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Xbox One: Why We Can't Trust Microsoft

NowGamer: "With two major policy changes for the Xbox One, can we trust Microsoft and it's next-gen console?

You might’ve heard? Microsoft has, once again, u-turned on its much-criticised policies in a bid to make the Xbox One seemed like a more promising platform.

But can we trust a company that can so easily flip-flop on its previous strictly enforced? A company that can just as easily undo a concept the Xbox One was supposed hardwired to do as it can switch the lights on and off again?" (Microsoft, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   854d ago
losing the next gen market share is inevitable, nothing they say will stop that unless they do a radical price drop to $350, or they can stay the course and try to slowly regain the market with a steady stream of exclusive games like the PS3 did.
MariaHelFutura  +   854d ago
Flip flopping in the business world has serious consequences. The people running the show aren't impressed by all this, at all. It doesn't reflect well on their company and makes them look weak.

As for gamers... considering what MS tried to pull and considering how the PS4 matches up against the Xbox One, I see no reason for them to deserve your support right now.
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mewhy32  +   854d ago
I don't think that we can trust micro$oft in the long run. They tried to screw the gamers and treat them like they were stupid and couldn't do what they wanted with a product that they purchased with their hard earned money. I mean if I wanted sell the game, loan the game, give the game, then I should be able to. The only reason that they changed was because of money. NOT because it was the right thing to do. Dont be forgetting that xbone fans.
Hatsune-Miku  +   854d ago
no need for mass explanation. windows vista, windows 8 is ,xbox, xbox 360 and now xbox one. xbox was abandoned. xbox 360 with rrod, lack of exclusives, error messages disc read issue. xbox one with drm first then back tracking, abandoning the family share plan
MariaHelFutura  +   854d ago
Yep. The FACT they took away the 'Family Share' when they didn't have to... is enough for them to not deserve to be trusted or supported. The took their ball and went home.

And let's be real about something.... Why should you trust them? They didn't trust you, that's what those policies basically broke down to. .
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Cmk0121  +   854d ago
nintendo started last gen awfully and still beat out the beloved ps3 and the evil xbox product..folks simmer down theres 8 years to go
hankmoody  +   854d ago
So let me get this straight. When Sony "listens" to their customers, it's a good move. When MS does the same, it's considered to be a sign of weakness. Am I correct?

And seriously, what exactly was this huge wrong that MS was trying to pull? The DRM thing? I think people had a problem with it because of the way it was presented. Everyone was confused. MS definitely dropped the ball in assuming that everyone would take to their new gaming enforcements, I'll admit that much but now they're taking all the necessary steps to make sure that gamers AND devs get what they want out of their next console. In my opinion, Sony also did a flip-flop on DRM, it just didn't happen in public. Having the advantage of presenting after MS at E3 gave them the leg up they needed to steal MS's thunder and make sure these policies were at the forefront of their presentation. It's all PR games.
Diver  +   854d ago
when ms wants to do something no matter how ridiculous they do it. lawsuits don't stop them either.

anybody that thinks they won't reimplement DRM is crazy for supporting them.

an any gamer that supports them is a threat to every other gamer.
Animal Mutha 76  +   854d ago
Oh Maria

Your pro Sony self is going to love the RUMOR just up on Eurogamer regarding the amount of PS4 memory available to devs.


@Ron and Ezz2013 below - Yes chaps a rumor and I have edited my comment to reflect as much. Fair point. But it would be one in the eye for all those idiots who felt the need to rubbish the Xbox Ones memory allocations.
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Ron_Danger  +   854d ago

You mean the euro gamer article labeled "rumor"? The one who's source is an unnamed person? The article that goes against everything Sony and 3rd party / indie devs have been talking about since the reveal?
Ezz2013  +   854d ago
@Animal Mutha 76

so i looked at that (RUMOR) article your talking about
this rumor say that the ps4 will use 5.5GB of ram for games and the rest for OS

Xbox1 Confirmed to use 5GB for games and the rest for the OS

so it's about the same use of ram for both consoles THAT IF THE RUMOR TRUE

with ps4 have more use of ram for games
also ps4 still have the stronger/better/faster ram

so what karma ?!
and it also not confirmed yet from sony
it also just Rumor
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gaffyh  +   854d ago
This is the bit here that is key:

"Self-publishing will happen, but not at launch. The ability to turn an Xbox One into a dev kit also won’t be available until a later date.

