Tiny Thief Review | Hardcore Droid

The open-sourced nature of Android’s marketplace opened the floodgates for a bevy of glitchy, half-hearted, digital billboards disguised as apps and games. For every classic game (i.e Dead Trigger), there’s a dozen clones. The entertainment value of many games has been lost amidst greedy investors and developers looking to squeeze money from consumers by inundating us with ads or forcing us to pay extra money in-app purchases. Often these games are unfinished, and it’s the player that suffers. This free-for-all environment allows for unscrupulous apps to transform your smartphone or tablet into a puny pilferer. It’s not all bleak, though – out of the chaos comes Tiny Thief, a point-and-click stealth platformer from developer 5 Ants from Barcelona publishing through Rovio Stars Ltd.

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