Chris "Huk" Loranger Believes eSports Is A Lot Harder Than People Think

One of the most popular members of Team Evil Genius’ StarCraft 2 roster is Chris "Huk" Loranger, who’s called by fans everything from "HuK Norris" to "The Incredible HuK," to "HuKeules" and "DreamHuK." The SC2 Protoss player has won two Major League Gaming (MLG) Pro Circuit Championships (Raleigh 2010, Orlando 2011) and DreamHack Summer 2011.

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jagiii1696d ago

It's cool to see Red Bull supporting eSports like it does real sports.

3-4-51695d ago

Being the best at anything is really difficult.

1696d ago
Wni01696d ago

What's great about HuK is he sorta came out of nowhere to be the top player, when basically everyone just assumed the old Brood War pros would take every event.

blackmanone1696d ago

Not saying they're not hard, but they're certainly not a sport.

Wni01696d ago

of course they are. if chess is a sport, then so are they.

iceman061695d ago

eSports, and competitive anything, takes a certain type of person. It takes dedication and hard work to become as great at it as these "cyber-athletes". However, I don't look at games as sports. There are other things that are considered sports that I don't view on the same level as well like bowling, darts, pool, poker, etc. No disrespect to what they do. That's why I think that eSports is probably the best term for this.