In other words, this is a panic move by Microsoft. It never planned for this sort of arrangement, it wasn’t part of the vision - in spite of what Whitten might say. It’s damage control and nothing else.

Mark Whitten told ShackNews that “this is a fundamental shift that needs to happen”, but if that was true surely Microsoft would have considered it from the start?"

MS are only doing this because of the backlash. Which would mean that everything we don't like from MS, we would have to continually get up in arms about it for them to do anything.

The difference at the moment is that they NEED you to buy their system. What do you think they would do when you've already bought the system? That is where the mistrust comes, it's been almost 4 years and MS has released hardly any exclusive titles for the 360. This is an example of when the DON'T NEED you to buy the system any more, and feel they can get away with doing the absolute minimum.
cleft5  +   854d ago
Absolutely. I hated what they where trying to do and that disgusted me to the point of canceling my Xbox Live account. The thing is they are now planning on implementing those same restriction, just on digital content instead.

It's like they truly don't get it. They have a closed platform so they can actually afford to be a lot more consumer friendly without the fears of piracy that happens on the PC. Yes people pirated games on the Xbox 360, but that was such a small number of people that it hardly hurt anyone. Piracy is wrong, absolutely. It is equally wrong to treat everyone who is buying a Xbox One like a thief when maybe less than 5% of people where pirating games.

Truly Microsoft just doesn't get it. I can only hope that Julie Larson Green understand from a business perspective what all of Microsoft gaming execs like Marc Whidden failed to understand from a gamer perspective. If they ever come around than maybe a few years from now I will buy a Xbox One.
YNWA96  +   854d ago
Maria, I did not see you post on the article about only 5.5g available on PS4. Whats going on?? Flip flops are not good you know. Also,I am sure MS would never want you on Xbox, it would severely impact credibility.
MariaHelFutura  +   854d ago

I just did and how is that relevant to this?
YNWA96  +   854d ago
Oh, I am sorry. But why are you here on every MS story, but never on the Sony Story that kind of shows them backtracking, though unproven. It is relevant when you go everywhere and shoot your mouth, on every MS story you have thrown your PS4 specs, but now this is different? Your being responsible???
DoubleM70  +   853d ago
I don't see that way. I think they introduced some policies the gaming public is not ready for that's all. When the next generation of Consoles come around and Sony implement these policy I wonder what you guys are going to be saying than.
miyamoto  +   853d ago
I say let 'em get the console they rightly deserve and learn from experience if they will ever learn, that is.

These die hard MS Xbox fans are supposed to be adults who knows what good and bad, right from wrong, there is no baby sitting these gamers who are gluttons for getting screwed.

They have been warned so many times so don't say no one cared.

Its their money they can spend on Xposed 720 all they want.

This public service message is for the open minded gamers out there who thinks rationally.
dark-hollow  +   854d ago
Well they reversed their DRM rules and that was the major issue for me.

I went from "no way am buying it" to seriously considering getting it day one
RytGear  +   854d ago
This may be true but just because they have reversed it now doesn't mean that it could never come back. If the issue is fixed by a day one patch then the issue can be brought back just as easily.
dark-hollow  +   854d ago
After the huge backlash and the pr disaster why in the hell they bring back the DRM?

It makes no financial sense at all. It's like sticking your hand in a fire ants hole, gets bitten, then try to stick your hand again expecting different results.
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Blaze929  +   854d ago

Now you are just being paranoid. That has nothing to do with actual trust in someone/something. What you are saying doesn't even make sense and is just a "what-if" possibility based on nothing but fear...because you are paranoid.

