Square Enix Digital Games Summer Sale

Square Enix’s Digital Games summer sale is underway and there are some pretty amazing games on sale. The summer sale will only last until August 4th, so be sure to purchase some amazing digital games from their store site. Square Enix have their mega sales every now and then and their summer sale does not disappoint, lets look at some of the great deals.

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illidari1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Tomb Raider for 25$ pc isn't a mega sale considering they pimped that thing out for 12.50$ on steam literally like a week ago.

Same with Deus Ex, I got everything Deus Ex ever made with DLC for around 6$. They want 15$ just for Human Revolution with no DLC.

Just Cause for a dolla and Just Cause 2 for 3 dolla. They want 5$ and 7.50$ on this sale.

Lets talk when you hold a real sale.

ToxicNitro1731d ago

SE: We have some awesome summer savings on our games, excluding Final Fantasy.

sdozzo1731d ago

Stingy bastards Square.

Red_Devilz1731d ago

Sleeping Dogs (PS3) for $30 after discount? complete BS