Alleged Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn TV Commercial Leaked, Looks Lovely

It's already known that a series of TV commercials of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are about to be aired around the world, but none been seen any yet, until now.

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Abriael1641d ago

Well, At least we still have the screenshot and a description. Guess it means it's legit :D

Noami1641d ago

yup! i manage to see it w but dint download it kinda shoudla had w.
but it wasnt that interesting w

Abriael1641d ago

@Naomi: found another source.

camel_toad1641d ago

Has any mmo besides WOW ever had a tv commercial? My visibility is limited to US tv as I'm sure Korea has had plenty.

Abriael1641d ago

Yeah, quite a few. Even Final Fantasy XIV already had one when it was launched the first time.

mr.selfdestruct1641d ago

sorry that disagree was in error my bad

RedHawkX1641d ago

no one like final fantasy anymore and if this is that mmo thats double yuck crap.

Abriael1641d ago

Quite obviously hundreds of thousands of people say you're dead wrong.

RedHawkX1641d ago

the game already flopped once bro. big financial disaster and they trying to launch it again. this crap aint gonna work because squenix has been doing a lot of dub stuff that people tell them not to do and that people hate. no one asked for lighting trilogy. everyone asked for kh3 ages ago. everyone hates the iphone mini squeenix games. people wanted ff vs 13 ages ago instead of lightning.

LordNikon1641d ago

So... why are u complaining then? FF XIV ARR has been positively recieved now that it is a product of quality, its a game for MMO fans. S-E is working on KH3, FF XV and Lightning Returns. I also heard (probably not though) they might be working on FF XVI soon. Everybody wins?

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