40° Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Impressions

Even though the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company is being advertised as a mainly single player affair, it would be a sheer crime against gaming to not include a multiplayer component. But fear not, as DICE has not only included classic Battlefield online multiplayer, but has also released a closed beta to make sure the final experience is everything it can be. TGR spent some time with the beta and have compiled some impressions to let you know how the first Battlefield game made specifically for consoles is shaping up.

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Erasmus3907d ago

looks decent but I doub't it will be able to take much of my attention away from CoD4

thegamereviews3907d ago

I like the Beta but, not too sure I am willing to fork over cash for extras that should be in release.

radzy3907d ago

bring back the flags or bring on call of duty 5.

Hulligan853907d ago

Doesnt matter how good it is.

EA not Putting all the content they've already made into the game, and also excluding the PS3 from the Beta means im not going anywhere near this.

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