Battlefield 4 Will Support Windows 8's Exclusive DX11.1; DX11.1 Will Improve CPU Performance

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield 4 is among the most anticipated games of 2013. A couple of days ago, some PC requirements were leaked via the game's Ubisoft store page. DICE was quick to react and claimed that those requirements were not the real deal, however we got word that BF4 will support DX11.1, Windows 8's exclusive API."

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Docknoss1791d ago

This will improve the PC and Xbone versions of BF4.I got BF4 Pre Ordered for the Xbone

gta_manic1791d ago

I'll just stick to my pc with windows 7 never seen the reason to go win8 even for the extral .1 for dx. But u got get them on the One

Nafon1791d ago

I may be one of the few people who prefers windows 8 over windows 7 on desktops, but you are right. It definitely isn't worth going through the annoying process to update windows to get it.

HammadTheBeast1791d ago ShowReplies(2)
B-radical1791d ago

Will this really apply to xbox one? i hope so

No_Limit1791d ago

Great news. As I recalled, Xbox One does indeed support DX11.1. This will be my Day One shooter.

theWB271791d ago

People don't like the prospect of a supposed inferior product having a better product huh? This will also be the first time I get into Battlefield now that it's the same game PC'ers get.

HammadTheBeast1791d ago

Well, I wouldn't for that far, PC versions are always better, they have vsync, better aa, higher texture quality, fps etc.

But it's great to see a similar package.

3-4-51791d ago

Just started Bf3 and I'm playing without HD component cables on Xbox 360 and No HD patch downloaded and it's still fun.

Graphics are cool but Gameplay + Art Style is always better.

theWB271791d ago

I know visually there's a difference. I'm talking about the 64 player online, vehicles and such.

blanket141791d ago

opengl has the same updates dx11.1 has this isn't going to make any noticable difference.... open gl runs smoother dx11.1 is easier to learn if I read this correctly sorry xbox guys but both games will be practically the exact same please read the article.

Wagz221791d ago

I really hate how dx 11.1 is exclusive to windows 8, I guess I have to pirate it, not paying for that crap.

gamernova1791d ago

Way to reinforce the pirate pc gamer generalization. *sigh*

Wagz221791d ago

What? I'm buying the game, not the os. Why would I support an os that is trying to appease tablets.

Wagz221791d ago

So I spend $1600 building my pc and then find out I can't play bf4 on max settings just because Microsoft wants to force you to get windows 8? There's not even a reason why its not on windows 7, just cause they say so. No thanks. Oh but what am I talking about, who doesn't like a tablet gui running on top of your regular desktop, soo necessary.

xPhearR3dx1791d ago

What, do you think Windows 7 will last you forever? You clearly haven't used Windows 8 or you'd know how much of an improvement it is over 7. You don't see consoles gamers complaining they need to buy a new console to get better looking graphics than the PS3/360 versions do you? Technology is ever evolving. Nothing last forever.

I spent close to $1600 on my PC, more so around $1500-$1550 and playing games on Windows 8 is a breeze. The only real difference is the start button in terms of UI. Instead of a dumb little button with a bunch of pop up slides everywhere, that button is now it's own screen and can be switched INSTANTLY with a press of the Windows button.

The performance of Windows 8 is much higher than 7. Want to make a big deal of the start screen, switch it so your PC defaults to the desktop. It's rather simple. I almost never use the screen and often forget it exist. You're making a big deal over nothing.

skept3k1791d ago

How would having Windows 7 stop you from playing on max settings? I don't think you understand what the article is saying. The new API just slightly improves optimization. If you spent $1,600 on a new PC, you should know that this won't make any noticable difference.

aviator1891790d ago

You are mistaken in the aspect that you think that nothing will overtake windows 7 in terms of features and performance. There is a reason windows 8 is named so. It's the next version of the windows os, meaning that it will obviously support newer features.

BaronVonRhett1788d ago

Windows 8 is actually pretty great. And if you don't like the Metro apps, then upgrade to 8.1 (it's free) and you can use just the Desktop.

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RM-TatoTiburon1791d ago

i bought win 8 for $14.99 sad that people missed that deal of my life, love the freaking OS, smoooth and faster than ever

dcj05241791d ago

Why isnt DX 11.1 available on Windows 7? Seems like a tiny performance booster thats all. I'll stick with PS4 version any who. The GPU is like a second CPU too 0_O

Sy_Wolf1791d ago

It's not on Windows 7 because Microsoft wants people to "upgrade" to Windows 8. The GPU in the PS4 isn't like a second CPU, it does GPU compute just like most modern GPUs.

dcj05241791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

No it does. It can handle AI and physics like the cpu too look it up I'm on a phone so I can't link you to it. Cerny said it not me. He is in charge of the hardware so he would know.Could be useful for mmos down the line when the cpu isn't powerful enough.

christrules00411791d ago

If it was like a regular GPU there wouldn't be any use for the extra BUS inbetween the GPU and CPU which can carry 20GB/s. Mark Cerny did in fact say that on Gamasutra that they have an extra BUS in the PS4. If the PS4's GPU can't do tasks the CPU does what would be the point of the extra BUS?

Sy_Wolf1791d ago

@dcj0524 Yeah.... no. GPU compute lets you do physics and AI but it doesn't act like a CPU. It can do tasks that would normally be handled by a CPU and can do them faster because it's working like a GPU.

HammadTheBeast1791d ago

Cause just like Vista, Windows 8 is garbo, so they have to give some incentives. Making DX 12 exclusive would cause an uproar, and major backfire.

meetajhu1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

You have no flipping clue what your even talking about. Windows Vista was a flop coz there was no drivers for it at the time release due to change to WDM. The actual OS was way advanced at its time. Windows 7 and 8 are still iterations of even know how much of a upgrade Windows 8 in feature perspective? It has 40% better network performance and 400% faster in drawing on windows based applications. The kernel is far superior to windows 7. Kernel updates requires massive amount of r&d and developement time and it was worthy upgrade. I'm sick and tired of windows 8 bashers as they have no idea what they even talking. First go learn some basics before you even start commenting. Windows 8 has native SSD support so trim works right from OS installation , proper driver control from not installing faulty drivers which need to be signed, most advanced start menu which noobs will not understand until they use it, wddm 1.2 for true quality colors for most superior image quality and also supports native Stereoscopic 3d if developers add it like Crysis 3 etc. I can't write shit load of features in comment go read it yourself.

aviator1891790d ago

@hammand are so misinformed. Do you even know why vista was branded as a flop??

BaronVonRhett1788d ago

There are magical things called APU's. They are a CPU and a GPU. (correct me if I'm wrong internet)

LAWSON721791d ago

I dont care about a slight increase in cpu performance by time this comes out I will have my i5 3570k in the 4.2-4.5 ghz range. If there is improved fps by like 5 fps then I would consider going to windows 8 for direct x 11.1.

HammadTheBeast1791d ago

You could probably over clock it to get the same results.

LAWSON721791d ago

What I am saying is if direct x 11.1 increased my fps by 5 after the oc if not they need to at least show some features only possible on direct x11.1

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