Veteran Xbox Live Indie Devs Cautiously Optimistic About Xbox One Self-Publishing

Dealspwn reports: "Robert Boyd (Cthulhu Saves The World, Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 & 4) and Nathan Fouts (Explosionade, Serious Sam: Double D) have spoken out about the Xbox One's potential for self-publishing, having been heavily involved with Xbox Live Indie Games over the past few years.

The gist? Great idea, but go big or don't bother showing up to Gamescom."

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Blaze9291728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

"It's not necessarily great for gamers since even when there are good games, the discoverability problem makes it hard to find them. And it's not necessarily great for small-to-medium-sized developers who can easily get lost in the crowd."

I mean honestly, how much do people want from Microsoft lol? You won't let them publish your game because you want to be multiplatform. They give you self-publishing and now the worry is they won't be discovered.

Sounds like a personal problem to me. Like being mad at YouTube for giving everyone creator tools and not getting any personal shine. Your indie. So independently make your project flourish. I do understand the app store comparison but come on - I don't marketplace will be that flooded on Xbox One compared to a app store that services multiple devices across generations and popularity.

So what does Microsoft have to do? Really? When did this sudden shift to underdog happen?

iceman061728d ago

I think that he is saying that he is worried that MS is just putting Indies on the system as just a check mark in the list of things that it didn't have an advantage in as opposed to really providing a platform for them to succeed. It does nothing for an indie to just be put on a system. They need at least a modicum of promotion, whether that be banners and ads, in order to be successful. Not picking at MS, but looking at how Sony put Indies on the stage at E3 at least shows that there is a real investment. Indies need exposure to be successful. I understand that the "shift" is crazy. This is what happens with the industry. You can never really pick what the next "big thing" is. Whether indies are it or not...we'll see.

MonChiChi1728d ago

Look, obviously MS policy was a good thing. But with anything new, I think it's fairy the same that ppl are weary at first. More understanding and the release of this will change ppl's minds.

3-4-51728d ago

They are skeptic because of the last 7 years of Reality.

Microsoft is making promises, promises which go against everything they've been shown to do in the past.

That is why people are still skeptics.

Never forget History. You can forgive, but never forget.

Hicken1728d ago

Not forgetting makes you a fanboy, according to some. And if you choose not to forgive, you're a troll.

iceman061728d ago

I wonder if those same people apply that "logic" to their everyday lives??? I HIGHLY doubt it. I wonder why people think that MS is doing all of this backpedaling? It's because they are acknowledging that they made mistakes in the consumers eyes. If they made mistakes, then there actually was something to make amends for. I wouldn't HATE MS, as some, but I would be wary of the trends that are a part of their history. I tend to think of the saying "Those that choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it." as a safe route with dealing with ANY multi-billion dollar corporation.

3-4-51727d ago

How am I a fanboy and a Troll ?

I own both Xbox's, N64, PC, 3DS, & PSP.

I'm a gamer, regardless of company.

I was hyped for the XB1, and then let down.

People have the right to be cautious. It's called being intelligent and not getting tricked multiple times by the same people.

The 180 turn around is good for Microsoft, but they better bring more than what we already thought they were.

You can't just keep kicking people in the balls and then apologizing for it. Eventually you saying "sorry" doesn't matter any more.

I hope the XB1 is very successful, but I'm not going buy XB1 day one. Didn't with the other xbox's either. I wanted a year and then bought in.

Doing the same this gen although I'm leaning towards the PS4. I just think, in the end, it will have a better variety of games that appeal to me.