Microsoft’s backpedalling could power small country say scientists

Scientists searching for new clean and renewable energy sources have stated that the frantic backpedalling by Microsoft in recent weeks could potentially power a small nation.

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adorie1735d ago Show
3-4-51735d ago

Instant Meme Hall of fame worthy

Lovable1735d ago

Haha omg made me laugh hard.

ThatCanadianGuy5141735d ago

"At first we assumed we were witnessing natural fluctuations caused by currents in the ionosphere"

So it's backpedalling that powers the cloud? lol

no_more_heroes1735d ago

Criticism for all this "backpedaling" would hold more weight if it were being done by the same CEO.

Personally, I see this as fixing what the old CEO "broke". New CEO, new company structure, new policies. People tend to forget that Sony didn't start out with the ps3 acting like a perfect angel ("Get a second job", etc). They re-shuffled and changed their tune overtime. Microsoft will have to do the same (and seem to have already started).

Don't let me stop you all from the bashing though, its quite fun to read. :)

slimeybrainboy1735d ago

This isn't about fanboys, this article is just funny. If you like Xbox then you should be happy that MS are backpedalling hard enough to power Kuwait, because the way that they were pedalling previously would have been an entirely Sony dominated generation.

no_more_heroes1735d ago

I know, I like both because of the experiences I've had with them growing up.

I like playstation and xbox though, not Sony and Microsoft.

kupomogli1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


Your comment makes it clear that Microsoft's plans to use him as a scapegoat were a success. Fanboys blame everything bad about the Xbox One on Don Mattrick.

What happened when you fanboys were praising the Xbox One prior to the 180. Didn't have a problem with him then. Didn't have a problem with the Xbox One's "features."

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The story is too old to be commented.