Why You Should Stop Bleating About the PS4's RAM

Everyone's gone baa-rmy
While the topic has quietened down a little over the past couple of years, cross-game chat was just one of the many failings of the PlayStation 3.

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Convas1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I'll leave this here.

Last post is the same poster as the one Majin is quoting, 'cept now he's heard from an industry insider.

MariaHelFutura1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

The PS4 still has more available RAM than the Xbox One and uses more for the OS than the Xbox One. Pending this is true. Either way, I'm not worried about it.

A reallocated PS4 still trumps the Xbox One specs. Ouch.

IcicleTrepan1485d ago

@MariaHelFutura You fail at basic mathematics

OrangePowerz1485d ago

Both have 8GB so it's not possible that either of them has more RAM for OS AND games compared to the other.

lgn151485d ago Show
OrangePowerz1485d ago


I must have missed the part where Sony said games have 7GB available. All they said is that the system has 8GB.

slimeybrainboy1485d ago

Awesome post man! (Y) I wish there was a section of Gaf or just a website that was only insider rumors and opinions that was like N4G, you could upvote consistently right insiders, and downvote phoneys.

MariaHelFutura1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

1st - It's 5.5gbs available

2nd - even if 4.5gbs of gddr5> 5gbs of ddr3.

3rd - The PS4's OS would know be greater than the Xbox One. Since 3.5gbs of gddr5 > 3gbs of ddr3, by alot.

4th - How are guys celebrating a rumor that still leaves the Xbox One specs behind. A reallocated PS4 is still the better cheaper system w/ now a more powerful OS. Bravo.

And remember this is a rumor and if this isn't true, things are gonna get fun.

Boody-Bandit1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Quoted from the link provided above by Convas..
Current PS4 dev specs

"-At most, the OS uses 1.5GB, with a good amount of that helping the HD recording feature and on the fly switching/ multi tasking

-4.5GB is indeed about what's available for devs at present.

-1GB is set aside for futureproofing OS operations down the line.

-1GB for developer reserve, should they need it

Finally as an important point, I'm being told the faster RAM in the PS4 does in fact make a huge difference."

black0o1485d ago

all xbots here need to chill with the disagrees ..
OT: i think the ram comparison didnt change a bit
GDDR5 > DDR3 fact
512 MB GDDR > 1 GB DDR3 ''for gpu" fact
and 5.5 GBs >> 5 GBs fact

Rhinoceros1485d ago

Specs don't matter:

Respawn talks about Cloud gaming:

The PS4 is just a kinectless XBONE with an inferior CLOUD, and less money to spend on exclusives.

Omegasyde1485d ago

As the guy stated in the link, the OS is not set in stone. Sony wants to be cautious in case MS,Nintendo,Steam comes out with a new unique idea that they can "copy" of. Hell, maybe some of the ram will be dedicated for the PSeye..

Microsoft needs ram this for legroom for the back ground features like TV watching, skype, etc, aka a Media Center.

However history shows that Sony releases lower OS footprints over the years with their firmware updates. I can't imagine MS would do the same as they would rather have the ram dedicated to type of background app.

slampunk1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )


Your fanboy comments are hilarious!!!!

"The PS4 still has more available RAM than the Xbox One" ... LOL

"It's 5.5gbs available" ...... LOL loudly....

"even if 4.5gbs of gddr5> 5gbs of ddr3." .....LMFAO....

GDDR5 was a good choice by sony, but why do you think the PS4 "HAS" to have more ram available than XB1? who cares? the games will still be great.....

"The PS4's OS would know be greater than the Xbox One. Since 3.5gbs of gddr5 > 3gbs of ddr3, by alot." .......

LMFAO!!!!!....Fell of my chair too!!!!

Please dont stop commenting.....still LMFAO whilst on the floor!!!

trouble_bubble1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Less money for exclusives?? BAHAHA, that's rich considering the PS3 is STILL firing on all cylinders this year in :
GOW Ascension
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
MLB13 The Show
Until Dawn
Tekken Revolution
GranTurismo 6
Ratchet&Clank into the Nexus
Hotline Miami
Guacamelee etc

..while the 360 has been relegated to scraps like Dark at 38% metacritic and Double Dragon2 at 17%.

X1 lacks the FTP and indy support PS4 already has with stuff like Planetside and DCUO, but keep talking about imaginary clouds. Funny thing is, the Cloud storage on PS3 is more than 360 as we speak, so I think you're betting on the wrong rainmaker

ALLWRONG1484d ago

This reminds me I need to pick up some new flip flops at Walmart. All the good flip flops are buried at the bottom. Kinda like how N4G buries Sony news.

What's funny is people here assumed all the features Sony keeps adding wouldn't use extra system resources.

