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God Eater 2 Will Import Saves from Burst, Screenshots Released Introducing Characters and Aragami

Namco Bandai Announced today that when the full version of God Eater 2 will be released on November the 14th (in Japan of course) players will be able to import some of their unlocked God Machine parts both from the previous game Gods Eater Burst and from the demo of God Eater 2 itself.

In addition to that a large batch of screenshots (from the PS Vita version) and artwork was released. (God Eater 2, PS Vita, PSP)

Blank  +   551d ago
So any word on localization? Or do I have my hopes too high? Why doesnt any major news site ask about this?!
Abriael  +   551d ago
No word yet. Have you actually ever seen a "major news site" actually caring about Japanese games for the vita?

Think about the answer to that, and you'll have an answer to your question. Hell, they normally get wind that they exist 2-3 weeks after they've been announced, if ever.

In any case the game just got a release date for Japan, a release announcement for the west seldom comes before release unless it's a remake when Namdai is involved.
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sherimae2413  +   551d ago
it will be localized, what you need to worry is if it will be also in retail or just downloadable only......
well that only might applies to NA though....

btw im playing the demo right now.... and its great so far ^_^
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paul-p1988  +   551d ago
Well that's made my mind up then, i loved the look of God Eater 2 but had never played God Eater Burst. When i get home tonight i'm downloading it straight to my Vita in preparation for GE2 :)
Murad  +   549d ago
It's sadly very repetitive, however, if you like Monster Hunter, it's downright amazing. But personally, i don't think it aged well.
paul-p1988  +   548d ago
Yeah i loved Monster Hunter (notice the past tense there...) but when they abandoned their fanbase to go to a kiddies plaything *cough*3DS*cough* i wanted a game to fill that void.

I played GE:Burst over the weekend and it plays brilliantly, like Monster Hunter but a lot faster and action-packed. I already can't wait for GE2 :)

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