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Why we should be rooting for both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

There's a lot of animosity between camps in the console video gaming world. Xbox fans love to troll the Playstation users, and vice versa.

This is bad for a lot of reasons; it makes the videogaming hobby seem very immature, it makes it almost impossible to have a serious discussion about games on the Internet, and most importantly of all, it's completely counter-productive. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Flyingdog670  +   762d ago
Why can't we all just get along? Both consoles have similar specs, they both have great games, and both have cool features. My console of choice as of right now is PS4, because i love their games and studios(inFamous Second Son is shaping up to be an amazing game) and has a cheaper price. But, that doesn't mean i'm not interested in Xbox One, i mean come on, Dead Rising 3 looks to be the best Dead Rising so far, and Ryse hasn't really impressed me yet, but it has the potential to be amazing! PS4 and X1 are gonna be awesome.
darthv72  +   762d ago
While i may have preferences i can also respect the need for the opposition. There will always be something one does or offers that the other cannot or does not.

Its okay to accept competition. Its good for everyone.
vikingland1  +   762d ago
I'm getting both so I am supporting the game industry.
wynams  +   762d ago
Even though MS has mostly backtracked, I am rooting for them to fail this gen just for trying to screw over gamers ... they still are imo by forcing the always on kinect with every system.

Flame on Xboners, IDGAF how you waste your money.
n4rc  +   762d ago
It isn't always on and its in no way screwing gamers.. Even if you felt Like they were, you can choose not to buy it

And stop pretending you havent been told that a hundred times already troll
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hazardman  +   762d ago
I know I am!
Einhert  +   762d ago
Healthy competition is always good

If Sony dominated this gen it would probably be for the worst
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wishingW3L  +   762d ago
because of retarded competition is the reason we don't have a western version of Tales of Vesperia on PS3, so that kind of competition I don't like it.
Einhert  +   762d ago
I am not even going to bother....
iceman06  +   762d ago
Can't say if it would be for the worst...but it would really be different whether or not it was just Sony, MS, Nintendo, or Sega. Competition makes companies actually TRY to sell to the consumer, instead of taking us for granted. It makes them innovate and, most importantly, it keeps pricing at a point where we don't have to take out a mortgage to play videogames.
latinillusion81  +   762d ago
I am getting.both day 1 along with killzone, dead rising 3, and watch.dogs.
shibster88  +   762d ago
We console boys donit to stick together against the evil pc boys living in there mums basement.
Im going for ps4 due to the instand success and no silly policies which me as a gamer dont like, plus I have a family to support so many saved is good for me ie 100 less is alot when bills need to be paid and food on the table.
FrightfulActions  +   762d ago
We need competition but I'm never going to support or root for a company that tried get away with the shit Microsoft wanted. Its disturbing how many are willing to forget.

If they can go two years into their consoles life cycle without backtracking and screwing us over then I'll forgive them for ever wanting it in the first place. My faith in Microsoft was punched by RROD, stabbed by Windows 8 and then brutally beaten down by the original Xbox One policies.

Going to take a while before I can think of them without a grimace.
Gamer666  +   762d ago
Last gen, Microsoft's competition changed Sony...

This gen, Sony's competition is changing Microsoft...

In the end, it is good for everyone.
pabadamus1  +   762d ago
I agree 100%. There is no need for all the bickering. Both of these consoles will do well in the marketplace now that MSFT has had to reverse its stance on some key issues. We can only benefit from these changes. Imagine if there was no competition. We wouldn't see aggressive price cuts or improvement of features. If either company had a lion's share I believe we would see more restrictive, anti consumer behavior. Remember, these are companies and customers serve only as a means to generate profits. Competition is the only thing that keeps them relatively "honest".
medman  +   761d ago
I am rooting for both, because I know that eventually I may end up buying both just as I have this generation. The unfortunate part of the equation is that with every passing day, Microsoft's policy reversals and changing tactics mean the Xbone is more and more similar to the PS4, with exclusives the only real determining factor for most in how to decide which console to purchase. That is not much different from what has occurred this gen, and that is a shame. I was hoping this next gen would mean more differences between the consoles. For me, Sony's first party developers are the best in the industry by a long shot, so the decision to purchase the PS4 first is clear. Eventually, I will probably buy the Xbone for Halo and possibly Gears, but is that enough to justify a purchase at 499? Not for me, I'll wait till the price comes down or I see more exclusives that interest me, which I haven't seen from Microsoft at this point. I hated Microsoft's DRM stance, but some of the other aspects seemed interesting, if not completely convincing. But I liked that the two companies were each taking a different approach to next gen. That no longer exists, and for me that is a real disappointment.
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