Killer is Dead Gets a New Trailer Focused on the Story

Killer is Dead is marching steadily towards its release on August the 27th and Kadokawa Games just released a new trailer focused on the story of the game.

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Alexious1516d ago

With these photos you're going to kill me, Abriael

Abriael1516d ago

It ain't me, it's Suda :D

BABY-JEDI1516d ago

Is that woman's bust really big? Or is her head really small? Place you bets here LoL

j-blaze1516d ago

god, the amount of craziness in this game! can't believe it's coming out next month, been waiting since it was announced, soo excited!

cleft51516d ago

The story looks interesting and I am glad to see more of the game and less of the sideshow that has become this game. I certainly like looking at beautiful women too, but what interest me in this game is the story. A lot of Suda51 games have really interesting fun stories that uses sexuality to enhance the story. Really looking forward to this game.

MWH1516d ago

I like the focus on the story, it looks delicious, the story.