"What if Microsoft increases Xbox LIVE fees again!?"

I mean, that could happen too. But you see where I'm going with this? We can list what-if situations that could happen next gen on Xbox One ALL NIGHT

I mean honestly people, the fact that you all REALLY think Kinect' purpose is to spy on you. hahaha oh lord. We've really come that far now!
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ravinash  +   854d ago
It didn't make any sense to begine with, so I have no idea why MS thought it was a good idea.
It must have been a case of someone high up saying this is a good idea then a bunch of yes men agreeing with him.

All it would take is someone to suggest a small change, then think it would all be OK and then return the DRM it all kicks off again.

I don't expect them to...hopefully the people responcable have now gone. but thats not to say they might try other stuff.

I'm not saying that Sony have never made mistakes. But I do find their decisions are usally a little more customer focused rather than playing up for the business partners.
DigitalRaptor  +   854d ago
@ dark-hollow

MS had to reverse the policies because of the consumer backlash they received and the negativity surrounding them. So what they learned was that consumers are strong willed when they want to be. All of this was such as strong vision of theirs. It's not difficult to suspect they'll try this again, when they hope we're all less cerebral about our consumer rights, when things have moved on in the digital space.

Trust goes both ways. When MS are treating you like a criminal and a fool before you've even bought their product, it shows they don't trust you and are punishing you before you've done anything wrong. That's the imbalanced basis behind any and all piracy prevention methods.

That is why they cannot be trusted.


@ Blaze929

Sony didn't try to screw over their entire demographic. The hack was an attack on their services not a conscious decision.

Also, why would I trust a company that is going to be using the Kinect to listen in on conversations, and use other analytics to provide me with personalised dashboard ads, to no-one's benefit but MS's bottom line? http://www.sticktwiddlers.c...

Not to mention the disparity in focus on a gaming console.
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DoubleM70  +   853d ago
The DRM is not coming back unless Sony adopts the same policies Damn*. People are forgetting how much bad Press they got for it. Just relax and buy both systems.
Blaze929  +   854d ago
Microsoft makes a product with visions and ideas they thought were great - turns out they weren't great, and they gave the people (consumers) what they wanted...twice.

Conclusion: Microsoft can't be "trusted"

Sony's network gets hacked across multiple services, a lot of private information leaked - was originally denied/kept on the low before news broke out.

Conclusion: Sony are teh GAWDS of gaming! I trust them with muh soul!

huh? Do you all see how silly this sounds? Gamers talking about TRUSTING a corporation? What does trust have to do with anything lol? They don't know us, give a damn about us, thus have no reason to trust us as consumers. But we trust them? Why?

To the people who trust Sony, why? Trust them in regards to what? What is trust? Trusting that they will deliver good games? But we can't trust Microsoft in regards to what again?

Maybe i'm missing the point but I just find this whole trust thing pretty damn funny. I mean really, how old are some of you "people"? I'm 21 and don't even think this naive about BUSINESSES.
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MetalProxy  +   854d ago
Trust?...Its funny you compare sony being hacked to Microsoft forcing DRM on you and not letting you sell your used games to anybody. Two different things but hey why bother explaining anything with a guy that really is a huge fan of MS...smh
Oh btw Microsoft is zGOD! Right?
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McScroggz  +   854d ago
Honestly, we don't even need to start comparing incidents, compare vision. Microsoft wants an entertainment device whereas Sony wants a game console. Plain and simple. That is why, at the end of the day, a gamer should trust Sony and not Microsoft.

Obviously Sony wants to offer good entertainment value besides games just like Microsoft invested a ton of money in games, but as a gamer do you want a company focusing on games or one that is focusing on entertainment as a whole?

But as far as incidents, Sony got hacked. Certainly it's understandable to be concerned. But Microsoft tried to enact anti-consumer, restrictive policies. Sony's main problem came from an outside source, and honestly if somebody really wanted to hack Xbox Live I bet they could. Microsoft was the company behind their issues. So again, I'm much more willing to trust Sony over Microsoft.

