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After Xbox One’s failed attempt to try and stymie used game sales by funneling them through “participating retailers” and thus killing off private sales, loaning and game rentals, developers like former Epic superstar Cliffy B and God of War creator David Jaffe took to Twitter to voice their disdain for used sales and more specifically, GameStop. Again, they were of the opinion that each used sale is money being taken from their pockets and they should get a cut of the used game sales. PS4 developer Ready at Dawn, which has the upcoming The Order: 1866 currently gestating, recently voiced their dissatisfaction with GameStop’s business model of pushing used games over new. Now, this might prove controversial, but it’s a stance I firmly believe in so brace yourselves - Game developers and publishers are not entitled to a single dime after the initial sale. Not one red cent. And the fact that they think they’re entitled to any of it is , quite frankly, ludicrous.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1578d ago

Yea hand it all to Gamestop. They give you $25 for a used game then charge $55 where new it only cost $60. It's a rip off. Like I said in a previous article two people buy one game. One person buys it new and the other buys it after its traded in. So one person pays the Developer who made the game and the other pays Gamestop. The Developer sold one game to two people for the price of one. It's just a broken system.

CalvinKlein1578d ago

if devs dont like it they can go all digital, and we know they wont be competitive price wise with even new physical copies because they are just as greedy, maybe more so then gamestop.

If tehy want money from used sales then they can offer me some credit toward their new game for my old crap that will mostly collect dust, on my shelf or gamestop's. They dont want to be in the business, they dont deserve money from it.

gamestop has to spend alot of money to sell those used games, devs want a cut of used without doing anything.

lashes2ashes1578d ago

He do game stop have to spend a lot of cash to sell used games? They get a huge return on selling used games. Use you're brain they buy it for say twenty dollars and sell if for forty dollars and don't have to share any of the cash with the devs,publishers game console manufactures ect. I agree they should have a trade in program like the car agency's have but for things to move that way places like GameStop need to die.

Brasi19891578d ago

People do bash Gamestop quite a bit but i wonder how many actually realize how risky the proposition of buying a $60 game at $25 actually is with the only intent to resell. Take Duke Nukem for example. Say you, went out and bought the game day 1 and spend $60. The game totally bombs so you go and trade it in for $25. Gamestop takes it and puts it with the rest of the used copies on sale for $55. Say 2 months down the road they sell 25% of those copies they bought for $25 for $55. Price drop happens because word gets around game sucks. $55 drops to $35, then drops to $25 then to $15 then to $5 While they do make a significant amount of profit from initial sales most of their used games >$10 are either straight up profit or trying to recoup on there losses.

CalvinKlein1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

lashes you need to "use your brain." Everyone acts like they sell every used game they ever buy right away for 55$ and that is not true at all.

Trading a used game is just like trading in a car. Take it to the dealership and they give you credit toward a new or used car. They also try to sell your old car for more money then tehy gave you. When they sell your old honda, honda does not get a cut because honda did not buy it back from you(just like devs/pubs are nto buying back used games, not even their own). Same thing as gamestop.

Id devs and publishers want to make money off used games then they need to put up the money to buy them from us and deal with the risk of not selling them at all. but they are not in the business so they dont deserve jack [email protected]

N2NOther1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Thanks for reading! It's not a broken system. It's capitalism. Like I said in my article, you don't have to use Gamestop. I used eBay. Still the same concept that you've put forth. They should stop my used sale? They should get some of the money? That's ridiculous.

@lashes2ashes -

Did you read the article. I know for a fact that GameStop pays 10% less that MSRP for every new game you can buy in their store. There make almost nothing on new games and all of that money has already gone to the developer. GameStop buys used games low and sells high because it's profitable.

factory1578d ago

I used to own an independent video game store for a decade. The markup on new games ranges from 25 to 18 percent. EA of course, always charged the most. Those prices are before shipping and credit card fees would be factored in. I was also paying a larger distributor who had to make 1.50 to 2 dollars on the game. In most cases , I was too small to go direct.

