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Microsoft's Gamescom event set for Aug. 20

PG:Microsoft will host a Showcase Event at Gamescom 2013 on Aug. 20, where specifics of the company's self-publishing policies for Xbox One will be disclosed. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Dobgamers  +   853d ago
I'm really excited for both Microsoft and SONY conferences!

The 4 and The ONE!
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kingxtreme81  +   853d ago
I am also really excited for both!

Both 4 me on day One.
fredpinta  +   853d ago
ape007  +   853d ago
agreed 100%, although im with xbox a bit more
fsfsxii  +   853d ago
Disagrees for personal preference. Waaaaw
BattleTorn  +   853d ago
All for 4, One for All ? :P
CalamityCB  +   853d ago
All 4 ONE and ONE 4 all!
GameCents  +   853d ago
There is One 4 U & me this gen. Lets all enjoy
CRAIG667  +   853d ago
GameCents just had to take it that little bit too far lol
Kayant  +   853d ago
Let the battle commence.... ^ Agreed :)
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   853d ago
Well we know one of their huge announcements are already out in the air.

And considering they only have about 3 unannounced games for the first launch year it will be interesting to see what they have.
iBlackyi  +   853d ago
Meanwhile Sony has 13 games to unvreveil, including the projects of Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Santa Monica evolution studios, Media Molecule, SCE Bend Studio etc. :)
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   853d ago
Actually Sony has 14 :P

But we don't really know if quantic,ND etc will be showing off games

Drive club
The order
Octo dad
Deep down (unconfirmed exusive)
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Sevir  +   853d ago
Indie titles are not first or second party exclusives...

Gamescon will add 3-4 New PS4 Titles made by the European Developers that are either first party or Second Party.

These titles will add to the 5 Announced. First/Second Party Exclusives.

Killzone: Shadow Fall
Infamous: Second Son
The Order: 1886

Likely to be Announced,
-LBP3 by Sumo Digital
-New Ip by Media Molecule
-New Ip By Ninja Theory
-New Ip/Singstar PS4 by London Studios

All the small indie titles on the ps4 are self published.
nukeitall  +   853d ago
It is hard to put a finger down on what exclsives are left for MS to show. MS has a history of having far more third/second party exclusives due to partnerships.

MS has 15 first party exclusives the first year, which eight of them are new franchises.

I do not know how many has been announced, but it is specifically Microsoft Studios, which likely means major AAA games like Ryse, Quantum Break and Titanfall are not in that count.

from the beach  +   853d ago
I don't think we can put a number on how many games to expect, there's still quite a few first party studios on the MS side that haven't announced anything.

Crackdown 3 incoming?
kingxtreme81  +   853d ago
A new Crackdown would make me very happy.

Some of the most fun I had this gen was in messing around in Crackdown.

I can only imagine the awesomeness of an Xbox One Crackdown.
gamertk421  +   853d ago
XboxFun  +   853d ago
I really excited to see what else they have in store for us gamers. I hope they show the game Black Tusk has been working on, I am very curious to see what that is about. Also a little more on Quantum Break.
Lucreto  +   853d ago
Conferences this year
Microsoft- ??pm BST
EA- 3pm BST
Sony 6pm BST
Ubi none this year
Nintendo- None
gamertk421  +   853d ago
MS should do theirs at the same time as Sony so they can't pull an E3 on them again.
Lucreto  +   853d ago
I sat Microsoft will be at 12 pm or 1pm. Sony like getting the last word in.
razrye  +   853d ago
Jack tretton said that their conference was planned months ago. Regardless of what ms was going to do.
gamertk421  +   852d ago
That's what I do all day: believe anything Tretton says. /s
Darth Gamer  +   853d ago
I'm also very excited for both conferences. As November edges closer, all the fine details of both consoles will be clearer. I personally don't care about specs of the individual console really, as each will have their own pros and cons. I have both already paid for. I'm just eagerly awaiting the showing of more on the games so to make a final decision on which of those to pre-order. Show me and impress me with the games and I'll show you the money!!!!!!
4logpc  +   853d ago
This should be good.

