Battlefield 4 to support custom emblems on vehicles?

According to alpha image leaks, Battlefield 4 players will be able to use custom platoon emblems on tanks and other vehicles.

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Thisisjuju1634d ago

If this is true I'm sure there will be a cock on the side of almost every tank.

cyguration1634d ago

Gosh darn it, you beat me to it.

But yeah, prepare for a penis parade of emblems.

TekoIie1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Solution to this is making an easy to use/access reporting system and make the punishments incredibly severe.

Im not talking a ban on using the emblem creator but a full week-month ban.

You wont stamp it out entirely but you will put off a lot of people from considering it.

majiebeast1634d ago

Nah boobs are more popular then the penis.

Top 3 suspected tank emblems

Rearden1633d ago

It's not that hard to make an image filter that recognizes the Swastika shape and bans it. I think BF3's platoon emblem creator has something like it already.

specialguest1633d ago

What if the swastika symbol was created, but actually represents the original meaning which the Nazis stole and tainted forever. That original symbol's oldest records found from the ancient Indians/Hindu and is still used today which represents and brings good fortune. Surely they can't ban that. It's not offensive haha.

sAVAge_bEaST1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I shutter at the lack of originality ,,. on all 3 of those.

_I think of young kid's , -products of brainwashing/through the media, and lack of parenting_

xxxsiegezzz1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

There is Swastika in offical finish air force flag.
It wouldn't be fair if I couldn't use it in my jets

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3-4-51633d ago

Not as much in BF as it would be in COD.

In BF you will actually see different Teams with their different logo's.

RedSoakedSponge1633d ago

they should allow custom emblems definitely. also custom dogtags. who cares if they make a lot of dicks, its an adult game at the end of the day.

titletownrelo1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Man, I was hoping for being able to place a flag or your username, not this. :P

The only thing I wanted was for clans to make their own basic flags, and when they compete in a match, their custom flags replace the US and RU ones on the map.

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GreenRanger1634d ago

All you're going to see is genitals and racism.

This is a bad idea.

Rearden1633d ago

EA did a good job at removing offensive BF3 platoon emblems. Don't think it'll be that big of an issue.

Fireseed1634d ago

I will be embroidering my Tank with as much 'MERICA as I can and screaming 'MERICA as I topple the city in the name of Democracy.

Fireseed1633d ago

Clearly anyone disagreeing with me is un 'MERICAN!

SeanScythe1631d ago

Or disagreeing with your use of a demeaning term like "merica".

Fireseed1631d ago

How is Merica demeaning? I live in America and can refer to myself anyway I please.

SeanScythe1631d ago

Look up the meaning of the term. It's a slang that non-Americans use to insult Americans. Just letting you know.

Fireseed1631d ago

Oh I'm very well aware of how others use the term. I just don't care. To think that someone might be even remotely vindicated by marginalizing a whole group of people based on their nationality without knowing them is a disgusting thought. The people who use it as a term of condescension and to promote their bigotry are scum. And I would never give them the satisfaction of straying away from being proud of who and what I am just because others think it's bad. In other words... 'MERICA!

SeanScythe1630d ago

you're right more power to you and your freedom of speech.

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pop-voxuli1634d ago

And here come the Dick pics.

shibster881634d ago

Ill uave bob marley smoking a big phat yay do ot Vietnam style ill playing some jefferson airplane white rabbit.

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