Mark Cerny Asks Daily Reaction: ‘What do You Want to See on the PS4?’

"With 226 Daily Reactions under our belt, we’ve discussed a lot of topics covering every aspect of the industry, but our favorite DRs have to be when developers ask us questions. In the past we’ve had gaming icons such as Ted Price and the fine folks at Media Molecule, but now we have a very special treat for you – the mind behind the PS4 has a question for us, and for you.

Welcome to Mark Cerny asks Daily Reaction." - PSLS

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Relientk771697d ago

Been waiting for 13 years, hopefully we don't have to wait much longer

shivvy241697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Jak 4 and Resistance 4

DragonKnight1697d ago

Gotta love that people are thinking of games.

Someone needs to go on there though and put "mods" as a suggestion. I am not signing in with Facebook or registering with Disqus just to do that myself, but if someone already has an account, put mods there.

PS3 had mods for one game so it's doable. If PS4 has it, just another correct move by Sony.

Oh, and don't listen to that one person who says "only big yearly updates." If there are minor updates to solve issues throughout the year, do it. I'd rather my console work, then have it brick once a year. Smaller updates are easier to fix, bigger ones aren't.

ZodTheRipper1697d ago

^Mods are mentioned in the article.

DragonKnight1697d ago

Ask him if Eurogamer is right and that only 4.5 GB of RAM is available to developers.

abzdine1697d ago

Parasite Eve 1 and 2 remakes in one episode and Legend of Dragoon without a doubt.
i'd also sign for a new Crash Bandicoot or a badass new Syphon Filter

thorstein1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Dragon Quest and Ni No Kuni 2

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HammadTheBeast1697d ago

Please..... too much....

I'd buy a PS4 just for a Legend of Dragoon remake. Sequel, or a prequel of the "Dragon/Winglies War" would be amazing.

die_fiend1697d ago

You'd buy a PS4 if it had no games by the sounds of things

solidjun51697d ago

you sound like you have no interest in the system so why do you care what he'll buy? Or you're just trolling? Yes...trolling.

adorie1697d ago

I was actually playing this a couple of days ago.

I love the combat system. You gotta time it just right to get your maximum damage potential. It adds a layer of skill and could be something that gets you through a fight easily or drag it on enough to die.

The music is wonderful. The Nostalgia is very strong with this one.

Godmars2901697d ago

Give it some environmental puzzles and/or mini games where character's flying powers are used out of combat, base special attacks again on a combination of powers, flight and that character's weapon(s) and skills - make it old school turn based - and I at least would be a happy camper.

The_Sneauxman1697d ago

I thought I was the only one who played that game! I enjoyed the multiplayer... "Alllmost haad Him!"

Underworld1697d ago

Ahh, I remember that. I loved that game. Yes, yes, yes. Please.

I'd like to see The Getaway, Siren, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Demon's Souls and others.

DoctorJones1697d ago

Yeah I remember that game. It was great on pc.

TomShoe1697d ago

Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, please.

Underworld1697d ago

Would be good to have those back on PS.

Tetsujin1697d ago

Not sure if someone else posted this, but custom soundtrack. The other options are already there.

nunley331696d ago

i would expect custom soundtracks to be there built into the os so no worries there.

Cryptcuzz1697d ago

I second that! Loved part 1 and part 2 not so much for the other ones.
Please bring them back as a remake with HD sprites or work on another directly in line with part 1 and 2. I know its more to ask from Konami but still!

RedHawkX1697d ago


also occulus rift support and nes powerglove support!

kostchtchie_1697d ago

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, may you live to be one thousand years old for this correct answer :P

kalkano1697d ago

They'd just make it an action-RPG. So, not interested.

Tsar4ever011697d ago

Bring back the Colony Wars franchies and also bring back Syhpon Filiter series with the original cast voices from the psOne 1,2,3 games.

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AcesHigh2911697d ago

Cerny keeps popping up everywhere!

doctorstrange1697d ago

I heard that Amazon had to stop Cerny pre-orders as there were too many.

Foolsjoker1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Gives a new meaning to 'Launch Edition'.

trancefreak1697d ago

LOL that's funny. I want a little Cerny Ps4 action figure with my Ps4

badz1491697d ago


you'll get the Grinch figure instead!

ion6661697d ago

If i had a drink right now it would be on the key board lmao

Foolsjoker1697d ago

The PS4 looks to be a major improvement over the PS3, but I could think of a few things to add onto the PS4.

I really agree on adding a way to organize my friends list, no clue who some of those people are anymore.

Foolsjoker1697d ago

The PS3 has the capability, it's just not mandatory.

awesomeperson1697d ago

One of the options I want is to delete 0%-1% trophies off my trophy list.

I don't care all that much, but would be a lot better looking if all those could be deleted.

I also wouldn't mind a search option for my purchase history/download list.
Or even just some sort of alphabetical arrangement... anything!

Jdoki1697d ago

Great ideas.

Hopefully the PS4 UI will be better for these things.

nunley331696d ago

i would love sorting options on my download list,its very long and started getting demo on another account for that reason. but the deleting trophies aint happening,especially the %1 ones where you actually got a trophy or two. but more options isn't a bad thing.i wanna compare with more than 1 friend like how the website does it.

nunley331696d ago

you will be able to organize friends into groups and name the groups on ps4. this will be neccessary since the friendlist will be essentially bottomless.

CaptainYesterday1697d ago

I love how pretty much everyday we get an article about Mark Cerny, he seems like an awesome guy I'm really glad he was chosen to be the PS4 lead architect :)

Foolsjoker1697d ago

He really is one of the few guys who does seem genuine about his interest in gaming and development. I think it is because he is a super nerd like the rest of us, and I don't mean that in a bad way.

garos821697d ago

nerd is a word idiots invented to describe someone who is clever.

YNWA961696d ago

Idiots invent something? Liar!

As for what I want of my PS4? Games, lots of them. No Cerny action figures though, thats taking it too far.... Something truly original, no more quantic dream games either.... Really, not since GTA 3 has there been a monumental leap. My opinion though.... That was the last time I was left in awe as far as something changing the landscape..... Halo did same with proving fps on consoles.... Actually god of war as well but now its stale..... There has to be something big coming.... Would love something like Elite on a truly massive scale....

nick3091697d ago

Make some old ips return please.. Everyone likes new ips but old ips can be done right with a good developer.