Is 3D gaming the missing piece of the PS4 puzzle?

OPM: Killzone 3 made the case better than any other PS3 title: 3D gaming can work. Sony wisely used Guerrilla’s shooter to spearhead its big push with 3D TVs and then… it went quiet. But as I found out from recent snooping, the trail isn’t cold yet, and 3D may well be about to make a comeback with the dawn of PS4.

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sigfredod1729d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Yes is strange that Sony hasn´t say anything about 3D world by Sony at this point, i have a 3D tv and have enjoy a lot playing Killzone 3, Motorstorm apocalypse, GT5, super stardust, wipeout, resistance 3, ico colection in 3D, so i am really waiting for an anouncement soon for the PS4

Finalfantasykid1728d ago

Ico was amazing in 3d. And ya SSHD also had some pretty wicked 3D.

FriedGoat1728d ago

I agree that ico and sotc were great on the ps3 in 3D, mainly due to them sticking to an hd res and not downgrading. Most of the other games are a blurry mess and I stick to NVIDIA 3D on pc in 1080p. Next gen will be interesting though if they can keep the games at full resolution.

GamerSciz1728d ago

I bought a 3D TV for gaming not movies...and I have used it on most of those games as well. I am hoping with a bigger processor and more RAM they can do 3D without sacrificing graphics/fps. UC3 looked good in 3D but without it the textures were definitely affected.

USMC_POLICE1728d ago

Lol opposite of me. I have 3d TV and all those games and never cared for it.

Knushwood Butt1728d ago

I enjoyed most of those in 3D, but Resistance 3's 3D implementation was crap in my opinion. The game just didn't suit 3D. Too many cramped areas with no contrast in distance/depth.

First time I lost a ship in Stardust really blew me away. Still does. I guess it's a cheap thrill with all of the fragments appearing to come out of the TV, but it works.

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CaptainYesterday1728d ago

When I looked at the picture I cleaned my glasses twice thinking they were dirty, anyways I'm not sure the PS4 will have 3D it might who knows. I only played a few 3D games on PS3 it was cool it did make me find of dizzy after awhile though.

ANIALATOR1361728d ago

3D was practically a flop. We don't need 3D. We need improved anti aliasing, especially on shadows, better animation and better resolutions

wynams1728d ago

No 3D for me
No motion control, camera or voice recog neither ... a good controller is all a gamer needs to get his game on.

FriedGoat1728d ago

3D is still going buddy. And... Is awesome for gaming, much more immersive.
I know a lot of people have some irrational hatred for what we have in everyday life (depth perception) but its better than without. Or would you prefer only having one eye?

ANIALATOR1361728d ago

I understand youre trying to be sarcastic but I'm saying performance and aesthetics come first before that image needs to be doubled and giving the impression its popping out the screen. Why have 3D over something that needs improvements first

FriedGoat1728d ago

Adding an extra viewpoint is a 5 second job, it does not detract from developing the game. all it is is an extra viewpoint and our brains do the rest. Nvidia Drivers can do that automatically on loads of non-3dready games.

GiggMan1728d ago

You don't know what you're missing if you haven't played the new Tomb Raider or Trine 2 in 3D.

Granted you do need Nvidia 3D and 3D TV to do it. If you don't have either you shouldn't be knocking it.

Scatpants1728d ago

Trine 2 is amazing in 3D that is the game I show people when talking about 3D I also really like Skyrim in 3D. I have my PC hooked up to my 60 inch 3D TV. It's pretty nice. PS3 was a little to weak to adequately display 3D, the resolution drop was way to blurry. I'm confident the PS4 will be able to do it though in 720p which would be acceptable for me.

CalamityCB1728d ago

VR>3D I want to believe I'm there, not just see some parts of the game "pop" out of the screen the tiniest bit.
PS4 and Xbox One definitely need Oculus Rift support.

FriedGoat1728d ago

This is the perfect example of uneducated opinion on something you have no idea about. 3D in gaming is about depth not pop-out. Or are you still using red and blue glasses?

CalamityCB1728d ago

Nope, I simply believe VR headsets are the way forward and I am thoroughly educated on the subject of 3D and have had experience in playing games in 3D.
To me there is not enough depth which is why I will always prefer VR headsets.

FriedGoat1727d ago

You clearly aren't, I've been into it for years, and gaming has next to NO pop-out whatsoever, don't lie about it to sound educated. I have 3d-tvs and 3d Projectors and have been using it for years, I know what i'm talking about.

Clover9041728d ago

I don't think either of them NEED Oculus Rift support, but i dont think Oculus needs the big two either. It seems like everyone that tries it walks away incredibly impressed. Sony already has Rift developer kits, so who knows, maybe in the future. I'm sure both Microsoft and Sony are waiting for the tech to really grow and develop before striking any deal. Right now, the Rift has to be physically connected to the PC via hdmi, but most people are sitting on their couch playing their consoles. Maybe once we have a way to deliver wireless hdmi signals without any noticeable lag at the cheap, we'll start seeing some serious negotiations between these companies.

Scatpants1728d ago

The main issue with it now is latency. It's going to be quite a while before they will be able to pull it off wireless.

jlo1728d ago

No. The missing piece of the PS4 puzzle is a cpu that doesn't suck.

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