The Wii U GamePad is Not a Mistake

GenGAME writes: "The added cost of the GamePad is just too high for what people are willing to pay, and without a standout title to drive its popularity, Wii U’s having trouble taking off. That’s a pretty big problem.

"But in the end that’s more a problem of price and a weak software lineup than the controller per se. DS and 3DS have demonstrated that people are comfortable with the idea of a two-screen system, and if there’s anything we’ve learned from 3DS’s first year it’s that the right price paired with the right software sells systems."

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_QQ_1458d ago

The only innovation i can think of this gen is the gamepad, everything else is just a mid range PC with a brand name on it.

miyamoto1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Are you taking about the iPad or the PS Vita that came before the Wii U this generation?

Brasi19891458d ago

Neither the iPad or the PS Vita bring the second screen experience that you receive while using the Gamepad.

stragomccloud1458d ago

People like to forget that the DS came out a year before the iPhone and was one the first gaming touch screen devices, and that Nintendo had second screen gameplay with the Gamecube and gameboy advance. How old are you son?

_QQ_1458d ago

Oh yes i am definitely talking about the ipad and vita that totally come free with the Xboxone and PS4./S. You should make an article just to make sure everyone is informed that the 300 vita will come free with a Ps4 purchase, and Ipads will also come free with an Xbox one purchase.Also when did ipads get anolog sticks buttons and triggers again? i forgot.

miyamoto1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )


He was talking about this generation,son.

So I did not include the fact that The Sega Dreamcast VMU controller predates all when it comes to second screen gaming. And we all know how that thing went with gaming.

Did Nintendo not learn from Sega's mistake?

Get educated please.

The term innovation can be defined as something original and new that "breaks in to" the market or into society. One usually associates to new phenomena that are important in some way. A definition of the term, in line with these aspects, would be the following: "An innovation is something original, new, and important - in whatever field - that breaks in to (or obtains a foothold in) a market or society.

The gamepad was just that VMU idea and slapped with the iPad-ish touch screen gaming trend.
Like the Wiimote was "inspired" by the TV remote control according to Miyamoto Shigeru.

Nintendo was sure brave to repeat that Sega feat in the Wii U's core design knowing Sony is gonna step up Remote Play with the PS Vita with PS4.

I loved my Sega Dreamcast for its great games not for the second screen gaming gimmick.

so I am not a big fan of second screen gaming based on that direction.

But having your handheld gaming device (like PSP or smart phone) hook up with a big screen HD TV that is the direction I prefer.

_QQ_1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

The wiimote's success inspired motion gaming, Xboxone comes with kinect,some of PS4's newest features are move features. That is wiimotes mark on the industry.
Everyone has some kind of second screen now, "where is gamecube/gameboy combo?" you already proved yourself wrong with your first comment.

CaptainN1457d ago

And may I add Nintendo was doing dual screen gaming since the 80's.....did everyone forget Game & Watch !!!! Man gamers today dont know $hit about anything.... talking about Ipads and Vitas..then trying to throw in Dreamcast VMU cards. Just stop already !!!

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Brasi19891458d ago

Truth! I think, as gamers, we can see the innovation of a second screen in our hands but Nintendo really needs to find a way to show the casuals how this can impact their experience and make it better. Nintendos poor sales at the moment come from two separate issues. 1) The lack of games and 2) The incompetence of Nintendos advertising showing the casuals how the Gamepad changes the gaming experience.

Abriael1458d ago

"everything else is just a LOW range PC with a brand name on it."

Fixed it for you.

Elem1871458d ago

Agreed. People seem to forget that the Radeon 7850 in the PS4 is a low end card. 1.8teraflop performance has been on the PC gaming market for several years now.

n4f1457d ago

dont say that
you will angry the tribe of the n4g

DEEBO1458d ago

the gamepad is nice.most hate on it but i think it's the best controller ever made to be honest.

RicardJulianti1458d ago

@stragomccloud Not only that, but they did "remote play" back in the SNES days with the Gameboy Player. Pop that puppy in with a Gameboy cartrige and play on the TV, the put it back in the handheld and be on your way.

There was also the transfer pak for Pokemon Stadium on the N64...train your pokemon on the go, then battle them in was so awesome, haha.

Nintendo's been dabbling in second screen stuff for a long, long time.

Hicken1457d ago

Well, it's not innovation, since it's been done before, even by Nintendo. And the gamepad isn't even the best example of that tech this generation.

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Trunkz Jr1458d ago

My Wii U is collecting dust....

I love the GamePad, I dislike the lack of games ATM.

Elem1871458d ago

Wierd because my Wii U doesn't have any dust on it and I'm enjoying it immensely... Earthbound has my full time attention with Pikmin 3 is on its way.

1458d ago
DEEBO1458d ago

i use my wiiu everyday.splintercell is right around the corner.

Trago13371458d ago

Ahem, asynchronous multiplayer.

PopRocks3591458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Er, don't you mean "asymmetrical" multiplayer? Asynchronous implies that it's multiplayer but not synced at the same time, like Wii Golf/Bowling where you take turns.

EDIT: @below

lol It's cool. I'm no stranger to comment errors myself. :p But yeah, asymmetrical multiplayer is definitely a plus. It makes me hope that Namco gets it in their heads to do a sequel to Pac-Man Vs.

Trago13371458d ago

Oh crap, Wrong word! Yeah that's what I meant haha.

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