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Microsoft’s recent handover to CIA a worry for Xbox and Xbox One Owners

Gadget Mill: You may have heard about or came across the news regarding whistle blower Edward Snowden, who recently leaked the fact that the US government has been spying and collecting data on pretty much everyone and still continue to do so. It was also claimed by Edward Snowden that the intelligence community is entirely focused on getting intelligence wherever possible and by any means necessary. This in fact is pretty much evident by the recent news stating how Microsoft literally handed the U.S, NSA, FBI and CIA access to encrypted user videos, audio and text communications. Which sounds like Microsoft have been giving access to services such as MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Telecommunications. (Industry, Microsoft, Tech, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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B1663r  +   768d ago
Yes, but the x1 has more ram for games!
Insomnia_84  +   768d ago


1. Not true
2. Off topic?

The Xbros having their little moment with a rumor and assuming 5gbs of ddr3 for games is better than 5.5gb...no, wait, let me lower that and still not better than PS4... 4.5gbs of GDDR5 for GAMES according to the RUMOR. As a reference, 1GB of DDR3 (XB1) = 512MBs of GDDR5 (PS4) for games. So do the math and PS4 still comes on top if the RUMOR was true.

Sad pathetic blindfolded Xbox fanboys.Just look at that comment from corvusmd down there. What is Microsoft doing to this people's brains?
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b00mFargl3  +   768d ago
I believe he was just starting a fire. Not being serious. Flamebait to start a fanboy fight.
Bluepowerzz  +   768d ago
YNWA96  +   768d ago
Very good comment imsomnia. PS4 is better spec'd, so was PS3. Sony do make some fine blu ray players. Thank goodness they have some fine 1st party studios or I would never play any games on it. Blind folded to me is someone who will not play great games because its on another system. Who cares who makes it. Does Sony suck you dry? Just play the games! I get the best of both worlds... I am not stupid, nor pathetic.
PFFT  +   768d ago
u got owned  +   768d ago
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nukeitall  +   768d ago

That is f'in hilarious!!!
tuglu_pati  +   768d ago
I'll leave this right here for the those of you paranoiac ones

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deadlydragon121  +   768d ago
So the US government isn't spying on us and Edward Snowden is fake? Get over yourself.
blackmanone  +   768d ago
Tuglu, you understand that other companies use underhanded techniques to steal out information, an instead of vote with your wallet on underhanded tactics, you've thrown your hands into the air and said, "well if you can't be them, join them."

You have every right to do that. I'm not going to help them by introducing a camera in my living room.
tuglu_pati  +   768d ago

Why so angry?

Im not saying they arent spying us. I just saying if they want to spy they'll do it, even if you don't own a X1. So I guess you should be the one getting over yourself.


You don't have to, you already have one on your phone and probably on your computer also.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   768d ago
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they are not watching.
fsydow1  +   768d ago
Idiot,your brain needs more ram,lol.
PlayStation_4  +   767d ago
You do realise that NO game within the first few years will require over 5.5 GB of RAM?
Sony doesn't need to give the extra RAM to devs, it would be pointless, so they are reserving 1.5GB of RAM for later use. If they find no use for it, it will go to the devs.

Also bare in mind that the PS4's OS footprint will continue to drop throughout its lifecycle.

PS3's OS footprint in 2007: 120 MB
PS3's OS footprint in 2012: 50 MB
Dlacy13g  +   768d ago
Not a worry for me at all. I am not a terrorist..therefore...I am not worried. :)
zerocrossing  +   768d ago
So you don't mind your personal information being exploited for corporate gain?

I'm sorry but I really think people should be more concerned about this :/


Of course I know my personal information is being collected elsewhere, it doesn't mean I have to like it. The difference with MS is that you'll be openly inviting these companies to collect information on you from directly within your home.

