World of Warcraft loses 600K subscribers worldwide in four months

World of Warcraft's steadily declining subscriber base has dropped by 600,000 worldwide in four months, leaving the popular fantasy MMO at 7.7 million players.

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porkChop1696d ago

This is good. With people moving on from WoW to newer, better MMOs it'll give developers more incentive to innovate and be creative rather than trying to emulate WoW.

die_fiend1696d ago

Yeah but MMOs are obviously ridiculously expensive. It's not like any developers can even afford to make them, let alone go off on a tangent and see if people bite. I'm hoping they're putting their efforts into Destiny

pompombrum1696d ago

There isn't really better MMOs though.. with the exception of a rare few, most are just poor WoW (or EQ) clones.

Neixus1696d ago

I still want to see how other mmo's can implement pvp, without copying wow :)
Because the Arenas in wow, despite umbalanced sometimes, is -alot- of fun. You can't deny that.

Other MMO's pvp system, as far as i know, only got battlegrounds in it, and world pvp. But 3v3 and 2v2 is so much better than that. You also makes good friends that way, played with some people 2 years ago, they've quit, but i still have daily contact with them on facebook / skype

Linwelin1695d ago

Lineage 2 had better PVP than WoW in my opnion, played them both loved L2 more because of the PVP, ok it was a grind fest, but i spent most of my time pvping than grinding.

3-4-51695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Yea somebody need to create WoW 2014 though.

Not exactly WoW, but WoW offered a lot that other MMO's don't, the main thing being:

It works and is almost bug free. You can play the game and know that for the next 2-3 years, everything is going to work fine.

Yea you have to pay $15 a month, but you know that your getting your money's worth.

All these Free to play MMO's just don't work and I don't feel like putting up with BS to play a game.

I actually like the Art Style in WoW. You can see what everything is. Bricks look like bricks, stone like stone, trees like trees and so on. It's also very colorful which is a GOOD thing.

That being said, there are so many ideas beyond what is in WoW that a new MMO could benefit from.

We've learned a lot since 2004.

I stopped played in 2007 though so maybe it's not the same game.

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joel_c171696d ago

Probably cause WoW sold out and became pretty crap after WotLK

LoaMcLoa1696d ago

Yupp, they made The game waaay too easy
Theres no real feeling for accomplishment anymore

awi59511695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Dude the raiding in wrath was a total joke. My guild got the kingslayer title easy after the LK wing was unlocked. We were a server first guild but still it was way easier than raids past and even today throne of thunder was more of a challenge. The only good raid in wrath was uldar before the nerfs. I had the best gear in uldar only to have it replaced by 5 man gear in the fall that made me quit wow for about year.

Logak1696d ago

I will miss WoW, all my friends I have made over the years.. But, too be honest, I have gotten really sick of WoW and all of the god forsaken grinding.
The next expansion better be amazing to make me play wow a lot again.

ramtah1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Star wars the old republic was my first mmo and my last. and my last game i will ever buy from EA and Bioware.

Einhert1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Don't judge MMOs based on that terrible game

IF they were going to do a proper star wars MMO, they should have done an updated more polished star wars galaxies.

Now that was an MMO

coolbeans1695d ago

"Don't judge MMOs based on that terrible game"

I thought that was a great title. :/

Though still willing to hold onto the 'holy trinity' layout and other WoW tropes firmly, I loved the art style, the SP components placed into an MMO, etc. etc.

Would like to see how it is with Hutt Cartel expansion now that it's been brought up.

aliengmr1695d ago


Spot on.

If you consider the budget that SWG had what they were able to do with it. It was by no mean perfect, but it had one of the best space sims out there.

pompombrum1696d ago

SWTOR was more like a single player game with MMO features than a fully fledged MMO.

Einhert1696d ago

Even as a single player it was tragic

The voice acting was very plain and average

The storylines were very mind numbing particularly the sith inquisitors storyline.

To think they had the gall to say this would fill in for KOTR

pompombrum1695d ago

Sith Inquisitor was the worst storyline I played. Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent.. all of those storylines were quality and really captured the feel they were going for.

The game is hardly a masterpiece but I imagine it left Star Wars fans satisfied with what it set out to do.

thezeldadoth1695d ago

^ no most star wars fans i know didn't like it at all. It didn't feel like star wars. the story, the art style, the way they handled the worlds, nothing felt like star wars in that game.

Ngai1696d ago

There's this new game called A Realm Reborn. It's coming out next month. It will be awesome.

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