Top 5 Romance Options

Romance options have become enormously popular among the gaming community, and although they're optional everyone has a strong preference. These are mine.

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Jyndal1459d ago

Some of the romance in games seems to fit with the story and setting, but most of them have a way of just seeming tacked on, and not really meaningful in any way whatsoever.

LiarasBoobs1459d ago

pfft tali? what about Liara

JohnCartenper1459d ago

Brelyna Maryon???

THis is how she looks like on vanilla skyrim:


NiteX1459d ago

Damn that is scary, I'm glad I used mods.

CommanderWTF1459d ago

Bastila from KOTOR is my favorite romance option.

Nexus381459d ago

Tali? you mean miranda..

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