Shadow of the Eternals - New Screenshots & Artworks

Enjoy some new screenshots and artworks for the upcoming CryEngine 3-powered title, Shadow of the Eternals

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PopRocks3591765d ago

I don't really care about Dyack's reputation or what have you. It seems his worse crime was making a couple bad games that should have been good and some bad business decisions to boot. Let this team get on with their lives and try to start anew. This game looks pretty damn cool anyway.

Unless people want to keep acting like their dogs have been kicked. So far no one has given me a good reason to understand all of this mob-mentality type hatred.

CaptainYesterday1765d ago

All I really care about is the game I thought it looked good and I liked the concept of the game. I also really liked Eternal Darkness so i'm glad that it will be getting a spiritual successor I was pretty bummed when the original sequel to Eternal Darkness was canned.

Blacklash931765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I'd attribue Dyack's last few flops mostly due to ambition without the resources and developement efficiency and talent to back it up. Believe me, I followed his very poor management and PR decisions. An episodic series might be good for his team.

But yeah, I second that all I care about is that the game looks good.

Yodagamer1765d ago

Thankfully Dyack isn't in control of anything more then creative, other people are in the position he used to be. I think it's smart he seems to be creative, but he isn't a good business man as past can tell ya.

Blacklash931765d ago

Scratch that it isn't even episodic anymore. I need to keep up on my info!

ZeekQuattro1765d ago

Glad to see this game is still hanging in there. Between people trying to crucify Dyack, missed crowdfunding goals & a dev getting visited by the party van I didn't think this game would pull through. Its like every day brought more bad news at one point. Anywho I need to start playing Eternal Darkness again in preparation for this. Its been years since I played though it. Its still one of my favorite games of all times.