Halo 2 HD Cut Scenes

For a while now it has been HBO's mission to bring you all of halo 2's cut scenes in beautiful high definition. Procress has been slow with a new cut scene popping up roughly every week, each one filling a much hated hole in the halo lovers heart.

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Fishy Fingers3879d ago

Fantastic!! This is excellent, I've been waiting on these :)

Oh but how long before the comparisons to Halo 3 start flooding the thread....? Sadly, probably pretty soon :(

vitz33879d ago

Does it still have the horrendous pop-in of the textures? What about the sound not always syncing up and voices cutting off the others? If not then it's not the true Halo 2 experience.

pezza3879d ago

I'm not sure, but from what i've heard they're realy good.

heyheyhey3879d ago

Halo 2 HD???

dont you mean Halo 3?

pezza3879d ago

Nope. It's the halo 2 cut scenes. They've been digitally remasterd to high definition.

Danja3879d ago

but that's all Halo 3 was...Halo 2>>in HD...!!

tatotiburon3879d ago

wow look all the fanboys bashing Halo 3 one more time, just because Halo 3 sold millions worldwide, more than all PS3 AAA games put together

pezza3879d ago we go again.

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