Activision Blizzard Goes Independent

Activision Blizzard last night announced a self-buyout, making it independent. What does it mean?

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ABeastNamedTariq1273d ago

Independence for you, Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!

...Nobody's seen Mean Girls? I'll...I'll let myself out.

iamnsuperman1273d ago

Urm who hasn't.......jeez

OT: Ah that is nice for Activision.

3-4-51273d ago

What it means is that random shareholders can't demand a % increase every 3-4 months.

^ Ruins the music and gaming industry and the reason for delays and cancellations a lot of the time.

If they decide to not make a game for 4 years, their stock won't drop because of it, and they don't lose money just because idiots panic.

Smart move for a company that doesn't NEED to be public. They are very self sufficient and can make a ton of money on their own.

Especially when their next big MMO is released in 2-3 years.

WeedyOne1273d ago

That's 1 step..... now if Blizzard could somehow move away from Activision....

Eldyraen1273d ago

Probably happen same day Bioware separates from EA :(

However Blizzard in theory could probably find more cash to make it happen. Both EA/Activision will be holding on for dear life though as Blizzard and Bioware are both quality yet "tarnished" now in some people's eyes. No denying something was lacking anyways in some of the latest games.

We can dream though but no telling how much of a change it would actually make.

Panthers1273d ago

Hopefully without the pressure from stock holders for instant gratification, Activision will stop trying for the quick buck and make great long term decisions.

Enigma_20991272d ago

... have you ever MET Bobby Kotick?

_QQ_1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Blizz on its own again? i guess we can't expect Legacy of the Void to release anytime soon.

But thank god, Activision was holding back Blizz.

SouLosT1273d ago

Activison didn't part ways with Blizzard, Activision-Blizzard can be looked at as one entity, and they separated themselves from their parent company Vivendi.

_QQ_1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I guess we don't have to wait 6 years for LOTV afterall

Lucreto1273d ago

Just a thought

Vivendi own the rights to Spyro and Crash does this mean Activision lose the rights to the series?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1273d ago

Hopefully this move positively affects their game development.

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