Let's Play: Guacamelee El Diablo's Domain

GodisaGeek: "A couple of weeks back, we had a look at the somewhat underwhelming Costume Pack. Even though the new skins enabled players to employ a new play style, to a certain degree, it was lacking any new areas or things to do.

With El Diablo’s Domain, fans of Drinkbox Studios’ brawler-platformer will relish the numerous challenges on offer including waves of enemies, time trials and more. Also, there are three new costumes on offer, too – with one dedicated to Jorge Campos!"

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Godlovesgamers1461d ago

Challenge DLC is a complete waste for me. Give me some story DLC and I'm good.

Megatron3161460d ago

my thoughts exactly loved this game and want more but not this, i need a new area of great platforming and boss fight

sdozzo1460d ago

Mexican theme sucked. I'm in the minority but it killed it for me.

Godlovesgamers1460d ago

Yeah it's probably going to be hit or miss. I'm married to a Mexican girl, I can speak fluent Spanish and I've studied the culture extensively so for me this game was great. I could see if you're not part of the culture or know nothing about it, it might be a turn off. You probably wouldn't like the movies "Casa de mi Padre" or "Nacho Libre" either then.

sdozzo1455d ago

Haha you're right. Nacho Libre es no bueno. But happy gaming!