Does the Wii U fight back start now?

It’s fair to say that the Wii U’s birth has been troubled. Upon its unveiling at E3 2011 it was met with mixture of confusion and intrigue. A year later the story remained the same. Was this a console that could compete? Was it one that anyone wanted? The answers where unclear, but the caveat was that we all expected Nintendo to eventually make a good case for its interesting new controller. The problem was, they didn’t.

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THEMIGHTYDOOVDE1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Wii U will come back, no matter how much the fanboys (im looking at you Sony) moan it won't.

I guess many are still bitter the Wii, DS and 3DS wiped the floor with the competition!

Apex131761d ago

It's sad that people look at it like that but war they need to realises that it's a business first and foremost.

The days of hobbiest is gone. It's all about the £££$$$€€€ now

mydyingparadiselost1761d ago

That's the kind of attitude that leads to bad business decisions for the customer and worse decisions for the industry as a whole.

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Alas, you are right. I miss the simpler, friendlier days of Nintendo vs Sega vs PC.

At least back then people had respect for others gaming choices!

I wonder what all the developers out there make of the gaming community as a whole. They must be frustrated beyond belief!

Africa-Garvey1761d ago

Nintendo is playing with us, How will they remove story mode for a very long awaited smash bros?
They have a very weak 8th generation console and they are sluggish in supporting it.
Without a price cut, wii u is doomed ...
No software can raise it from dead Without price cut

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bobacdigital1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

People were saying the same thing about the 3DS after 6 to 8 months.. Then what happens??? 259.99 to 179.99 and Mario Kart 7 and a slew of first party titles... Then came the 3DS XL at 199.99 and things went crazy... 1 to 2 million turned into 30+ million sales to date.

Fall theory...

I personally think that the PS4 and X1 are going to help Nintendo relaunch the hardware come holiday time.. The people who dont know what the Wii U is or dont know it is out will think Nintendo released a new console at same time as everyone else. Also with the firmware already being faster and updated from launch it will have less issues out the box for new consumers.

-September / November Price drop 359.99 to 279.99 (possibly 299.99 .. it will for sure be 100$ difference from ps4 at the min)

-White Wii U recalls will be retrofitted to Deluxe Models

-White Wii U will bundle with New Super Mario U or 3D
World(More likely New Super Mario U since it has DLC already and can drive home more sales with Luigi U..)

-Fall OS speed and features update will ship on new White Sku

-Rumored & partially confirmed Unified account system across 3ds and Wii U

-Nintendo 64 Virtual Console titles will release during the holidays

Fall and Spring lineups will drive in sales and the Wii U will start to sell at a respectable rate.. It obviously will not match the demand for next gen consoles but it will start to grow its base and stay a close 3rd as a complimentary console.

weekev151761d ago

+1 well said

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Tallfry1760d ago

Plus, if they want to bring in the 3ds crowd (which they are TOTALLY not doing with Super Mario 3d world, a sequel to a 3ds game, and Mario Kart + DKC) they can make good on their promise to bring GameCube games. Animal Crossing on Wii U Virtual Console, with online multiplayer!

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