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Mad Catz Confirms Holiday Release for Android-Based System

It’s looking like 2013 is the year of Android-based console systems. Mad Catz, a popular peripheral manufacturer, will be following in the steps of the Ouya by releasing their own Android-powered console this holiday (Android, Industry, Mad Catz Interactive)

NeoTribe  +   265d ago
It will fail like the ouya aswell.
cleft5  +   265d ago
Maybe not, the Ouya was a solid idea. The problem was that they tried to create a closed android device similar to the current consoles. There is definitely a market for people that want to play their apps on their tv. The fact that this device allows you to play apps directly from the major android app stores is a huge plus. This could be successful despite the failure that was the Ouya.
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NeoTribe  +   265d ago
I just see it having to small of an install base to ever get big. I mean android games are extremely simplistic for the most part and really don't need a console and remote. Maybe if the games get more complex they could benefit from a console. But then why not just sell them on ps and xbox at a much lower price rather than its own console.
JsonHenry  +   265d ago
I feel like they would be better off trying to sell this stuff to TV/Bluray/other set-top manufacturers to include INSIDE of their products. Kinda like "Check out this new Samsung smart TV with Madcatz gaming tech inside!"

That way the market get saturated by these devices. Imagine how many games they would sell if this sort of tech was built into all new TVs/DVD players.
jeffgoldwin  +   264d ago
I would never want that or and disc spinning device built into my next $2,000 oled tv. It breaks and you need a specialized tech (expensive as hell, like the way apple scams you to do simple things like change a battery).

Even if they miraculously make the parts accessible, they will be propriety parts and cost an arm and a leg.

I could see maybe bundled into a Blu-ray player, but that would prolly be hard to pull off. It would make some sense though. (dvd movie format is almost dead, imo. It will stick around for a few more years like vhs, but then r.i.p.)
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dc786  +   264d ago
Obviously they are entering in this market very late and its hard to acquire users.
BattleAxe  +   265d ago
Junk, just like all of Mad Catz products.
BXbomber  +   265d ago
i agree, i bought a wireless gaming fighting pad from them which cost $40 and not even a week passed and the usb receiver to the fighting pad died and to make matters worse i lost my receipt for the damn thing. NEVER will i buy another madcatz product since its all junk.
JsonHenry  +   265d ago
I used to think madcatz stuff was junk. Till I started buying their high end PC gaming mice (RAT9 and RAT7MMO) and their high end gaming headset. They really do make some decent stuff. But the last product I bought from them for a console was pure crap. I mean it even felt cheap. I wish they could get it together across the board when it comes to quality.
Funantic1  +   265d ago
What will help this sell is the open features it has allowing people to play all their android games regardless of where they got them from. The Ouya doesn't play all android games from just anywhere. I heard where the Ouya wouldn't play Grand Theft Auto that the Mojo could play easily. I'll buy this Mojo if it's below $100. I'll rack up cheap games from Gameloft and few others like Dead Trigger 2.
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nirwanda  +   265d ago
I tell what would sell well, if sega and Nintendo got together and released an android based device with all the back catalogue of mega drive snez and arcade games to buy in packs of 4 for 99p each.
Funantic1  +   265d ago
Sounds good
DOOMZ  +   265d ago
This one actually looks good!!!
HyperBear  +   265d ago
Depending on the price I may pick this up. Using a Tegra 4 processor with 2GB of RAM and a controller design that looks decent and has characteristics with PS and Xbox controllers, and hopefully running on Android 4.3 with native Full HD gaming support. Sounds pretty enticing to me...

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