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PS3 vs PS4 Sizes Compared In New Video

PlayStation Access has released a video to compare the launch PS3 and PS4 in terms of form factor. Which do you prefer: big and curvy or small and slanty? (PS3, PS4)

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mewhy32  +   638d ago
The machine looks very futuristic. It's like a hot looking car with the engine to back it up.
MariaHelFutura  +   638d ago
The PS4 is beautifully engineered technology.
minimur12  +   638d ago
Maria, now you've changed your icon to whatever her name is, you're not getting dislikes :D (ish)
minimur12  +   638d ago
oh, maybe not, nevermind
blackbeld  +   638d ago
Wow its even smaller then PS3 and more powerful.

PS4 it is. Day one for me.
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MariaHelFutura  +   638d ago
PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. PS3 vs. 360

FITgamer  +   638d ago
Im pretty sure she did it because Colzer copied her kaz avatar.
3-4-5  +   638d ago
The more I look at the PS4, the more I like it. It's beautifully simplistic in a Japanese kind of way.
bayport  +   638d ago
Am i the only one afraid of something that small with that much power overheating?
Ju  +   638d ago
Impressive. Smallest. And PSU built in. Even more impressive.
Koyes  +   638d ago
Ahhhh it looks so sexy :D dare I say, even sexier than my 80GB Phat PS3
mp1289  +   637d ago
@bayport, you should be more afraid of the bigger console overheating.
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Ritsujun  +   637d ago
Xbone180 - giant, but tiny inside
miyamoto  +   638d ago
It looks like a Futuristic Fortress... a kick butt futuristic fortress where hundreds of Dual Shock 4 controller like space fighters are based.
NeoTribe  +   638d ago
Pass whatever your smoking.
FamilyGuy  +   637d ago
It's like they shaved the top curvy part off the original PS3 when you look at the horizontal comparison shots.

Would've preferred a comparison to the first slim model but whatevs, it looks great, it's small, there's tons of vents to keep it well ventilated not to mention it using a low amount of power to begin with for what it's capable of as well continuing to not have a power brick.

Sony, their specialty is hardware so this is all expected.
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Valkyre  +   638d ago
it looks like something out of Mass Effect universe... I LOVE IT!
Wizziokid  +   638d ago
It's so small!
ramtah  +   638d ago
dark-hollow  +   638d ago
It's pretty amazing how could they made the ps4 with such a small form factor.
NioRide  +   638d ago
Tech has made a huge jump over the last couple of years.

You don't need uber powerful hardware to run good quality anymore.

Those day's are long past.
Ju  +   638d ago
But only one of the boxes is that small...I guess some are just a little bit better in building things.
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SkullBlade169  +   638d ago
Depends on your definition of "Good quality"
NioRide  +   638d ago
My definition of good quality is gameplay mechanics that are post ps2 era.

Fancy graphics doesn't mean you can't still have broken gameplay.

And gameplay mechanics haven't been a issue for a long time, but companies still screw that portion up.
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Rai  +   638d ago
Wonder how small the slim version would be
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FITgamer  +   638d ago
TBH i could care less about a slim version the original is small enough for me.
InTheZoneAC  +   637d ago
that thought never crossed my mind, as it should yours.
Rai  +   637d ago
Sony makes slim version of their consoles. So why shouldn't it cross my mind? just because the console isn't out yet doesn't mean I can't think of the future.
dcj0524  +   638d ago
Mmmmmmm big n curvy.... oh we're talking about game systems? Uh small and slanty yeah.
ghoh1  +   638d ago
tech has come along way in these 8 years, well, not for Microsoft apparently
The Meerkat  +   638d ago
The PS4 looks very 2001 in a 2013 kind of way.

Very nice indeed
o-Sunny-o  +   638d ago
Baby got front! ^~^
LeonhartX  +   638d ago
it's so freaking small!!! methinks the slim will be even smaller than the ps2 slim
level 360  +   638d ago
PS4 wouldn't be out of place sitting next to all my audio/video surround equipment.
sigfredod  +   638d ago
My little angular sexy beast, i cannot wait to hold you on my hands
Darkfist  +   638d ago
cant wait when the ps4(or 5)slim become as small as a mobile phone.
super_cuddles  +   638d ago
Quite plain, not very nice looking imho , now the x1...that's some future sh*t right there!
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dcj0524  +   638d ago
GBELKIN1  +   638d ago
The Xbox One looks like a betamax player. It's big & ugly. It looks worse than the Xbox 360 when it launched.
NeoTribe  +   638d ago
That gigantic power supply hanging off it is pretty futuristic also. Lets not forget about the new battery packs for the controllers. We've only dreamed of such technology becoming reality.
Gamesgbkiller  +   638d ago
Finally I can put my controller on top of the console :)
cunnilumpkin  +   638d ago
Damn, the ps4 is small, too small, cannot put lots of goodies in there

whats funny is all the people out there that actually believe that this graphics card, a amd 7850, is inside a ps4


lol...that's a 10.5 inch gpu

its has a laptop gpu in it that is somewhat close in theorhetical power to the $150 desktop version

side note, that gpu requires a 500 watt psu minimum

the total ps4 draw won't be much over 250 total
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   638d ago
It's a beautiful parallelogram! (I don't know why people said it was a trapezoid a while back, they need to go back to geometry and learn their shapes.) Can't wait to pick mine up at midnight (hopefully sooner) whenever it launches.
hollabox  +   637d ago
Its smaller but I think the PS3 is more sexier even though its larger. I actually like the Wii U design the best followed by the Xbox 1 than the PS4. Any who that's just my opinion, please don't be tard with fanboy crap check my comment history.
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NeloAnjelo  +   637d ago
Get_crazy  +   637d ago
I've gotta admit when I first saw the PS4, I really didn't know what to think about its design. But the more I see it, the more I like it!

It's like a tribute to the PS2, plus it's so small compared to the launch version of the PS3!
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   637d ago
Why not just compare it with all the ps3'S?
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   636d ago
Thanks... :)
kingPoS  +   636d ago
Sorcery! Sony has to employing Sorcerers I tell you.

I can't wait to see how they fit it all under the hood.
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