Battlefield 4 Will Let You Use Your Second Monitor or Laptop as a Mini-Map

MP1st - According to DICE, the new and improved Battlelog being introduced in Battlefield 4 won’t only support dual-screen usage on tablets or other hand-held devices, but your second monitor and laptop as well.

dcj05241012d ago

So much for the wii u gamepad.

MrWonderful1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Or the vita and Xbox smart glass

jaymart2k1012d ago

I'd rather have a 2nd screen with built-in buttons like Wii U.

You don't have to juggle between 2 devices.

MidnytRain1012d ago

You don't need to juggle, you just need to move your eyes, lol.

jaymart2k1011d ago

wow MidnytRain, your tablets front camera reads your eye positions to navigate the menus.

Where do I get one of those tablets?

Timesplitter141012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

...which would be very impractical.

It's much better to have the map on your main screen so you can look at it while playing. Without having to look away

HammadTheBeast1012d ago

I don't know why you got disagrees, who really needs a 20"+ mini map lol? Kind of defeats the purpose of keeping it mini.

The_Infected1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )


I completely agree with you. I don't wanna look down at my phone or tablet to see the map when it could be on the screen in front of me.

glennco1012d ago

Or both. A large version of the mini map would still be very useful when you have the time.

Mkai281012d ago

Hahaha, you mean when you camp..

tubers1012d ago

This would be great for dual/3ple monitor setups but still depends on your peripheral vision.

Nafon1012d ago

I feel like PC gamers with two monitors right next to each other will be the only ones who will use this more than once. having a short proximity map in the corner of your screen and a full overview on the screen millimeters away would be very useful. This would never replace the mini-map in the bottom left corner, as it isn't designed to.

FragMnTagM1012d ago

I don't understand how that would be impractical...

If you prop it up anywhere next to your monitor, that could give you a huge advantage. Even on my 55" TV it is hard to see the minimap. If I can have a minimap that is 20" next to my 27" PC monitor, that would be friggin awesome.

princejb1341012d ago

This is why I'm planning to tape my tablet next to my TV so I won't have any problems viewing the map

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ChippyDee1012d ago

That could possibly be used for commander mode aswell.

QuanManChu1012d ago

SMH.... EA.... tsk tsk. Really now? Really? Just put it on Wii U already, you know you want to.

GreenRanger1012d ago

If you take your eyes off the screen while playing multiplayer on a FPS, you're dead!

Mister_V1012d ago

What if... you projected the mini map on the wall behind you're monitor. THAT would be pretty fantastic.

Donnieboi1012d ago

But...wouldn't the monitor block your view of the map?

Anyway, I think MS showed off something like that with some kind of projector, but they scrapped it (obviously due to costs).

MidnytRain1012d ago

Not if your monitor was set low and the map sat above it. I'm pretty sure a hardcore fan'll be able to pull it off nicely.

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