So even without going into depth I ask you how you are missing the picture?
hankmoody  +   854d ago
Here's my question:

Let's say this whole thing with the DRM never happened or both parties were down with the DRM program for the new consoles and gamers around the world accepted the new rules... whatever. My question is: Then what exactly would be the case to get a PS4 and what's so special about the PS4 that makes it the system to get? I haven't seen anything in terms of games worth getting excited about on the PS4 yet I keep hearing about how "Sony is all about the gamers!" Really? If I had to go on the case of games alone, I'd go with the XBox One most certainly because as far as I can tell, they have the better game lineup and that's not including multiplatform games.
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aiBreeze  +   854d ago
"Honestly, we don't even need to start comparing incidents, compare vision. Microsoft wants an entertainment device whereas Sony wants a game console. Plain and simple. That is why, at the end of the day, a gamer should trust Sony and not Microsoft. "

There.. nothing further needs to be added in the Sony vs Microsoft console war debate in my honest opinion.
XboxFun  +   853d ago
@ aiBreeze

MS wants an entertainment device that plays games also. That is a fact. Funny that a lot of you seem to think that Sony isn't doing the same thing is hilarious. They also have an entertainment device that plays games and don't think the social/entertainment part won't be a main focus for the PS4.

But since you were spoon fed one ideology from the Sony PR and refuse to accept another you keep fooling yourselves that the PS4 will be for gaming only. They fed you exactly what you wanted to hear.

Agreed, +bubbles

MS corrected their mistakes, why can't they be trusted all of a sudden? After all the PS2 problems and lawsuits, super expensive launch of the PS3, Sony removing BC and half of the features, the hack, the many downtime and insane updates, paid multiplayer for PS+ after they said that multiplayer would always be free, people on this site are more willing to "trust" Sony.

Very funny.

There is no reason except for personal preference. It's that some of the fanboy folks here are losing ground because both consoles are becoming more and more similar. They are desperately trying to find anything to hold up and throw in the other face. First it was DRM, then it was Self Publishing, then it was RAM. Now all they seem to have is "forced" Kinect, which is laughable because its one of the main appeals to the system that does separate it from the rest.

People are afraid of change. They complained about the WiiU, no one wanted a controller with a screen on it, they complained about the Kinect 2, no one wants a device that may enhance their gaming experience. Same old, same old...unless of course their trusted company comes out with it.
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GT67  +   854d ago

Cant think of one reason why i should.
x1 is a sinking battleship trying to float with strict policies as a hole. sorry MS your peg is corrupted,this damn thing might have RROD waiting to happen.
nothing they say or do will save x1 now DREAMCAST say hello.
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WarThunder  +   854d ago
I never Trust M$ and Apple and never brought their overpriced products...

Never Trust Murican companies.
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Hicken  +   853d ago
I don't agree with that. But there ARE companies I have very little trust in. Microsoft is one of them.

Apple is... well, they're full of themselves, but to my knowledge, I haven't heard the type of lies out of them that I hear from Microsoft. Then again, I don't really deal with them at all, so...
Aceman18  +   854d ago
I bought both the Xbox (which I loved), and the 360 which I barely touched these last few years. I won't be buying the X1, they tried to take my consumer rights with their bullcrap and I'm going to speak with my wallet.

NO Purchase.
WarThunder  +   853d ago
True.. Only a ignorant halfwit can disagree with you...
2cents  +   854d ago
It's clear most of you will never be happy. No matter what ms change, improve or add you will move onto something else to moan about.

Since E3 there has been nothing but positive things happening at camp MS. Every change and piece of info from MS has been to bring the console in line with what the public are asking for. They still have to retain some control over what the One can and can't do based on the original offering that was so bady conveyed and received.

There are so many repeat offenders on this site crapping over every MS based article that it's getting to the point of complete idiocy.

I want both but some of these Sony loving puppets are actually making me want the PS4 to fail just so that these cancerous fanboys can just shut the hell up.

