European MGS4 box art looks sketchy

No seriously. Compared to the realistic US box art, Europe's box art takes favor of a more artistic rendition of Old Snake. Discovered on both amazon's German website and, we're thinking this is legit. Do our readers favor this over the US art? Seems like many of most vocal readers would say "yes."

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Monteblanco3907d ago

I like it better than the American version.

Mainman3907d ago

I am from Europe and I like American and Japanese box-arts better.

Storm233907d ago

I like all of them, Japanese and European the most though. I have no problem picking up the US version though. It could have any picture on the box and I would still pick up this game.

Amanosenpai3907d ago

I really dont give a f*ck about the box, u can put a Chimp with pampers if you want. I just NEED the freaking game... arggg arggg

eagle213907d ago

I am glad both are not available in the same territory, cause I would be out $120 bucks! :)

Alcohog3907d ago

IMO the Japanese one is the best. I really did not like the American one at first but to be honest, its starting to grow on me. Either way I still prefer the artwork to the render, but what are you gonna do?

DethWish3907d ago

It's because we are more arty... :p

Vitalogy3907d ago

Who cares about wich case looks better than the other, i only care about the game not the artwork on the case.

If you ask me, i would say this is completely irrelevant.

With this, i remember my school days as a child where my friends yell eachother who's got the sweetest pencil and etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.