Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - Video Review

Mario & Luigi return in a brand new adventure on Pi'illo Island. Does it stack up to their previous games? Find out in our video review!

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dedicatedtogamers1519d ago

I can't wait 'til this comes out. 3DS is such a good system for RPGs right now.

chadboban1519d ago

Yeah, you're so right, that things on fire right now and it's probably gonna stay that way all year long. I'm also really looking forward to Bravely Default next year, I'm so glad Nintendo decided to publish it in Europe and America since Square Enix couldn't be arsed to do it.

Also picking up SMT IV next week and then I'm gonna get that sweet $30 from club Nintendo. Still can't decide what to get with it though, there's actually a surprising amount of e-shop games to choose from.

Starbucks_Fan1519d ago

I'm seeing very mixed reviews about this game. Definitely trying a demo first. What do the people of N4G think?

Venox20081519d ago

@Starbucks_Fani dont think there 'll be demo for this, but this game looks awesome.. i have played other mario rpgs and all of them were awesome, i can bet this one is as well, not to mensiuon there 'll be puzzles and other awesome stuff, thats why i love mario rpgs

Venox20081519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

i want this game!!! :)