Your not doing any favours to the real gamers out there who are getting tarred with the same brush as the idiot fanboys who are so blindly spouting hatred towards others.

I hope gamescom smacks you haters right in the face.
greenlantern2814  +   854d ago
can anyone trust any corporation. the only people any corporation wants to please are their primary stock holders. this is not just a gaming industry thing every corporation makes decisions on what they think is best for business.
as far as consoles go ps4 will reclaim its top spot in sales followed by either wiiu or xb1. ms has lost some of its fans and it has nothing to do with xb1 at all. has a lot to do with the fact that some 360 owners fell ms abandoned them after the kinect came out.
3-4-5  +   854d ago
The thing with XB1, if they price drop at any point, Sony still has advantage.

XB1 - $500 - With a $50 price drop is only at $450

PS4 - @ $400 - With a $50 price drop is at $350.

XB1 has to drop price by $150 just to compete with a $50 price drop with PS4.

That is beyond huge in terms of price advantage and how that plays into profit.

If XB1 ever catches up, Sony forces this price drop on them.

They either adapt or risk costing $150 more than the competition.

Sony has positioned themselves well for not only now, but for the next 5-7 years.

XB1 CAN'T overcome that unless they sell at a huge loss. Like they would be losing $100-$150 on every console type of loss.

No doom and gloom as XB1 will be fine, but it's still something that needs to be looked at.
nosferatuzodd  +   853d ago
ha ha good luck with that this is microsoft we're talking about have you seen 360 lately no new ip for years
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Ezz2013  +   854d ago
I will say this and i know some won't like it
a Company that come out in E3 and shove a huge amount of Stupid lame polices and stupid price
and their excuse is "That's our vision and you will love it "
and then Backtrack their so called "Vision" and flip flop on it like that and then tell you somethig like "this was our vision"
That Tell you to never trust a Company like that
something like DRM that you will have to download an update on your xbox1 to remove it
they can easliy put it back again after they get enough sales
and on top of that they give you weaker console than the rival and with higer price than the rival

i don't trust any company BTW
but if i start to trust one of those
MS would be the least i would trust
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NioRide  +   854d ago
I don't trust you.
Ezz2013  +   854d ago
nice replay /s
so what part in my comment was wrong ?!
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blackmanone  +   854d ago
Ezzz2013, you made too much sense for starters.
Blaze929  +   854d ago
"something like DRM that you will have to download an update on your xbox1 to remove it
they can easliy put it back again after they get enough sales "

ahhh I get it. So now gaming has turned into Conspiracy Theories. Perfect.

Sure, MS COULD put it back. Sure, MS COULD instantly stop making games. Sure MS COULD just change the Xbox One into a TV tuner when they get enough sales. Hey, they COULD even be lying about the Xbox One even being an Xbox! They COULD even drop the price of an Xbox One to $299 by December!

Too many anomalies, MS is not to be trusted!

But in the same boat, Mr Conspiracy - why can't Sony just update the PS4 with DRM after they get enough sales? What's stopping that idea from popping up in your head as a "possibility"?

After all, Sony didn't apply for that RFID DRM patent just because they were bored no? Ahhh, mind blown now huh?

WHO CAN WE TRUST!?!?!?! OBAMA HELP! Because if anyone, we can surely trust our government!
#2.2 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Ezz2013  +   854d ago
"""But in the same boat, Mr Conspiracy - why can't Sony just update the PS4 with DRM after they get enough sales? What's stopping that idea from popping up in your head as a "possibility"?" ""

because they never in first place put it in Ps4 and ps4 is not made with it in mind
while xbox1 was made with DRM in mind which is why you need to remove it with an update

"""After all, Sony didn't apply for that RFID DRM patent just because they were bored no? Ahhh, mind blown now huh? """

sony did that patent before ps3 was out
but never used it and they will never use it on any of it consoles
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DigitalRaptor  +   853d ago
Enough with the apologetics.

Sony didn't build and engineer their console around DRM, always-online restrictions, nor did they restrict games to digital, thus having control of your purchases.

