Update on Sarcastic Gamer's Boycott of Bad Company

What started as one site's crusade against the BS DLC in Battlefield: Bad Company has turned into a full scale movement. Sarcastic Gamer breaks down the statistics of everything and you'll be surprised just who finally joined the movement.

From the article: "It's astounding when you think about it. Unfortunately, there are still bloggers out there that don't think that our boycott has a chance of succeeding. They say we're wasting our time. They don't think that your voices count. Why? Well, because they think that you are someone that should be advertised to."

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games4fun3879d ago

dont like sarcastic gamer but thier braveheart pic is awesome and the message i agree with from the moment i heard about the dlc it made bad company go from i will buy it, to i will never buy it sadly.

"you can take our sports games but you can never take our shooters" lol at that

Omegasyde3879d ago


Who the heck releases a 60 dollar game with DLC already available for purchase?!!?!?!?!

Come on now, there wasn't more space on the disc for a few guns? Ridiculous.


Omegasyde3879d ago

How do I get disagrees along with the TC?

Wtf, do some of you expect Battlefield to be better than Cod4? Its not going to be and the only way it catches up is by forced DLC fees.

Farsendor13879d ago

i won't be buying this game!

Storm233879d ago

I agree. Anyone who buys this game does not want what is best for this industry. Period. -

jackdoe3879d ago

Lol. Boycott Weapon DLC. Biggest cash grab I've ever seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.