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Kickstarter is Changing Gaming in More Ways Than You Think

OnlySP: Kickstarter was founded in 2009 as a public crowdfunding forum where consumers could financially support their favorite ideas from budding entrepreneurs in exchange for a small reward and the chance to get in on the ground floor of what could turn into the next great invention. Over the last few years, the website has become a haven where aspiring artists, musicians and inventors could get their shot at funding their next big idea without having to worry about dealing with big-money middlemen. Like it has with many entertainment sectors, Kickstarter has found a new place within the gaming industry as a way to give independent developers more leverage in the market than they’ve ever enjoyed before. Kickstarter is ushering in a brand-new business model for video games that could mean a permanent shift in how games get made. But with this new unique paradigm comes an equally unique set of obstacles that developers and consumers are still getting used to. (Industry, Kickstarter)

PockyKing  +   352d ago
Kickstarter gives me some extra push to go out and try to develop my own game. In a way, if it doesn't get funded I know I need to try something else, and if it does get funded, that's just got to be like the best feeling in the world and a big boost to your moral to get the game done.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   352d ago
It helped push David Sears to start development of H Hour to appease the Socom community. If it helps support franchises and helps open doors for improvements in gaming I'm all for it.
webeblazing  +   352d ago
its a lot of devs on kickstarter saying the chose it because publishers not really caring about the games and gamers. and at heart they are gamers and want to bring back the games they loved and games that are missing. if thats not a gamechanger i dont know what is.

we be able to give the power back to the devs instead of these greedy publishers that only think about what hot rite now and money. they dont know the game dont sell because theyre trying to push trash down our throat.

i support kickstarter its like 6 games im looking forward thats going to push their genre and gaming as a whole
taiyed80  +   352d ago
well said my friend
Perjoss  +   352d ago
Imo kickstarter is a very good thing, the space exploration genre was practically dead until a few nice ones started popping up on there.
Seafort  +   352d ago
I've supported 22 games and counting on kickstarter so far so I'm all set up to 2015 for games on PC :P

One of the first kickstarters I backed was FTL and it was a great success and a great game. Today Shadowrun Returns launched on steam from a very successful kickstarter. Its a very slick cyberpunk RPG with turn based combat.

I hope all the games I've backed so far are successful and push the developer community to make more original and fun games.

I hope the AAA publishers are getting a bit worried that some of their customers are preferring to support games on kickstarter rather than pay for the overpriced yearly sequels that seem to be the norm now.
dcj0524  +   352d ago
H-hour world's elite, Oculus Rift and Star Citizen. All coming late 2014 early 2015.

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