You want a spybox in your home while companies exploit you personal information, fine be my guest.
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   768d ago
Why should we be concerned when it has been going on since cell phones and the internet existed? Don't try to act as if the gov was not already spying on us. If your not doing anything wrong then you won't even notice like you haven't so far
CrossingEden  +   768d ago
so wait, the government has been collecting info on people for years, (any smart person would've realized this eventually cause there's obviously a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes at the government, CIA, NSA, FBI etc., the world would probably be a lot worse off without the government) and now that one company MAY possibly do it, when btw sony has already done it before and probably still does
http://www.geek.com/games/p... but no no, let's ignore all that and constantly complain about microsoft so that we can fit in on the internet
user5575708  +   768d ago
yea but it doesnt mean that we need yet another way for the government to spy on us
GameCents  +   768d ago
CIA is hardly doing it for corporate gain now is it?
Better my info with the authorities than in the hands of some hacker.

I honestly have zero problems with the government spying on me personally. I don't do much of interest.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   768d ago
Well guess what? That desktop,laptop,,tablet,or phone your using to reply to me on is most likely used to spy on you right now but your still using it ain't ya? So basically your willing to be spied in your home aswell. If you think the gov hasn't been doing this for years u need to wake up. I don't like it but if it keeps Americans safe from harm and not effect a innocent person they I'm all for it. I have nothing to hide
gcolley  +   766d ago
@BLKxSEPTEMBER - you don't get it. The bad guys are the ones with your info. To say you have nothing to hide and nothing to worry about is just plain stupid. They are the one's you need to be concerned about, not the other way around. This is not for anti-terrorism, there is no terrorism in the US, this is to watch and control you and every other innocent person in the country.

MS and Kinect takes it a step further by you happily placing a surveillance device in the center of your living room and then defending it. Get smarter! (while it is still an option).
GribbleGrunger  +   768d ago
Of course, the only way that MS would know you are not a terrorist is if they gathered information on you. So what you are saying is 'I don't mind being spied on, I'm innocent.' Just think about that for a moment.
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GameCents  +   768d ago
Thinking. . .still thinking. . .thinking still. . .
Nope, got no qualms with Uncle Sam or in my case, Uncles Zuma (south africa) keeping tabs on me. Why would I care?
gamesR4fun  +   768d ago
they define what a terrorist is and while you may not be one today tomorrow maybe anyone who like fps will be deemed a threat.
don't think so look at what they did to afganistan and Iran over 9/11 even tho they had nothing to do with it...
still they will keep getting away with it as long as people like you are in the majority.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   768d ago
This is just sad. To think people think like this.

This is the equivalent of a Gun nut giving up his gun rights, why because they believe in their government knows whats best for them.

With this kind of attitude this is no longer THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Its just another country giving in because they dont know how lucky we are/were to be here.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   768d ago
If that was the case, then where were they during the Boston bombing. Especially if they have been "spying" on us for years. This is no form of safety this just a form to exploit us all.
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Machiavellian  +   768d ago
The question would actually be, if the government spied more could they have prevented the Boston bombing. In other words, if the government monitored all cell phones, chats, social media could they have picked up on this event and prevented it. I am sure the government is thinking this exact thing and probably thinking about expanding their reach.
HiddenMission  +   768d ago
@dlacy13g and @BLKxSEPTEMBER

You two don't have kids do you. 1st off cell phones aren't pointed at your room...say your bedroom or even better your kids bedroom. So they can't just turn on the camera and watch what is going on. They might be able to remote on the mic but not really going to get much and the camera on a cell would be pointed either up at the ceiling or down on a surface.

With the Kinect it's a whole different story. If you don't put black tape over the lens and unplug it every time your not using it then it would be pointed at your bed or your kids bed. This means if some sick hacker or sick federal agent go the videos they could potentially watch your kids getting undressed.

So yeah you should care...!
GribbleGrunger  +   768d ago
I'm not one for extremes but that does make the point well.
Dlacy13g  +   768d ago
first of all I do have a son. Secondly, xbox is in the living room..not the bedroom so not at all worried about someone watching any member of my family undress.

