Can Gaming Ruin Your Social Life?

You’ve doubtless heard of the gamer stereotype. Mom’s basement, no friends, glued to a computer… But is there validity in this stereotype? Can gaming really ruin your social life?

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DigitalRaptor1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I think most of us can guess the answer to this question.

When I get a new game, it's curtains closed, snacks out and controller/keyboard&mouse in hand. I think it also depends on how social you are with people on your friends list, but I do know that if I'm playing something like The Last of Us, I don't want to be disturbed until I'm done with the story.

Kingthrash3601765d ago
example: facebook. no one comes over your house to facebook with you. or Twitter with you.
they will however come over and own you in tekken or + friends + beer + bong + time away from girlfriends =nuff said.

CrossingEden1765d ago

me and my gf are together cause of our love of gaming,(and other things) all my friends like gaming, so nope

CrossingEden1764d ago

why did i get dislikes for that, wow, some people seriously need to stop spreading negativity -_-

Geovanny1764d ago

No,I play basketball with friends every Wednesday and Friday. It's more if people have a big social life to begin with.

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The story is too old to be commented.