Next Week on the EU PSN: July 31st, 2013 – 5 New PlayStation Plus Free Games

It’s a pretty busy week on the European PSN, mostly thanks to all the new PlayStation Plus free games that will be entering the Instant Game Collection starting on Wednesday. Before they enter though, make sure you grab all the games leaving the IGC. - PSLS

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fsfsxii1764d ago

time to clear some space

Firan1764d ago

The last NFS game I played was Most Wanted for PS2. That will change soon.

fsfsxii1764d ago

The last one was a Burnout disguised in the name of NFS. Average at best

PSjesus1764d ago

cathrine .... why sony didn't bring it to american psn plus

vigilante_man1763d ago

Never heard of it before but downloaded it. An amazing game. Very hard though..