@RadioActiveTwinky "This is just sad. To think people think like this.

This is the equivalent of a Gun nut giving up his gun rights, why because they believe in their government knows whats best for them. "

Umm...dude its not even equivalent to that. I do want to see some legal parameter put on Govt. investigation but I don't on a broad stroke have an issue with it. We live in a very dangerous and evolving world where some seriously bad people are looking to do mass harm. I don't ever want a repeat of 9/11 if it can be avoided. That one day killed more people than all the Tornados in the US combined since 1980.
HiddenMission  +   768d ago

So your fine with it because of location but many and I do mean many uninformed consumers will buy it for their kids and put it in there room.

It just blows me away that you are okay with this. Just because with live in bad times does not mean you give up your freedom and rights just because someone might be bad.

Remember it's innocent until proven guilty and by letting the federal government and MS illegally spy says that you don't care about your rights.

I'm Jewish and I know what your kind of thinking will lead to...this isn't a rant it's called look at facts and history and only a blind person would not be able to see what will come of this.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   768d ago
Are you serious? "Cell phones aren't pointed at my bedroom" I don't know what kind off cheap ads cell u have but my phone has a rear and front facing cam so yes its pointed everywhere! Im 100% sure that if the gov is spying on us I didn't start with kinect. You people are delusional if you think Kinect is the only way the gov will/ has been spying on us. Like I said it doesn't bother me because first I never seen proof that the gov is keeping tabs on me and second if they are then they must be disappointed...
HiddenMission  +   768d ago

You must be simple...when you put your phone down the cameras are either pointed up at ceiling or down at surface. Of course when you move they will be able to see more but when was the lasr time you changed clothes with your phone in your hand...duh you simple kid.

Snowden is proof that they have been keeping tabs on people...its called google use it. Yeah because the gov is going to come up to you specifically and say yeah we have been illigally monitoring you...really just really

All your logic is broken and beyond flawed...hell look at the lawsuites filled against MS, Skype and the fed for Project Prism...its ignorant cats like you that gov preys on...
Machiavellian  +   768d ago
Yeah, but your cell phone keeps everything about you. Who you talk to, who your family is, chat and phone calls, social media pages favorite links and web sites you like to go. Restaurants, it has a calendar that can show where you are and where you are going. It has a GPS that find you anywhere in the world.

If you are worried about someone hacking your router then use better encryption. If some random hacker out there is specifically targeting you they would need to be in your current neighbor hood intercepting your wifi, hack through its encryption (which is no small task for any average person) then turn your Kinect and X1 on and intercept the video.

I think its more likely that someone would just sneak into your home and rob you then something like that happening.
HiddenMission  +   767d ago

Wow just wow. You need to do your research because MS admitted that they can remote turn on your Kinect camera and mic record you and will provide the feed to the gov. MS has been exposed by the gov and Snowden as making it easy for the gov to remote all your digital activity using there products. Its been confirmed by law suites and documents that MS has already handed over over 30 thousand different peoples video feeds to the gov. These are facts and google can be done to verify.

