PS3 vs PS4 Sizes Compared In New Video

PlayStation Access has released a video to compare the launch PS3 and PS4 in terms of form factor. Which do you prefer: big and curvy or small and slanty?

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mewhy321522d ago

The machine looks very futuristic. It's like a hot looking car with the engine to back it up.

MariaHelFutura1522d ago

The PS4 is beautifully engineered technology.

minimur121522d ago

Maria, now you've changed your icon to whatever her name is, you're not getting dislikes :D (ish)

minimur121522d ago

oh, maybe not, nevermind

blackbeld1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Wow its even smaller then PS3 and more powerful.

PS4 it is. Day one for me.

FITgamer1522d ago

Im pretty sure she did it because Colzer copied her kaz avatar.

3-4-51522d ago

The more I look at the PS4, the more I like it. It's beautifully simplistic in a Japanese kind of way.

bayport1521d ago

Am i the only one afraid of something that small with that much power overheating?

Ju1521d ago

Impressive. Smallest. And PSU built in. Even more impressive.

Koyes1521d ago

Ahhhh it looks so sexy :D dare I say, even sexier than my 80GB Phat PS3

mp12891521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@bayport, you should be more afraid of the bigger console overheating.

Ritsujun1521d ago

Xbone180 - giant, but tiny inside

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miyamoto1522d ago

It looks like a Futuristic Fortress... a kick butt futuristic fortress where hundreds of Dual Shock 4 controller like space fighters are based.

NeoTribe1521d ago

Pass whatever your smoking.

FamilyGuy1521d ago

It's like they shaved the top curvy part off the original PS3 when you look at the horizontal comparison shots.

Would've preferred a comparison to the first slim model but whatevs, it looks great, it's small, there's tons of vents to keep it well ventilated not to mention it using a low amount of power to begin with for what it's capable of as well continuing to not have a power brick.

Sony, their specialty is hardware so this is all expected.

Valkyre1522d ago

it looks like something out of Mass Effect universe... I LOVE IT!

dark-hollow1522d ago

It's pretty amazing how could they made the ps4 with such a small form factor.

NioRide1522d ago

Tech has made a huge jump over the last couple of years.

You don't need uber powerful hardware to run good quality anymore.

Those day's are long past.

Ju1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

But only one of the boxes is that small...I guess some are just a little bit better in building things.

SkullBlade1691522d ago

Depends on your definition of "Good quality"

NioRide1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

My definition of good quality is gameplay mechanics that are post ps2 era.

Fancy graphics doesn't mean you can't still have broken gameplay.

And gameplay mechanics haven't been a issue for a long time, but companies still screw that portion up.

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The story is too old to be commented.