Microsoft did. That was and still is their end-goal, but that goal could not be achieved this generation as they would've lost too much market share and profit by not "flipping the switch", at least at launch.

A company that provides their customers with 60+ games a year for less than the price of a new game, I think that deserves my trust over a company with a track record like MS with repeated privacy invasions, charging gamers for free applications and Peer 2 Peer connectivity, the pervasive sense of disrespect shown towards these consumers, and their inability to be upfront about anything. For gaming and as a consumer, Sony deserves my trust. Microsoft deserves no-one's.
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malokevi  +   854d ago
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ichdich  +   854d ago
Yes we can, Titanfall is only for Xbox One!!! gonna be blast
MonChiChi  +   854d ago
PC says "YO"
tuglu_pati  +   854d ago
and PC
vividi  +   854d ago
PC and 360
Ron_Danger  +   854d ago
And 360... And PC... And since there isn't any info on wether it'll go multiplatform or not, you have to think it will since it's EA and everyone knows their track record (Mass Effect).

And just a side thought... Since Titan Fall uses that magical powerful force known as The Cloud, how gimped are the PC and 360 versions going to be since only the XBox One uses it?
#6.4 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
tuglu_pati  +   854d ago
True and you may get it on PS4 5 years after it launch on X1 like Mass Effect.
Rhinoceros  +   854d ago
it will be gimped, the Respawn said so.
IQUITN4G  +   854d ago
Some fans are getting scared and this results
Cmk0121  +   854d ago
because your a sony fan...the end
Xsilvermist  +   854d ago
It seems u deserve to get screwed over
Bluepowerzz  +   854d ago
where are all the xbots comming from i hope drm comes back
#8.1.1 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
IQUITN4G  +   854d ago
My preference is xbox as it goes
Npugz7  +   854d ago
Microsofts a mess!!
PrivateLeroy  +   854d ago
Same could be said for you my friend.
bsquwhere  +   854d ago
His was a comment about a corporation, yours is toward a person you don't know personally. Why do you take somebody's opinion about a company so seriously.
#9.1.1 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
JBSleek  +   854d ago
So the gripe about MS is they aren't fully transparent on the details of their console at this moment and how they will fully work?
Grown Folks Talk  +   854d ago
MonChiChi  +   854d ago
You might have had something good to say but I didn't bother to read with your caps lock broken. Good way to get your point across.
Grown Folks Talk  +   854d ago
It was done with the intention of accentuating the whining nature of people complaining because Microsoft did what they wanted them to do.

I understand the internet etiquette side, but the notion all caps are hard to read is nonsense.
#11.1.1 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
RytGear  +   854d ago
It shouldn't have been done in the first place...
Grown Folks Talk  +   854d ago
Most people complained purely on principle. Majority of the policies wouldn't even affect them. People on the internet 20 hours a day whining about connecting to the internet once in a 24 hour period.
Minato-Namikaze  +   854d ago
If a friend tries to steal from your house but he gets caught and says sorry i wont do it again. Would you trust that friend to stay in your house alone after that?
Grown Folks Talk  +   854d ago
I reserved an Xbox One the 1st day they were available to do so. The policies didn't impact me. My 360 & PS3 were online from the moment I hooked them up. Never been w/o internet more than a few hours in an outage. Could still trade games in to select retailers, which most likely were the same places we all trade at anyways.

Microsoft could have done a better job explaining their plans, as well as presenting the benefits. No doubt about that. That said, I don't buy products based on anybody else. I buy what I want. No matter how many people didn't like their policies, I knew they didn't affect me.
Blaze929  +   854d ago
Microsoft stole from you? What are you doing on N4G then brother, get a lawyer! LAWSUIT MONAYZ!
Convas  +   854d ago
All of these people talking about being able to "trust" a corporation and not being able to "trust" a corporation.

All I'm hearing is Mitt Romney saying "Corporations are people, my friend" and a LOT of the folks on this site seem that have the mindset.

I don't give a damn about trust with a corporation. Does said corporation trust me? Will they give me the benefit of the doubt?