Ignorance is bliss and you must be very happy right. Also a hacker doesnt need to hack your router they just need to hack MS and unless you have been living under a rock goverment agencies, banks and even top software companies have been hacked so you would have to be naive to think MS cant be hacked. That would giv hackers direct access to watchinv you in your home. These are all facts and not a stretch of the mind...nuff said
blackmanone  +   768d ago
This mentality is what brings on a police state. You get what you deserve. Too bad people like this are going to drag us all down with them.
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greenlantern2814  +   767d ago
While I am no fan of Kinect just because I don't go in for the motion gaming gimmicks. The Kinect is actually spying on you, but only to learn how you use your Xbox1, to better market to you to know " hey Bill is in the room, he was playing forza last"
But if the FBI, NSA, CIA( which isn't suppose to operate in side the state's) or any other government agency wants your personal information you have much bigger problems to worry about.
corvusmd  +   768d ago
See, XB1 also fights crime, where as Sony and their network is a breeding ground for Chinese hackers who steal all your information
dcj0524  +   768d ago
Lol. I suppose china is responsible for every hack considering everything can be hacked.
corvusmd  +   768d ago
Great point, EVERYTHING can be hacked...
deadlydragon121  +   768d ago
I hope that was sarcasm.. Fighting crime? Really? They are hacking themselves and stealing your information yet claim it is to fight crime. Now if China do that too that would apparently be their reasons too. The person on the same side will see it as truth, and the person on the opposing side will see it as a lie. That is just how it is.
nick309  +   768d ago
XboxBatman (its dark and fighting crime by what he said )XD
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Blumpkin  +   768d ago
Wow, so now XB1 fan's are ignorant with console choice AND racist. Nice.
HiddenMission  +   768d ago
Don't know about racist but it's sure seems to me that XB1 fans are not ignorant but very naive to believe in what MS is doing even though documents and law suites have proven that they are doing illegal activity and so is the federal government. This is why they want Snowden back because he is airing out the dirty laundry on these cats...

Nuff said
blackmanone  +   768d ago
You're surprised? This is the COD generation. At least maybe this time they'll all adopt the same console.
supraking951  +   768d ago
LOL MS dropping the ball again, pretty soon everything will be revealed and MS is gonna have to answer for all there sins. A 180 wont work here people :P
CrossingEden  +   768d ago
microsoft is not the only one "spying" on their fans -_-
supraking951  +   768d ago
MeatyMuscle   768d ago | Spam
ShwankyShpanky  +   768d ago
Looks like someone needs a dictionary.
Wikkid666  +   768d ago
It's funny how these articles seem to pop up right after some positive news about Xbox One. All we see now is "you're being spied on" and it's a $100 more. Really kind of sad.
deadlydragon121  +   768d ago
Not really, the article was only written due to the recent exposure of Microsoft handing over information is all.
Wikkid666  +   768d ago
You mean that same crap that has been seen here a million time already.
2cents  +   768d ago
Don't forget, the kinect hate. That is always the ultimate backup plan for hating everything MS.

It is clear that the Xbox One is becoming more an more of a threat to the hardcore Sony fanboys, just look at the stupid, immature, aggressive posts over every MS article, be it positive or negative
ElementX  +   768d ago
Well any company can be forced to hand over documents and usage details when the government comes knocking with a court order.

Also there's this article...

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mmj  +   768d ago
What do you think Microsoft are going to say?

"we'll hand over anything they ask for without question"

"we'll be giving them direct access because the Patriot Act demands it"

They have to be seen to be against it else nobody would be stupid enough to buy the damn thing.
#7.1 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ElementX  +   768d ago
I think your tinfoil hat needs to be replaced
blackmanone  +   768d ago
Element X, I think you need a new insult, one that doesn't have the tact of a small child.
GreenRanger  +   768d ago
This is ironic seeing as the CIA are the worst terrorist organisation on the planet.
bub16  +   768d ago
And they say kinect won't spy on you lol. If it doesn't spy then let us disconnect it!!
corvusmd  +   768d ago
Yay, another fanboy without all the facts reads a headline then writes a short-sighted OPINION article to stir up crap based on nothing...and persuade those that don't use logic or facts!!!
deadlydragon121  +   768d ago
So what is your opinion? It would be great if you could give an insight at least before rubbishing other people's opinion.. Just saying!
Hicken  +   768d ago
... so you're saying YOU wrote this article?
fsydow1   768d ago | Immature | show
kingmushroom  +   768d ago
Countries should ban the xbox one because it will spy on you.

