Planetside 2 Retail Version Includes Many Perks

The game will feature a few perks and boosters, and will be available for purchase on August 16th, 2013 for the price of £7.99. Here is a list of the bonus materials and perks you will receive for a retail purchase of Planetside 2:

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pedrof931791d ago

Well like this we can count This as a console exclusive rature than juste à free mmo.

abcde123451790d ago

English, do you speak it?

0ut1awed1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

The internet is global buddy. It's pretty obvious English isn't his first language. At the very least the extra symbols should give that away.

Give him kudos for getting as far as he did. I can't fluently speak or write in a foreign language and I am going to guess you can't either (otherwise you would have picked up on this).

Yet the people that are not bilingual are the first to throw criticisms stones at mistakes made by people typing in a second language.

It's kind of sad. It reminds me of the IQ shift shown in "Idiocracy".

pedrof931790d ago

Dear lord I wrote that on a smartphone. Auto-correct, do you see ?.

abcde123451790d ago

Don't get you panties in a bunch guy, all I said was a meme without the cuss word. Go guilt trip someone else.