iceman061577d ago

I fully agree with your assertions in this article. How is it a consumer problem when the deal (revenue split) is made BEFORE we even get to see the game? How is it my problem that capitalism somehow works for a company when they get their money from me...yet DOESN'T when it is not enough to recoup their losses? Lastly, where was all of this noise last generation? I really don't remember developers trying to put GameStop out of business during the PS2 days when money was flowing all over the place (tech boom 90's). I get it. The recession has put a pinch on the big corporations and they can't see any other way to get into the "black" other than to do what is the accepted norm in business, pass that on to the consumer.

avengers19781578d ago

It's not just GameStop though, everyone seems to think its just GameStop, but individuals sell there games to bestbuy, replay, buy backs, video game underground, to there friends, or on eBay. Lots of used games selling going on, hell even pawn shops sell used games

levian1578d ago

Either used games need to give a royalty to the developers, or games WILL go 100% digital DRM. I don't agree with the DRM method, but the developers need as much return as they can get after massive development costs for AAA games.

If things keep going this route, AAA games will die and all we'll be left with is indie games on the OUYA

iceman061577d ago

Maybe...just maybe we could ask them to get better contracts from the greedy publishers. OR, how about manage those bloated AAA budgets so that a great game doesn't have to sell 10 millions copies to turn a profit. Used games is just a target because it is the "easiest" to go after. We, as consumers, will be more likely to hand over control before the publishers and big corporations.

3-4-51578d ago

* When I resell my car, does Ford/GM get a cut of the sales ?

* When you sell your home, does the original builder from 10 year ago get a cut ?


So why do dev's get a cut of a game they already got a cut of ?

Stop making crappy watered down , copy off of the other guy, 8 hours to beat, frustratingly boring, bug filled, holo and empty games with no substance.

N2NOther1578d ago

To be fair, car manufacturers purchase used cars to see on their lots and they also manufacture parts and perform repairs to offset costs. Devs have online passes and DLC.

3-4-51577d ago

True, but to better offset their costs, how about they don't just copy another dev's game.

I feel like they spend weeks brainstorming completely horrible ideas and then eventually, because of time constraints, just go with the best option which may or may not even be a good option to begin with.

rainslacker1577d ago

And I ask you as I've asked so many others. What does GameStop's trade in price have to do with developers getting money off a used game sold?

What I don't get is that what MS tried to do with used games effectively cut out a person's right to sell their game privately. Are you OK with that? GameStop is in itself a private entity. They're an option. So I ask, why are they required to live by a different set of rules? Are you OK with giving up your right to sell or trade a game privately just to punish GameStop? I haven't seen people clamoring to send off some money to a game publisher whenever they buy or sell a used game privately, why should GameStop(or similar stores) have to?

Don't get me wrong, I understand your logic. It's just not the way the free market works. It's an idiotic idea on the part of game developers/publishers to believe that they are entitled to anything after the first sale of a game. They're trying to change the rules to their own benefit. Too many people are saying "Hell yeah" because they are so blinded by hate of GameStop. It's a complete red herring that the devs/pubs play into to win people over to their cause.

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Bigpappy1578d ago

'The_Infected' has a strong argument from the developers perspective. But I have to side with 'CalvinKlein' on this one.

If publisher want a piece of the use game market, just offer gamers a better deal for their used games.

But 'CalvinKlein' is still missing one key factor that almost everyone seems to ignore: What about USED DIGITAL games? You said they could go digital to screw PS, which is true, but they also screw the gamers. We almost had M$ offering a policy for Digital ownership, but people who want to stay with physical disk won that round for now. I really hope M$ have 2 separate policies for digital and physical so they could offer some type of freedom for people who are ready to move to Digital over physical.

N81578d ago

It wouldn't be a problem if other companies offered something better. Either way your handing your money to a company that just wants to make money.

Cmk01211578d ago

if they want a slice of the pie they need to mimic steam , come up with digital rewards, an ecosystem for trading digital games or what have you. Dont idly sit by that games shouldnt be able to be traded and they want more money. if i buy a shirt from whomever do thye get a portion of it if i resell to thrift shop,yard sale etc. No so they need to do something positive or get over it, gamestop robs us and they cant compete with that???

Majin-vegeta1578d ago

This is not spam mods and excuse the caps rage.


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