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Will Nintendo Fans Support Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U?

GotGame: When Black Ops II launched, we reviewed the Wii U version and we were very satisfied with how it turned out. Sadly, despite so much clamoring for a Wii U version, Nintendo fans simply didn’t turn out in droves to pick up the game, which was an absolute shame. Rumors that the game has sold under 500,000 since the game’s release on the console are aplenty, while Activision themselves have not released actual sales numbers. So what exactly is going on? (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Wii U)

iamnsuperman  +   640d ago
Well when the first COD came out even a smaller amount of Wii U were sold. Now there is more so more people are likely to buy it. I suspect people will as it is COD. COD is big. But people are not going to rush out and get a Wii U to play COD
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3-4-5  +   640d ago
What are the other Popular online FPS games available for Wii U ?

I think this will do just fine.
ritsuka666  +   639d ago
This is the First CoD game since 3 that has actually looked like a good game to me. Not gonna say day 1, but I probably pick it up.
TekoIie  +   639d ago
On single player I agree (multiplayer we've yet to see). The dog looks as though he'll break up the gameplay a bit... until he dies...

Y'know I will actually give them credit if they dont kill the dog off in story terms.
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Psn800  +   639d ago
I should yes !
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x2geex  +   640d ago
I bought Black Ops 2 and I will buy Ghosts. The WiiU version was the best version out and hopefully ghosts will be the same. So many games coming out for WiiU!
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DialgaMarine  +   640d ago
lol Frame drops as low as 46 FPS was the best version? XD
cherbhy  +   640d ago
I think x2geex means the best console version..

The frame rate might not be as good as other versions, but the textures are better, and it has more features. Splitting the screen to the Gamepad and playing multiplayer off tv, for example.

That said, I'm sure PS4 and XOne will have the superior versions of this game in terms of graphics and stability. But if we're talking ps360 or Wii U.. I'd take the Wii U version all day long. The only caveat to that is if you like playing specific multiplayer modes... on Blops2 Wii U the multiplayer count is still pretty low.
RFornillos4  +   639d ago
while most will agree that Wii U's multiplayer was far less than those compared to PS3/360; a lot of people will also agree that Wii U's COD multiplayer also had more "mature" players. and by mature, I don't mean by age alone -- less 12-year old wannabees who screams more profanity than any R-18 movie.
Dgander  +   640d ago
If its anything like the first Black Ops im buying it on Wii U.
RicardJulianti  +   640d ago
I think the biggest factor over BLOPS2 will be that it is releasing at the same time as other versions. I'm pretty sure it'll also be a down-port of the PS4/Xbone versions instead of an un-optimized up-port. Treyarch knows the hardware fairly well too since they did BLOPS2 and they have had more time to make it, so it won't have the same issues as Blops.

I haven't even played a CoD since MW2, but I was seriously considering Black Ops 2 because of the off-tv, Wiimote and dual screen multiplayer. I just might actually pick this one up around the holidays.
Dgander  +   637d ago
Black Ops 2 was trash. The first Black Ops was way better and probably one of the best COD games (along with the first Modern Warfare).
TheEvilWithin  +   640d ago
I know i'm getting a copy when it comes out.
LOL_WUT  +   639d ago
Same here ;)
marloc_x  +   639d ago
Man oh Man.. the wallet's gonna hurt with these good games. BO2 is a lot of fun, I play on the gamepad a lot. My favorite is actually Finest Hour on my Gamecube. Would love to see a return to WW2 in this series,(bring on the MP40!)..
Africa-Garvey  +   640d ago
Of course yes u!!!
I have pre-ordered watchdogs, AC IV, already but, i'll definitely buy COD G.
What people don't know is that, multiplats games will look same on wii u as was on ps4.
DialgaMarine  +   640d ago
LMAO!!! You mean just like how multiplat games looked the same on Wii as PS3? Oh wait...

Care to explain?
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RicardJulianti  +   640d ago
Allow me.

He's wrong....but it's not going to be anything close to a Wii vs PS360 situation. 1080p vs 720p is barely noticeable at the right viewing distances, based on screen size....if you have perfect vision.

The main difference will come with framerate and superfluous effects. If devs optimize well on Wii U, it'll be 720p 60fps vs 1080p 30fps. Most likely it'll be 720p 30fps vs 1080p 30fps.

The Wii U versions will have things like lower draw distance, "dumber" AI (that's still better than what we have now), less realistic smoke, less particles etc. Think of it as a PC game running on Very High vs Medium to High settings.

Here's an example: http://www.gamereactor.eu/m...

Very High looks better, yes.....but Medium and even Low don't look THAT much different and it certainly isn't anything to get crazy over.