Get over yourselves. If the product interests me or offers me perceived value, that's all that matters.
#12 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Grown Folks Talk  +   854d ago
Now, now. Don't come to this site with all that common sense.
aiBreeze  +   854d ago
This.. I don't trust any corporation, they are all only after one single thing. It's how they go about getting it that differs and warrants my faith at least. Unfortunately, ever since Kinect unveiling, Microsoft lost my faith in them and the only thing they've done to get it back is do a 180 on policies that should never have gone past the ideas stage to begin with.
#12.2 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
givemeshelter  +   854d ago
When Microsoft "listens" to the outcry and customers... It's evil and a plan...
When Sony "listens" to the outcry and customers, it's an amazing company and the right way to go...
The hypocrisy on this site is ASTOUNDING.
Minato-Namikaze  +   854d ago
Sony is like Yamamoto giving the appearance of being good but behind the scence does not so good things, but still for the betterment of gaming.

MS is like aizen every time they open their mouth you know somebody is about to get trolled. They been plotting, lurking, and scheming just waiting to carry out their master plan.

lol, this is all in good fun.
givemeshelter  +   854d ago
Oh this site is pure comedy gold LOL
I only come here to post a few times and enjoy the massive hypocrisy from fanboys from all sides.
But the hate on for MS and the Xbox One is just so comical. Microsoft can do something regardless good or bad and it's seen as the devil. Sony can do the SAME exact thing and they are praised by many on this site... It's awesome. It's like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly style Hypocrisy. AWESOME :-p
hankmoody  +   854d ago
EXACTLY what I said.
McScroggz  +   854d ago
Metaphor time!

Sony is like the guy at McDonalds that takes your order, then gives it to you exactly how you want it with the added benefit of doing it with a smile on their face.

Microsoft is the guy at McDonalds that takes your order with a scowl, gets it wrong the first time, then gets it sloppily right the second time.

I know this is a crude metaphor, but it's extremely reductive to assert that Sony "listening" is the same thing as Microsoft "listening."

If you can't grasp that, then you simply don't want to accept logic.



Because all businesses are the same right? Some companies value the consumer and try to build trust and be profitable through that. Other companies try to nickel and dime customers to death or even do illegal things to make money.

Thanks for the pithy comment even though I don't think you actually thought about your point.
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Blaze929  +   854d ago
I got a better metaphor.

Sony is like a business....

Microsoft is like the other business...

they and their investors both only care about making money. As a business.

If you can't grasp that, then you simply don't want to accept logic.
IlluminatusV  +   854d ago
@McS: With the difference we still have not get what we ordered so the 2nd guy heard your complain and corrected it on the fly. So in the outcome you will get the same as from the 1st guy with having nothing to complain about!
givemeshelter  +   854d ago
So when Sony was installing Root Kits (DRM STUFF... You know. Only things EVIL MS does)
and denying DRE to the point they suffered and settled a class action lawsuit because Sony made you pay for all repairs based on that design flaw...Did not listen to developers when creating the PS3... They were squeaky clean? I could post 10 more points easy.
My point? These are COMPANIES out to make a profit. We the consumers hold them to their accords by how and where we spend our money.
When Sony was running the show they were arrogant and did not listen. They got put in their place and now they are "listening"
Sony has always been known to overcharge for their electronics all the way back since the 1970's up until now when many competing products cost less with the same or better quality. AKA. HDTV's we see today.

