
I think you meant Crytek. Microsoft isn't developing the game
Thepharaoh  +   930d ago
Well it made enough of an impression for this "Gamer" to have the initiative to weite something on it
creepjack  +   930d ago
umm, yeah, ok. Almost everyone that actually got to play it came away saying the opposite.

Try harder ponies.....
devwan  +   930d ago
Well everyone has their opinion, for some people while the game has next gen graphics it has rather 90s gameplay with the heavy use of QTE, some would argue even more casual as the only consequence of a failed QTE is a points/exp/animation difference.
Heartnet  +   930d ago
Its not a QTE as you cant fail the event... its just an optional execution move that you can do...

QTE was in liek God of War where if you missed one you would take heavy damage so you had to be quick or like in Heavy Rain etc..

these butons have negative impact on you as its just press this button for an animation. And the fact u dont need to use em shows how heavy its not :L
Ares84HU  +   930d ago

Actually most people who got to play it weren't blown away and they say it's mainly just QTE.

It looks good though. I love everything that has anything to do with the Roman Empire but I wish this was more interactive and didn't have any QTE.
PFFT  +   930d ago
AGAIN! QTE's are optional! Do you guys even take the time to search for this type of info???
fsfsxii  +   930d ago
I don't understand. Why do people judge before playing the game??
SlapHappyJesus  +   930d ago
This is the current N4G.
Anything that can allow the majority to scream "See? See? M$ does everything wrong!", is A-OK in their books.
fsfsxii  +   930d ago
The site was good back when i discovered it in 2011.
Too damn bad that trolls run it now man.
awesomeperson  +   930d ago
When I first discovered the site there was still the Open Zone, so all fanboy arguments were in their dedicated space and people who wanted to seriously discuss games had a seperate space.

To be honest, I felt that was a much better option for a site like N4G.

The console wars had calmed down towards the end of this gen, but this new one has started it all over again. What bothers me the most however is seeing the amount of 10-30 day old troll accounts, they're just a pain. At least the old trolls had some sort of wit or entertainment factor to them.
Ares84HU  +   930d ago

You should have been here in 2006/2007. Even if you hinted at anything Playstation you got a 100 disagrees and was called all kinds of names for liking the PS3 as opposed to the Xbox 360.

Just because the tables have turned it doesn't mean the site is gone down hill. It was always full of trolls and a-holes and always will be.
Dlacy13g  +   930d ago zone is sorely missed. N4g was better with it than without
Kietz  +   930d ago
Xbox One Vs. PS4: Why Sony Is Still The Best Choice For Gamers, Indie Devs Respond to Xbox One Self Publishing Policies, "Ton of Questions Still need Answers", PS4 "Remote Play" Is Nintendo's Enemy Right Now, Five reasons to buy a PlayStation 4

Just what you can find on the first page at this moment.
Honestly, if you pretend this place isn't simply a place for Sony fans to feel warm and cozy . . . along with some general gaming news . . . you are lying to yourself or just trying to keep up the b.s image that this site isn't a Sony propaganda site, sometimes only a few levels below that of something such as Sony Defense Force.
kneon  +   929d ago

Perhaps it's just that there are more sony fans than xbox fans in the world. The 360 is in last place after all.
nolifeking  +   929d ago
Because it can be done. I don't have to play barbie: dreamland adventure to know it a crap game. Dont need to watch Atlantic rim to know it sucks. Having a working brain goes a long way.
Fireseed  +   930d ago
Played it at E3 and I'll be honest the combat system is almost exactly like the Batman: Arkham series, and last time I checked the "mashing the X button" and "frantic pacing" in that seemed pretty alright with the masses...

But personally the game is a total blast to play, but hey maybe that's just cause I like the imagery of slashing throats and amputating limbs... who knows?
WeAreLegion  +   930d ago
There are various other mechanics in Batman though. Did Ryse have other things to do when you played it? Not trolling. I want to know. It looks fun, but I need more than just that.
Fireseed  +   930d ago
Alright well when I talked to one of the guys standing there, he was telling me that your command grows with you rank. He gave me an example of "Imagine toward the end of the game you control armies the size of that in Rome: Total War, but fight beside them like you do here." So I guess the game grows in scale as you progress. As for other types of gameplay (like stealth or stuff) he couldn't say. But as an avid RTS player that first part sounded bad ass to me.
WeAreLegion  +   929d ago
Oh, that's awesome! So, it takes sort of a Brutal Legend approach?
FamilyGuy  +   930d ago
This games looks like it's practically on rails (think time crisis or that harry potter kinect game). No fully but somewhat forced direction. I'm not a fan on having such little control in my video games :/

It does look nice though, the graphics and the gore if you're into gore. Would've been cool if this game had the license of the last season of Sparticus. With all its gory, 300-style, attacking and fight scenes.

Is this game a $60, full retail title?
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Fireseed  +   930d ago
I don't think we've seen anywhere near enough of this game to jump to conclusions.
Fishy Fingers  +   930d ago
Graphics looked fantastic, gameplay looked average. Clearly a Crytek game.
FRAKISTAN  +   930d ago
Roccetarius  +   930d ago
Well, that's what you get when your game is 60% Graphics. :)
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Grown Folks Talk  +   930d ago
How many new articles do we need complaining about the same E3 demo which the developer has already said won't be representative of the final product?
Dr Pepper  +   930d ago
If it's not representative of the final product, they probably shouldn't have used it.