Sony should take advantage
2cents  +   768d ago
N4G is quickly loosing its credibility, allowing children with no education to have a stage to publish their hate and narrow minded, ill informed opinions.

deadlydragon121  +   768d ago
You mean such as yourself? Funny how you rubbish other people's opinion but don't offer the other view so to speak. (Where are your 2cents?)
#13.1 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
2cents  +   768d ago
If your so bothered about my opinion read my post history. I can't keep writing the same things over and over again. It gets boring fast.
And if I did write my opinion in every hate article against MS then I would have waste of space trolls like you barking at my ankles, saying 'your always saying the same thing' so as a result I refrain from posting as much as I'd like because bottom line... Most of you are worthless.

And a bubble down woo hoo!
#13.2 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Eldyraen  +   768d ago
Sony and other companies would had been mentioned as well if they were remotely relevant so don't see why MS is getting so much hate. All of the companies fingered were communication/social giants which is natural choice for any organization (Govt included) would contact first looking for pretty much any kind of information.

Just saying the companies aren't to blame near as much as the government but somehow people are redirecting it away from who is ultimately responsible as companies and even individuals have zero choice in the matter. If the Government wants something it can get it one way or another. Not saying Government is some sort of Big Brother but if we want these things stopped have to look in the right place and so far nothing is going to change.

I still have my One preordered and Kinect/NSA be damned. It won't stop me from it as I can see others' views without supporting them myself.

It IS a concern though for many and I see it being more of one for families with children though. I admit I would have my issues with it more regarding their possible safety/privacy than my own (like everything, not just with the One). Having one in the bedroom though is likely more controversial than living room but many families are divided in where consoles are kept. Its a touchy subject with people on different sides of it which has only been blown further out of proportion though due to leaks.
WarThunder  +   768d ago
Never trust M$ and Apple!
PablitoPaperito  +   768d ago
All companies in the US are obliged to do this by law you nincompoops

but yea M$ suczxxx
#16 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Mikefizzled  +   768d ago
The same theme articles are getting published every day
EverydayGuy  +   768d ago
This is like that dude who play League of Legend and said some stupid shit on a forum, and a woman in Canada saw and reported to the police. Dude got arrested even though they found no proof of weapons or intent. They are treading on our rights and all we can do is argue whether it is justified or not?

We better get our shit together or hello Minority Report.
Bonerboy  +   768d ago
Who cares? Its not as though MS just opened the flood gates of personal privacy to the Govt. If you're not conspiring to blow up the "Whitehouse" or the "Tender Loving Daycare" or you're a complete idiot spouting off something immensely and threateningly stupid, then why should one care? If you're a complete idiot then you deserve whatever you are dealt just like that stupid kid recently in jail for saying something utterly stupid online. The punishment was harsh but he is also a complete dumbass and should have known better given how the world is these days.

I doubt the Govt wants to know or cares who has a 3 foot bong. Here's news for you dum dums, this kind of info gathering shit aint new. Get over it already. Its they way of the world.

Man the sheep get all up in arms and half the time they have no real personal backing as to why aside from what bandwagon Jim or bob or Mack is riding on. This issue is like watching a riot in the middle east.
"Hey, why are you guys are chucking rocks?"
"I dunno, cause he is, and he said our precious rights are being infringed upon somehow"
"Rights? Yeah! Me too! Me too! (chuck, chuck) What rights?"
#19 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   768d ago
Man I've been trying to tell these idiots that allday
Mkai28  +   768d ago
The Government has been on this for years, the house phone where it's being tap. Internet, where they know what websites you go to, what you purchase, ect. Cell phones/notebooks/tablets with cameras, the more to see you with. Google earth, PSEYE for PS2. This is nothing new, Microsoft is just another "medium" for them to get information from..

Hey, what's all these cops and agents doing in my front do!!!
ironwolf  +   768d ago
You realize that the PSN network has to turn over their data on demand as well, or they can't sell their product in the U.S. Have fun chewing on that a while.

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