How One League of Legends Player Made It To Diamond in 3 Months

The story of how one player got into Diamond League in League of Legends and how you can get there too.

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bicfitness1759d ago

Diapers, redbull and steady social security cheques?

Wni01759d ago

Id like to see 3 months and grandmaster league sc2.

_QQ_1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

very true, LOL is for a more casual audience,DOTA2 and SC2 are the places to be.

and by casual i don't mean iphone casual,i obviously mean for competitive Online gaming casual.

k8y1759d ago

Agree. I don't even know if that's possible. There would be no sleeping or anything other than SC2 for three months.

Kevlar0091759d ago

Getting good is only part textbook: Builds, counterpicks, team comps, proper laning. The rest is mechanics (technical skill), reaction times, good judgement. Just like in Sports some people are innately built better for the game, you also need the drive and willingness to learn

I know somewhat of pro level tactics, how to lane, and general strategies, the textbook aspect. However because I can't always land my spells, make bad judgement calls, panic in bad situations and just general inconsistency I'm stuck with the majority of players