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Battlefield 4 Will Display Next Map After a Round, About Time

Since the release of the Battlelog video trailer, the gaming community has been scrutinizing every detail there is within the short video, some gaming fans finding things you would never notice at first glance.

Since the release of Battlefield 3, players of the game (myself included) have been very frustrated at the fact that after a single session the game would never reveal what map was due next, it was really strange that DICE left something as common as this out of the game.

Well looks like DICE have finally answered the fans as just recently Reddit user JumboNess discovered a screen where it actually displays what we have been asking for, the next map. (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

shibster88  +   710d ago
Thanks god its back
zeee  +   710d ago
I'd love to play BF4 but to be honest, I would have been just fine had DICE/EA decided to rest it a bit more and release a Bad Company game.
3-4-5  +   709d ago
Can't wait for this game.

Problem though: ( if you can call it that.)

Not getting PS4 right away = not playing BF4 right away.

I could get it for Xbox 360 or PC but not sure I want to play my NEXT GEN BF4 game on a current gen console with same graphics.

I don't really want to buy it twice but I'm getting it for either XB1 or PS4 at some point.

It sucks missing out on a launch for a game you really want to play though, the first few days are always unique.
MWong  +   710d ago
The title says it all. It's just missing a word, " Battlefield 4 Will Display Next Map After a Round, About DAMN Time." I hate not remembering the map rotation and having to look at the server settings to see what map it is next.
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shibster88  +   710d ago
Yea that was a right pain, it just helps the players out its so simple and im suprised they didnt patch it up in bf3 if im honest
black0o  +   710d ago
about time
Cam977  +   710d ago
Ugh, finally. This really irritated me in BF3. Oh, does anybody else feel that this game is coming a tad too early? I'm still thoroughly enjoying the threads out of BF3.
Kleptic  +   710d ago
i 'retired' in May...enjoyed it thoroughly for the year and a half i was active...I still pick it up from time to time, but for a long time...it was the only game in my ps3...

i'm excited for Bf4, but not sure i'll get back into it immediately...i definitely want to play it...but i'm more interested in something like destiny; something completely different than bf3...
Hufandpuf  +   710d ago
I was exactly the same, however I'm still very excited for BF4.
Soldierone  +   710d ago
It's only coming so fast because of two reasons

1 They can up the player count on consoles thanks to next generation.

2 BF3 was actually massive for EA, and they want to milk it now.

If it was a normal DICE cycle, BF4 wouldn't be out for another year or two and have massive upgrades not just new features.
Cam977  +   710d ago
"If it was a normal DICE cycle, BF4 wouldn't be out for another year or two and have massive upgrades not just new features."

I really, really wish that was the case. I really want BF4 but then I don't because I have BF3 which I still love. Great way to prematurely kill off a game if you ask me, I hate this! It took me 130hrs to reach Commander level 10.
iBlackyi  +   710d ago
BF3 got very boring for me after 3-4 months. I hope they will do a better job with BF4.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   710d ago
BF3 seems like a huge beta test, for BF4.
Sadist3  +   710d ago
Who cares what the next map is? Just play it when it's time, it tells you what map you're playing on as its loading up. Do you really need to know what the next map is? How is that beneficial? Besides for people who quit because they're suckers and don't want to play a map because they're not good at it.
Soldierone  +   710d ago
So when a bad map comes up you can just leave and find a new server, instead of letting it load wasting your time and your teams time.

It sucks getting into a game, and right from the get go half your team leaves because they hate the map.....
ABeastNamedTariq  +   710d ago
Do you like punching kittens? I feel like you enjoy punching baby cats. (I kid, I kid.)

OT: Like the above guy said, it's a waste of time to let the map load and then quit. It's a matter of convenience. Some people like certain maps (Caspian Border and Wake Island), some people dislike certain maps (Tehran Highway anyone?).
Soldierone  +   710d ago
Depends on my team. If we are good at capturing and securing things, I like Metro. However if we are more vehicle oriented and can't hold flags, I hate metro with a passion.

Same with bigger maps. If my team loves camping the jets, its boring as hell on Caspian Border.....
SouLosT  +   710d ago
I feel like Dice (And other developers for that matter) shouldn't hesitate to implement features from other games, especially if it fits and can enhance the experience. Provided the features don't affect the gameplay and core experience of whatever game it is.
shibster88  +   710d ago
Na bf4 need since bf3 game out thats all ive play 90% of the time im at the stage I rage quite games now not good, think they should release a new bf type game ie bc series and battlefront and bf series every 1 1/2 in my view it maxes out every game, after a year it starts to dry up a little with very few new people buying it.
younglj01  +   710d ago
awesome...now just let me now if the rent-a-server will return or not bc that will have an huge impact rather i buy BF4 or not...
WorldGamer  +   710d ago
It's details like this that can really make a game work. Would allow all those fools that like to play only one map to quit before the round, allowing TRUE BF veterans to play on son. lol.

Great stuff, very helpful feature.
mep69  +   709d ago
how about the ability to exit while the game is loading. Also when you're trying to quit a game by pulling the menu up it disappears and doesn't let you quit.
gtxgamer2  +   709d ago
Been waiting for this

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