Xcom Declassified, How The Strategy Changes

With The Bureau Xcom Declassified soon to be released, I thought I'd compare some of the changes that have been made from the previous instalment in the series, Xcom Enemy Unknown. The most glaringly obvious of these changes, is the fact that Xcom Declassified is actually a third person cover-based shooter, whereas Enemy Unknown was a definite turn based strategy game. This will effect fans of the gameplay more than anyone, though forgiving the game this alteration will let you enjoy what is arguably one of the best looking current gen releases.

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dedicatedtogamers1699d ago

I was utterly, utterly disinterested in this game, but over the past few weeks my interest has been upgraded to "cautiously optimistic". The gameplay reminds me of Brothers in Arms (R.I.P) and not very many shooters have had similar squad mechanics. Well, except for ArmA but that's more of a sim game.

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Gridloc1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Reminds me of Full Spectrum Warrior and Brothers in arms.
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jdktech20101699d ago

It's definitely tempting.

Deciding between this and Saints Row 4 is difficult.