Square Enix Confirms Option for Japanese Audio in Final Fantasy XIV: a Realm Reborn Open Beta

Square Enix has been silent for quite a while on this topic, but those that love Japanese voice acting now have a reason to rejoice, as the publisher just confirmed that an option to change the language of the speech in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be available in the open beta.

In addition to that, a lip movement option will be added to chat, and submissions for questions for the upcoming letter from the producer Live has been opened.

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Crystallis1791d ago

Nice. They listened to the forums about this. Can not wait.

JustPlay41791d ago

Nice, this should be good can't wait

Ps: there a monthly for this game right. Does any one know how much that going to be, just wanted to know

Crystallis1791d ago

I believe $12.99. I could be mistaken though.

Abriael1791d ago

12.99 if you want one character per server, 14.99 for 8 per server.

Panthers1791d ago

One character per server is never enough. Ill take the 8. Hopefully I really like this game when it releases.

ScubbaSteve1791d ago

This isn't like other mmos where you remake a character to play each job. You have one character that can change their class whenever they want the only reason to have more than one character is for storage or wanting to play a different race.