The New PS Vita/Phantasy Star Online 2 Joint Commercials by Sony are Wacky, and Very Japanese

It's a well known fact that Japan produces some of the weirdest commercial ever, but what happens when you mix the PS Vita, Phantasy Star Online 2, a weird high school principal, three students two of which are ready for their summer love while the third is a geek that's forever alone? Two wacky commercials.

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ashiksorel1730d ago

What did I just watch........?
Oh Japan. xD

xHeavYx1730d ago

"Praystation Vita!" That's the best part, lol (Asian girls in bikinis are always a plus too)

Tales RPG addict1730d ago

that's why I love Japan their commercials are Over the Top. Not Stupid like most of America's commercials today.

ExCest1730d ago

Old Spice and recently insurance companies are bringing the funny though.

ExCest1730d ago

Oh sad guy. He wasn't invited to their beach party. Guess it's time to cosplay.

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