HD vs HD is a completely different beast than SD vs HD.
cherbhy  +   640d ago
@RicardJulianti Well said.
segamon  +   640d ago
only if it has Mario and the plot revolves around terrorists kidnapping Peach and the final boss is.. *Spoiler Alert*.. wait for it.. Bowser!!!

ps: I'm kidding, I love Nintendo for what it is. but what a twister don't tell me!
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Dunban67  +   640d ago
I saw your post just after I hit send on my post) we are thinking alike and I agree re Nintendo- I own a Wii U and have bought a relatively large # of 3rd party games for the Wii U since it and the Wii are our only consoles)- that is why I wish all good 3rd party games sell well even if they are the types of games I don t care for as much
bobacdigital  +   640d ago
If they decide to include DLC and all of the next gen updates I will buy ... That includes Dog Tech, Fish AI, Dynamic Environments, Higher Textures, and Arm Hair...

If they don't try and just give me a port of the xbox 360 version then no....
DialgaMarine  +   640d ago
Fish AI... HA!
shibster88  +   640d ago
Wii u pffffft whatever
Venox2008  +   640d ago
ooo, Shitster is back with his awesome comments about Wii u :)
Nevers0ft  +   639d ago
His wit and insight (along with one or two other commenters) is the reason I come to N4G... He's like the illegitimate love child of Michael Pachter and Nostradamus.
mshope10  +   640d ago
i love black ops 2 on wii u.but i think alot of people found out it was not getting the dlc we were promised and that turned off alot of c.o.d. fans.

even though it is the best console version it feels like its missing big pieces of the game.

and if someone is a huge c.o.d. fan and has wii u and or xbox360,ps3 they are picking the option that gets them all the content they think should be available.

so i hope with ghost we get everything the other system get plus off tv play and it should sell well.
Brasi1989  +   640d ago
I'll be getting it. First CoD game I will have played since World at War. It better have full support of DLC tho.
Dunban67  +   640d ago
I think the sales of BLOPS II on the Wii U may be closer to 250,000 than 500,000- according to VGCHARTZ ( I know they do not count digital sales), the # of non digital sales on the Wii U is under 200,000 as of 7-13-13 if you add %20 digital sales (just a wild guesstimate on my part) about 240,000

Maybe if Activison added a map to COD GHOST that had included rescuing Peach and/or added Mario instead of the dog then sales on the Wii u would go up -

Honestly I want to see any good game supported on the Wii U - likewise I hate to see bad games selling at all- Hard to believe games like ESPN Sports Connection and Epic Mickey (universally slammed by critics and everyone) sold more than games (non digital) than Darksiders II ( a game I really enjoyed) and Mass Effect (a game I plan on buying/playing)
RicardJulianti  +   640d ago
Never use VGChartz for anything serious....their numbers are constantly severely under-tracked and rarely updated.
yugovega  +   639d ago
wiiu doesn't have digital sales for blops2. you have to buy it at retail.
tweet75  +   640d ago
not if its more expensive than other console versions. Also it will be supported more if comes out sooner or the same time as other console versions.
Dj7FairyTail  +   640d ago
nope I stop playing COD at Black Ops on PS3
QuanManChu  +   640d ago
I'm not the biggest fan of military shooters...but if the game isn't gimped (lack of DLC/Watered down gameplay/Xbox360/Ps3 graphics) then I'll consider it.
MNGamer-N  +   640d ago
I'm getting it on WiiU, because I love off-screen play. For me, the awesomeness of dual screen gaming outweighs any graphics advantage PS4 may contain.
falcon97  +   639d ago
Graphics will be same on all 3nextgen consoles,lets see if i'm right...
Ramon3MR  +   639d ago
I really like the off-TV play as well and I dug being able to look at my weapons and the mini map on the GamePad as well.
t3gamenews  +   640d ago
if they release everything in full, max the potential of the console instead of using a 360/ps3 engine, & give us actual DLC this time & advertise it as much as they do 360 version yet.
but what they do is hide the Nintendo version until the last minute.
nzbleach  +   640d ago
I be buying no matter what so add this to my watchlist
2EHO  +   640d ago
I think it will sell decent enough for them to make a profit and warrant them bringing nexts years COD to the platform. Also its a market that is missing on Wii U they are hoping it pays off and EA keeps acting like babies. To my knowledge a couple of the COD games on Wii sold a million copies. Even still... Think blops2 sold about 300,000 on a console that at that time had an install base of about 1.5 million. The install base this time around will be closer to 4 or 5. If the devs have better devlopment tools now(last game probably was onlu using one or two of the cpu cores) its no reason the game shouldnt look and run smoother on Wii U this time around and for a lot of people that warrants a purchase.
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   639d ago
I'm a sucker so, of course I'll be picking it up for my 'U. The Madden of fps's.
pokynrocky  +   639d ago
Just got ops2 defo getting ghost off TV play feels soooo good and look good too I'm well surprised ;)
TripC50  +   639d ago
Is anybody else hoping there is a Zombie fish mode in this one. I'm talkin Realistic Zombie fish attacks bro! Undead Jaws Bro! I'm talkin Lock Ness Zombie bro! Stinky creapin Kraken corps bro!......No no no.... Undead Dog Bro! Lassie shoots back bro! Scooby Doo after you! Bro! Ah man ah man bro!
marloc_x  +   639d ago
Ha! Would REALLY like to see a stand alone COD Zombie adventure!
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