Dynasty Warriors 8 Review (Gamerhub)

Despite some new features, this game runs in the same ol' circles.

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DDDGirlGamer851764d ago

meh....seems more of the same

gamerlive1764d ago

Never liked the Dynasty Warriors games.

Tdmd1764d ago

What the hell are you doing in a Dynasty Warriors review page than? oO

Drithe1764d ago

I love the Dynasty Warrior games and millions of others do as well. Only elitist pricks who think they know about games hates these games.

PS3Freak1764d ago

Ehh, I'm a huge Dynasty Warriors fan and I have to admit it is a niche game.

A niche game is more often than not reviewed by someone who is not a fan. Therein lies the problem.

If you are a Dynasty Warriors fan, then there isn't much of a point in looking at the reviews; you know you'll like it anyway.

Xof1764d ago

It's niche, but it really shouldn't be. Some demos would really broaden the appeal A LOT. The simple fact that you've got a fairly deep action-combat system in huge levels that involve fighting hundreds and thousands of enemies... that's something very appealing, I think, and something that no other game can really match.

The reason it gets so much (often undue) hate from the media is the constant milking. We get around 3 different musou games every year, and have been getting that many per year for the past several years... and they all play very similarly. For the fans and casual gamers that's no big deal--it's not like they have to play every single game. But a lot of reviewers do... and if they don't like the style of game to begin with....

fsfsxii1764d ago

People still base their purchases on reviews?? Damn