Planetside 2 Coming to Retail

Koch Media have announced that they're bringing Planetside 2 to retail. The free-to-play PC game will be available at stores for £7.99 from August 8th, and will come with a series of in-game items valued at over £40. The digital version of the game will, of course, stay free-to-play.

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MonChiChi1759d ago

Good to hear. Game needs more exposure.

3-4-51759d ago

Just released a huge update for PC. Might download later.

This is a great game to keep you occupied in between other releases.

Such a smart move on Sony's part and I'm hoping XB1 & Wii U get a few decent F2P games as well.

fredrikpedersen1759d ago

Probably pick it up even though I've been playing since Dec.

Just to show my support

HebrewHammer1759d ago

I wouldn't mind a boxed PS4 copy :)

djthechamp241759d ago

cant wait to play this on ps4

Wizziokid1759d ago

I would recommend this game to anyone very fun and accessible

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