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iPad1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

The Witness uses 5GBs... so how can the PS4 have 4.5 GBs of RAM for devs?

whoyouwit041485d ago

Or maybe Jonathan Blow thought he would be using that, or maybe sony payed him to lie. Seriously does the witness really looks like it need 5 gigs to run?

trouble_bubble1485d ago

Devs can use 5.5GB. That's what the reserve is for

NegativeCreepWA1485d ago

If the witness needs 5 GB of ram too run, Blow needs to find a new career.

nnodley1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I believe he said it wants to use 5GB not that it uses 5GB. Not sure though.

And even if it does he is more than likely loading the full game world onto the RAM instead of just in chunks. It's entirely possible he is using all the available RAM, but there are many different ways devs can use it and people need to realize that before they mindlessly bash somebody.(Not you iPad, BTW)

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UnHoly_One1484d ago

Jonathan Blow is a loudmouth idiot.

I'm sick of him.

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showtimefolks1485d ago

here is how i look at it we went from 512MB to 5 plus GB of ram why all the complaining?

and if someone pre ordered a ps4/xbox one just for ram than they should go ahead and cancel,

halo 4 looks stunning
last of us looks stunning

both using how much ram again? please for the love of gaming just stop this nonsense. let the system come out before we start judging them, let the developers make few games on them before we say its specs are not good enough

again 512MB to over 5GB of the fastest ram

xbox360 also i think 512 or 1GB ram to 5 plus

gamertk4211485d ago

You're right, 512, and that was only at the last minute because Epic asked them to up it for Gears. The whole point is that many in the Sony camp were lording the RAM advantage over the Xbox side, so this is all a slice of comeuppance, regardless if totally accurate or not. In the end the difference we should focus on is the 10x generational leap for BOTH.

showtimefolks1485d ago


both consoles are almost identical when it comes to specs, we will see how different developers find more ways to use the systems to their fullest

one day on n4g its how MS have gone back to caring about gamers

next day sony still has advantage

i feel like this fanboys war takes the fun out of gaming and there is barely any common sense used in arguments

Narutone661485d ago

Those number of RAM means nothing to gamers, it's for the developers to worry on how to use those available RAM. It's pointless to argue about which system has more RAM if the developer sucks, even a TB of RAM won't be able to help them.

black0o1485d ago

only xbot are the ones complaining they finally had a chance to speak up

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BattleTorn1485d ago

/cause Jonathan Blow is the embodiment of credibility.

wishingW3L1485d ago

is he known for lying or something? Because otherwise your comment makes no sense.

s8anicslayer1485d ago

Fanboys are the cancer of gaming, I mean seriously what is the point of arguing about who has more who has less who's faster who's slower etc etc. People will buy what they want and the fact is the ones who argue are the ones who are either loyalists to Sony or Microsoft or can only afford one over the other. I will be enjoying the fruits of both consoles and a very happy camper playing Killzone, WatchDogs, Forza 5, DR3. I cannot wait!

Shadowolf1484d ago

@ s8anicslayer,

In fact fanboys are the driving force behind the gaming industry. The industry needs passionate gamers like what we see here in this thread. These are the early adopters who Sony and Microsoft carefully outline their hardware for.

When I read the back and forth of platform specific fans defending their position and their console of choice, despite much of the name calling and slurs, it is obvious why you see the monolithic corporations reversing their policies to satisfy the needs of their loyal users and maintain that competitive edge against the stiff competition.

Don't for one second assume Sony and Microsoft are not reading this threads to know how to give their loyal users what they want. Sure, like you I'll be basking in the glory of both platforms eventually...however, just because I work in the industry doesn't mean I have the luxury of buying both next-gen systems at launch. Making the right initial choice is very important for the mass majority of serious gamers and these threads of fanboy debates over what seem unimportant like the difference in RAM specifics really is important.

n4rc1484d ago

Not even close dude..

These casuals you hate so much are the vast majority. Early adopters will grab the majority of the first million as a bunch of tech loving casuals gets some as well..

Given this gens sales.. Who do you think is buying the other 74 million units?

Fanboys are like .1%.. Nobody takes a fanboy seriously anyways because they are all complete idiots to be honest.

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Christopher1484d ago

But, if people weren't "bleating" about it, you wouldn't have been able to write an opinion piece and get hits off of the same rumor!

JoySticksFTW1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Bah, meant to agree.

I'm glad ms decided to join the fight. They've really turned it around lately.

Things are just more exciting when it's not a one horse race.

On topic

It will be 5.5 gb to start, with Sony sitting on a gb ready to implement any hot feature it can copy from a competitor.
And if that feature doesn't come, it will be allocated to games.

Also you'd have to think both X1 and ps4 will optimize (shrink) their OS over time. So that will eventually free up more memory for both systems to put towards games as well.

Either way 5gb at the start of next gen is more than enough for these consoles.