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Dragon Crown’s Was Initially Intended for the American Market, Kamitani Made What he Wanted to Play

Dragon’s Crown has been a long time coming, initially set to be published by UTV Ignition, then they dropped which allowed Atlus to pick up the project. Today Vanillaware’s president (and the game’s Creative Director) George Kamitani shared some interesting tidbits of information on what influenced the game. (Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, PS3)

nosferatuzodd  +   266d ago
i like this game
Dunpeal  +   266d ago
I bet he did :D
TongkatAli  +   266d ago
The jiggle effects are perfect. Everytime she moves her boobs move with her, looks very natural.
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Abriael  +   266d ago
and that's what matters, rite?
TongkatAli  +   266d ago
I was thinking they wouldn't move that they would be silicon, but then i saw her gameplay and her boobs flop around.

She is going to be very popular online.
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fsfsxii  +   266d ago
N4G feminazis are going to have your head haha
10 more days -_-
XiaoSet  +   266d ago
Doesn't really roll off the tongue, but more accurate.
creatchee  +   266d ago
There are plenty of games that cater to a region or an expectation. I respect developers that have the courage to bring their vision to life rather than what they think somebody else's might be.
miyamoto  +   266d ago
Like James Cameron said, " I make movies I myself want to watch."

Good thing Kamitani share the same philosophy.
So no sell out here
Godlovesgamers  +   265d ago
"So no sell out here"

Nope. Just one Japanese man's panty-sniffing addiction perpetuated onto a video game for everyone to see/play.

The ridiculous over-sexualization of the female characters in this game adds nothing to it so one must wonder, why is it there? Female video game characters can still be sexy and visually appealing without such ridiculous anatomical exaggerations and slutty representations. Proof? Alex Vance.
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rlacorne  +   265d ago
Obviously you're not part of the demographic targeted by Dragon's Crown.

BUT, many people, me included, enjoy over-sexualization. It may be "perverted" or "immature" to you, but for some other persons (that's me), it's fun as hell.

I love the character design for the sorceress as much as I love Russ Meyer's movies, vintage erotica and burlesque shows.

And such art style pleases people like me. And if you wonder, no, I don't believe women in real life should look that way, or that men should look like Conan the barbarian (Because surprise, men are over-sexualized in Dragon's Crown too!). I just believe it is nice art style.
miyamoto  +   265d ago
Exaggeration and Emphasis are time tested principlaes of animation my friend bro. You will see this even in sprite animation specially Street Fighter.
I have seen bigher boobs and thighs in real life eveyday. Get real.
Godlovesgamers  +   264d ago

"Obviously you're not part of the demographic targeted by Dragon's Crown."

And that's based on what observation? Because of the fact that I don't agree with the blatantly over sexualized representation of woman? Wow, real astute observation, detective. I actually grew up on 2D side-scrolling beat'em-up's and love them still today.

The "art style" has nothing to do with the over emphasis on a witches huge tits exploding out her clothes. And please how is that "fun as hell"? They're not features that enhance the gameplay but only draw your attention to what is obviously on the mind of the artist and game director. And at the end of the day it is pervy.

Tell me, what would be lost if these characters were less "sexed"? Little to nothing. Modesty isn't a crime and no one ever complained about something have some class and tact.
rlacorne  +   264d ago
What would be lost? Well, sex? For me, that would be losing a bit of that game's appeal.

Also no, you're not in the targeted demographic when talking about the art style. Because clearly it targets people that understand the fun and beauty in such sexualization, and you don't seem to be part of that.

"And please how is that "fun as hell"? They're not features that enhance the gameplay but only draw your attention to what is obviously on the mind of the artist and game director. And at the end of the day it is pervy."

Yes, at the end of the day it's perverted. I am a pervert. I'm happy that some game devs are perverts too. I'm on the same boat as these guys. The world has something for everyone, and this time it's for guys and girls like me that enjoy this kind of thing.
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