A demo is for giving the user a taste of the final product. If the demo they put together doesn't do that, or they claim the final game is going to be different, they have nobody to blame but themselves (especially when they keep reusing that demo at events well after E3).
Grown Folks Talk  +   930d ago
A normal demo, I agree. A 1st show demo being put together during early stages of production, which are often rushed, I disagree.
Chris12  +   930d ago
The game is clearly in God mode for the demo, how someone who has played games for more than a short period wouldn't know this or needs it in writing before believing it is beyond me. A terrible article.
Omran  +   930d ago
I'm sony fan but i liked the game
i will get both consoles !
edonus   930d ago | Spam
Grindlefly  +   930d ago
I'm pro Sony but thought Ryse looked very good. One of my favorite demos of e3.

I'm sure I read that this demo was deliberately made this way and that it was only a small section of the game. In the final game they said you could fail the quicktime events.
Reckon you could say it was more an enhanced Tech demo of the game which this guy has clearly missed
urwifeminder  +   930d ago
Looking forward to having it in my collection.
first1NFANTRY  +   930d ago
Look i'm not saying Ryse won't live up to the hype, on the contrary, i personally hope it delivers (Gladiator is one of my favorite movies) BUT i can't help but think the reason every M$ fan is going apesh!t for it along with Titan Fall is because they've been starved for worthwhile exclusives for 3 years now.

Do not make the mistake of over hyping the game only to be disappointed. how well the game will sell is still questionable knowing how the majority of M$ fans (America mainly) only ever care about first person shooters.
#15 (Edited 930d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
gnothe1  +   930d ago
but isnt that what most playstation fanboys do...they OVER HYPE everything thats playstation exclusive...just like KZ,RFOM an infamous...all overrated games but they're still hyped to no end..
WeAreLegion  +   930d ago
I love all three franchises, but throwing inFamous in the overrated category may get you some hate. Its fans are pretty passionate. I know I am.
Supermax  +   930d ago
True fanboyism,if this and titanfall were on ps4 you would b all over it.
BlaqMagiq24  +   930d ago
Wow so one guy gives his honest opinion and if the Xbox fanboys don't like it, they're all hounding and saying it's pathetic or he's a Sony fanboy. And they say Sony fanboys are hypocrites.
DiRtY  +   930d ago
Here read another opinion and see the reactions:
Wni0  +   930d ago
And this makes sense how again?
PFFT  +   930d ago
Read the comments and you will understand.
PSVita  +   929d ago
Comparing Ryse to the last of Us which is 1 of 2 games with over 40 perfect reviews.. Yeah that makes sense lol
DiRtY  +   930d ago
"There was little to no actual dexterity or skill involved in the gameplay."

"As I fought across the beach, I “died” four times"

okay then...
PSVita  +   929d ago
"Died" as in it was forced not because he actually did something wrong and lost.
#18.1 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
thetruthx1  +   930d ago
No matter anyone's opinion I'm already sold on this game

Day 1

Spartacus/300 in colosseum battling for me
MEGAxPAIN  +   930d ago
How the hell did they pass this? Shit is old news. We know Ryse was not all that good at E3 and they promised us better gameplay at Gamescom.
metoo2   930d ago | Spam
WeAreLegion  +   930d ago
Can we agree not to judge Ryse or Driveclub based on the E3 demo? That's fair for everyone.
Hicken  +   930d ago
It'll never happen.
DebateMaster  +   929d ago
Goodluck with that. Hypocritical fanboys will never let that happen. The xbone fanboys will hate on drive club and say "wait till Ryse comes out". While the PS4 fanboys will hate on Ryse the sa "wait till Driveclub comes out".
#22.2 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LoveSpuds  +   930d ago
I think that surely the best approach is to wait and see what the final build looks and plays like before getting carried away.

First impressions are that it looks great but there are questions about its gameplay.

The devs are very talented guys and I am sure will want to deliver a great experience so lets just give them a chance and see what the deliver.
MatriXcian  +   930d ago
Ryse was originally a Kinect only game hence it bein now mostly QTEs its gonna be shit.
darthmaul  +   929d ago
I also played the game at this years comic con. Matter of fact, I actually won a copy of the game when it comes out. Anyway, I do agree with the article. I played the entire demo and it really just failed to pull me in. It was just meh to be honest. The graphics were nice, but not mind blowing and the game play was just OK. It wasn't a bad game per say, but based on the demo I wouldn't recommend spending $64 on it. It is definitely not a system seller in my opinion. Everyone is different of course, but if possible play the demo before purchasing this game and decide for yourself.
kewlkat007  +   929d ago
Day 1 Purchase...
ProjectSeoul  +   929d ago
These are just are the beginning games coming out for the consoles, people shouldn't expect a lot of "Next-Gen" features until later.
Master-H  +   929d ago
Well the game looks nice, i wasn't impressed with the QTEs at first but the developers said you could turn them off completely so that's good, but i wouldn't expect too much from Crytek regarding gameplay lol still it looks fun, The best thing about it imo is the setting, when i first saw it at E3 i immediately though Shadow of Rome, which is a title i miss dearly :'(
Anyway it'll hopefully turn out great, my xbone bros. and i'll hopefully get to play it on my friends console once he gets it, he is an Xboxer.
JohnCartenper  +   929d ago
OH GEE because TLOU and Uncharted have amazing gameplay right???
They're not a cutscene fest in the slightest..

or the new Tomb Raider praised to hell n back!

But since this is a XBO exclusive this (assuming it's true) is now some sort of HUGE HANDICAP..

Gotta love console warz
JKeyz90  +   927d ago
even a MS fan has to admit this game doesn't exactly look that great, least i'm not excited about it I'm getting Watch Dogs and BF4 instead they look amazing

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