(grabs popcorn)
2cents  +   853d ago
Bring it on!

Time to hit the reset button and see what the big green monster has in store for us. I really do hope they are clear and concise about:

1. Hardware
2. Specifications that us nerds want to know
3. Live kinect demonstration not of the development features but actual end user software.
4. Digital content distribution and sharing (if any)
5. Demonstrate live Xbox one and kinect user interface.
6. Self publishing, the full story
7. More Games Games Games!

And I'm sure there is more that isn't coming to mind right now.

I'm optimistic but reserved based on their almost comical handling of their new toy thus far.
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4logpc  +   853d ago
Will probably be yelled at for this...

I really hope they show off a Kinect game that looks fun. I want to see someone use this new Kinect and blow our minds.
Neoninja  +   853d ago
I agree with you.
Chances are Twisted Pixels new IP will have something to do with Kinect.
CRAIG667  +   853d ago
I too would like to see a full blown kinect game that isn't based on dancing or sports... something unexpected would be nice.
Grown Folks Talk  +   853d ago
I'll be busy playing Splinter Cell Blacklist on the 20th.
Darth Gamer  +   853d ago
@ 4logpc

Agreed! I personally would cringe every time MS announced anything for the first Kinect but I am extremely excited for the 2nd Kinect and what it has to offer.
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PablitoPaperito  +   853d ago
With its 4.5 GB of GDDR5 ram the PS4 is unbeatable
razrye  +   853d ago
Quit trolling it's only a rumour. Also since Jonathan blow is already working on the witness which is currently using up 5gb it's a poor rumour at that.
Zkeane14  +   853d ago
Did N4G turn into an xbox site overnight? Seems like everyone's hating on the ps4 now. wierd..
gamertk421  +   853d ago
One can dream...
GiantEnemyCrab  +   853d ago
Nah, just people not fighting a console war for a change and just enjoying both. Nothing wrong with either system and there is just a new RUMOR now about the PS4 having less RAM for games. It really isn't going to stop great games from happening if it's true. Look what they've done with Uncharted, Killzone, Heavy Rain, Last of Us with the amount of RAM now.
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Zkeane14  +   853d ago
Just seems like after this whole self publishing thing was announced, everyone jumped shit to the Xbox. I'm no fanboy, but aren't most of the indies on Ps4 anyways? Plus, don't understand how people can just forget about the price point. Which is my biggest gripe really.
hazardman  +   853d ago
I googled it and there are more sites reporting the PS4 ram issue so it might be true. I still dont see an issue tho. Still alot of memory to play with!!
PablitoPaperito  +   853d ago
I think M$ is gonna announce APP compatibility between Windows RT and XBonez OS.

Trojan horse to attempt to save a dieying platform (Windows RT)
hazardman  +   853d ago
Smart Glass!
MichaelLito79  +   853d ago
Games are what matter. Go with the system of your choice.
fsfsxii  +   853d ago
Here is one sane individual
MYSTERIO360  +   853d ago
This is shaping up to be the most competitive next gen ever
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christocolus  +   853d ago
Co - hosts Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison. Phil Spencer has good charisma but Harrison is someone I've always admired, he knows how to speak and captivate audiences and when it comes to games he is good at making deals with devs. I can't wait to see what both phils have to say..expect some major announcements also some major european developed 1st and 2nd party games to be announces including rares rumored adventure title ..
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CRAIG667  +   853d ago
I have to say, (and I know I am pretty much alone on this) I don't like Phil Spencer as a spokesman, neither do I like Mark Cerney, they both have (in my eyes) a very sleazy,un-genuine quality about them, obviously just mu opinion, but at these events it's always what the devs have to say that most interests me...
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urwifeminder  +   853d ago
Will check out what MS have on show for sure maybe some PC news also.
christocolus  +   852d ago
Totally agree with you there.i always look forward to the devs too but these guys will make huge announcments too.

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