Bright Lights of Asakai – Explaining one of the largest PvP battles in gaming history

Gaming Trend editor Atlas burke writes: "On January 27, 2013, nearly 3000 men and women fought one another in a battle in which both sides combined to lose over $15,000 in materiel. For comparison, this was a fight on a scale with Washington’s surprise dash across the Delaware or Custer’s fatal blunder at Little Bighorn. It was was bigger than the legendary Battle of the Alamo and the naval engagement at Hampton Roads, when the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia fought to a standstill. But you know what the biggest difference between 2013 and 1776, 1862, or 1876 is? Nobody died in the Battle of Asakai; they simply logged off."

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MikeyDucati11761d ago

Well that was a pretty good write up. Especially for those who wouldn't have any information or idea about the universe of EVE and its inhabitants/corporations.

Redgehammer1761d ago

As an uninformed reader, I found that fascinating.

Jyndal1761d ago

I don't almost seemed like it was an advertisement for EO disguised as an article on one particular battle.

iceman061761d ago

I also enjoyed that. I have never really seen the game or understood what it was all about. I can say that the writer seemed to be very enthused by what he found out...which made the reading easy.