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I’m a Bit Disappointed in Arkham Origins’ Villain Choices

J. Hugo of Kaboomshark writes "Yeah, I’m back and nitpicking Batman: Arkham Origins again (remember the last time?), but this time it has to do with villain choice. Not too long ago, the announcement was made that Jervis Tetch AKA The Mad Hatter would be joining in on all the Gotham City shenanigans taking place on Christmas Eve. Supposedly, his role will fit what Scarecrow’s was in Arkham Asylum, which was providing trippy battle sequences (I wonder if Hatter will have a more creepy ‘oomph’ to his). With a new villain unveiled for the October title, I figured now would be a good time to get something off my chest. So far, I’ve been a bit disappointing with the villains chosen for inclusion in Arkham Origins." (Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

CaptainYesterday  +   711d ago
I'm not at all, isn't there supposed to be a lot more that they haven't announced?
Nexus38  +   711d ago
I Also agree theres supposed to be 8 assassins and they've only revealed 4 so far thats not including other villains such as joker so we have way more villains on the way and it's great they're focusing on villains not used in their previous games (like black mask, mad hatter) and more
BALLARD32  +   711d ago
It's something different. It will still be a great game and have a good story.

Look on the bright side, Rocksteady's Arkham City sequel will probably be have a ton of villains and be massive in scale. I hope.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   711d ago
cant make everyone happy
ironfist92  +   711d ago
Its got Deathstroke! What more could you want?!
Williamson  +   711d ago
Im just glad I get to play more Batman arkham, the combat in the games are my favorite.
oIITSBIIo  +   711d ago
I agree the Joker and Penguin should not be in the game specially that Mark hamill is not doing the Joker voice .
Baka-akaB  +   711d ago
He says that , proceed to complain about actual batman villains not fitting the game (even if i agree that the joker is overused here) , and then proposes a few more obscure villains (minus lady Shiva) , and one that isnt even a batman villain AND doesnt have the appeal of popularity like Deathstroke .
Dmd  +   711d ago
I hate that they brought Bane again to another arkham game, but I do like the Hatter, Deathstroke (obviously), Copperhead and the Joker (one can't never have enough of the Joker). As for Penguin, I'm indiferent.

Now I don't think he would fit an Batman origin story, but I really really would like to see the Dollmaker (and his family) in this game. I'd also like to see Man-Bat too (think about the awesomeness of facing a 7-foot bat monster!).
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