Why we should be rooting for both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

There's a lot of animosity between camps in the console video gaming world. Xbox fans love to troll the Playstation users, and vice versa.

This is bad for a lot of reasons; it makes the videogaming hobby seem very immature, it makes it almost impossible to have a serious discussion about games on the Internet, and most importantly of all, it's completely counter-productive.

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Flyingdog6701766d ago

Why can't we all just get along? Both consoles have similar specs, they both have great games, and both have cool features. My console of choice as of right now is PS4, because i love their games and studios(inFamous Second Son is shaping up to be an amazing game) and has a cheaper price. But, that doesn't mean i'm not interested in Xbox One, i mean come on, Dead Rising 3 looks to be the best Dead Rising so far, and Ryse hasn't really impressed me yet, but it has the potential to be amazing! PS4 and X1 are gonna be awesome.

darthv721766d ago

While i may have preferences i can also respect the need for the opposition. There will always be something one does or offers that the other cannot or does not.

Its okay to accept competition. Its good for everyone.

vikingland11766d ago

I'm getting both so I am supporting the game industry.

wynams1766d ago

Even though MS has mostly backtracked, I am rooting for them to fail this gen just for trying to screw over gamers ... they still are imo by forcing the always on kinect with every system.

Flame on Xboners, IDGAF how you waste your money.

n4rc1766d ago

It isn't always on and its in no way screwing gamers.. Even if you felt Like they were, you can choose not to buy it

And stop pretending you havent been told that a hundred times already troll

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The story is too old to be commented.