As for your metaphor abouut getting it almost right the 2nd time...
Where you saying this about the PS1 and PS2 that had almost the SAME EXACT DESIGN FLAWS for the CD/DVD tray when launched?
Sony an electronics manufacturer that does not farm out its goods and does this in house built two consoles that had optical media drive issues at launch. Even MS at least got it right out of the gate with the Xbox...
You get my point? No company is perfect or HONEST. If you think differently, I have swamp land in Florida for you on the cheap.
The hypocrisy on this site is pure comedy gold. Better then the Def Jam Comedy Tour!
#13.3.3 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Lboogieskells  +   854d ago
Using the word "like" makes it a simile, not a metaphor.
Rhinoceros  +   854d ago
Are we electing a president or buying a game console? Microsoft is my first choice for next gen. Eventually, I will get a PS4. I choose MS for its innovations in (e)motion and voice components, as I believe that will be the future of gaming. I am a core gamer,

Microsoft clearly intends for its new Kinect to not be a gimmick. Everyone who jumped on the Sony bandwagon thinks that they are contributing to the Arab Spring of gaming. An appropriate analogy since this tumultuous time has, after its initial victories, bolstered the voices of reactionary conservatives who denigrate anyone that sees a future in motion and voice control.
Minato-Namikaze  +   854d ago
Yiou have to show me a couple good "controllerless, voice controlled, motion" games before i can jump on the bandwagon. I'm all for Sword art online type gaming but i dont think kinect is gonna get us there.
#14.1 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rhinoceros  +   854d ago
Maybe with occulus rift. no one had reason to innovate with it until now, but i'm excited for the future.
McScroggz  +   854d ago
I perfectly accept your reason for getting an Xbox One. To me, I think it's a bad idea to buy a product (especially with the negativity surrounding it) because I think the focal point of it will cease being a gimmick and be innovative going forward. I understand that you think Kinect will change gaming, I just wouldn't buy the Xbox One before it's proven to me.

Again, not crapping on your decision or logic just giving you my perspective. Also, I'm willing to admit that I want my innovation to come through the gameplay and not exotic ways to interact with a console.
IlluminatusV  +   854d ago
Innovation is always based on taking risks. MS have taken risks with their original all-digital vision that we all know have not played out as they intended. Sony instead took the last generation as blueprint and put some more power and convenience features to it. Thats not innovation thats playing the safe way.

It is not that I want defend all decisions MS did but I respect that MS said crystal clear what they intended and not played the hiding game. So they failed in the eyes of (some) gamers and changed where they had to. Especially the people who complained should be satisfied that a company is changing things before the product is on the shelves. Isn't it the behavior we are demanded for?

About trust: Why should I trust any company. They do their business to earn money and I select the offering that pleases me the most, but that doesn't mean that I trust a company. I have not to buy any of the consoles if I don't want. I don't have to trust a company, in the end I have to trust my own view on the product and my own decisions that I made on as much information as possible. I can tell you I have not preordered any console because I know how much can move until the consoles are actually available. I am waiting for the reviews of the consoles itself and for the first games. Then I will decide. And yes I have a preference so far to buy a XBox One, but the preference is based what I have seen so far regarding games and nothing else.
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BlackSteel   854d ago | Spam
MonChiChi  +   854d ago
At the end of the day no company is worth trusting. Do you think they trust you? Hell no!
ElementX  +   854d ago
MS won't put the DRM back according to Phil Spencer in this article...


He responded via twitter to say that disc based games will remain the way they are today
wordonthestreet   854d ago | Spam
wordonthestreet   854d ago | Spam
BallsEye  +   854d ago
Lame troll article. Who approves this crap?
bsquwhere  +   854d ago
Same people that voted in a rumor that the PS4 uses only 5 GB of ram, the article from Eurogamer with a random source. Ones an opinion the others a rumor, neither our facts.
Moncole  +   854d ago
Dont trust Sony because they used rootkits on their stuff.
PlayStation_4  +   854d ago
Trust me... M$ will bring back DRM, I know it.
Machiavellian  +   853d ago
So, if you cannot sell, trade, gift or share your digital games on PSN, Steam is that DRM
DOOMZ  +   853d ago
Like we can trust a Japanese company any more, lol!
#24 (Edited 853d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   853d ago
Even though they bribe every game reviewer web sites and pay me to say this as well as being the exclusive pro gamer illuminati console of choice and are making the earths core brittle, I trust them completely with my gaming tastes.
BallsEye  +   853d ago
Again this troll fanboy site...
wordonthestreet   852d ago | Spam

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