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Submitted by sigfredod 926d ago | article

As Xbox One Looks More Like PS4, Sony Still Has One Key Advantage

The Xbox One keeps changing. After Microsoft previously announced that all developers would need to find publishers for their Xbox One games — effectively shutting down the burgeoning indie gaming scene — it has now walked back and announced that self-publishing is allowed after all. (PS4, Xbox One)

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Gildarts  +   926d ago
I think Microsoft has the advantage right now, In terms of all the things the X1 can do that the PS4 can't.
Smoovekid  +   926d ago | Well said
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No_Limit  +   926d ago
@aiBreeze, the fact that both require paywall for online gaming really gives the edge to MS. Remember, the Live service is still considered the best online gaming service and now will be migrating to dedicated servers really is a BIG PLUS for MS. Sony will not get near that capacity anytime soon.

The Kinect. Since it is a built-in feature of the Xbox One and not a separate accessory, developers are encourage to create games, even multiplatform games, with new functions, features, and gameplay idea that aren't available on PS4.

Xbox and Windows integration. I can look forward of seeing Live games be cross-compatible between the Windows ecosystem. The game, Project Spark, already shows some of the potential of this ecosystem integration which allow players to play a game on their Xbox One and can continue to play the same game at the same level on a PC. User created contents will also work with both PC and Xbox.
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HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
Those aren't really advantages as much as side features. It's great that Ms can finally afford dedicated servers, PS3 games like Killzone, Warhawk, Starhawk, GT5 and others have all had them for years.

PS+ destroys XBL Games for Gold, sure we can all say that the connection is better, that argument holds no weight at all considering it's a new Gen, PS+ is required for MP now, and the fact that XBL was marginally better than PSN this Gen because of the lack of updates/downtime.

There is 0 connection advantage, I've played on both for 6 years now, CoD, Halo, and Killzone all play the same on both, with ups and downs.
nukeitall  +   926d ago

Out of the box on top of my head in no particular order:

* multitasking between tv, games, internet browsing and apps
* hdmi in supporting another device such as another console (PS4? :D) or any other device, including smartpone, tablet, pc, and cable boxes
* voice control of the entire console, "xbox on" and voice chat without a headset
* gesture based (or motion control) interface and games
* interactive tv such as polls, notifications of events (your favorite sports team just scored, watch the replay now!) or fantasy teams
* rumble in the triggers
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DigitalRaptor  +   926d ago | Well said
@ nukeitall

1) PS3 has had a PlayTV add-on for years that allowed you to record TV to your hard drive and show a detailed TV guide. There's little reason to think that Sony won't have the same thing for the PS4, especially since they've registered "PlayStation TV".

PS4 has also been confirmed to be able to perform multitasking and state switching between games, applications, whatever media features they have and internet browsing.

2) Is there any actual confirmation PS4 cannot do this? Just curious.

3) How do you know the PS4 camera doesn't have this ability? It's very simple voice commands that even today's laptop microphone's could handle if setup right.

4) PS4's camera means that developers WILL be using it for gesture based gaming, and that means that the interface can be adapted to motion gestures. But I will more often than not be using my controller, so doesn't make much difference. Jut cause Microsoft have Kinect, it doesn't mean they have been the only ones doing motion control over the past few years

5) Interactive TV has existed for years and it's just not that interesting. If you're a sports fan, then go to town.

6) The Dualshock 4 has brand new controller wide rumble, though not on the triggers so you're right there. Not sure if XB1 also has this but it means that developers can provide subtle touches of rumble more so than has been possible before. Just read the Playroom feedback and you'll understand what I mean.
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DragonKnight  +   926d ago | Well said
@No_Limit: Your comment made me lol. Seriously. To think anyone thinks that MS is going into the next gen with an online service advantage despite the fact that Sony has proven that they are not only offering everything that MS is in terms of online gaming, but at a cheaper yearly price and with so many more perks, is quite laughable indeed. Live may be "better" (highly subjective because PSN right now has everything that Live has, cross game chat is not a service of Live, it's a device function) than PSN right now, but there is literally no way you can say that it's going into the next gen already better than PSN will be. You also can't make the claim that Live is the only one that's going to have dedicated servers when Sony had more dedicated servers this gen than MS and there's no indication that they won't continue having dedicated servers next gen.

"The Kinect."


Great advantage over the PS4 there. A camera with a history of not working the way it's been promised to.

"Xbox and Windows integration."

First of all, Windows 8 is nothing to be proud of. Second of all, Playstation Cross Play/Buy. Third of all, Playstation is the only console brand thus far that has had cross platform play with PC, and that's with the PS3 BEFORE Microsoft. So welcome to the party, but you're late.

"User created contents will also work with both PC and Xbox."

MoveTheGlow  +   926d ago
The PS4 certainly has the advantage at the moment, but I wouldn't discount the new Kinect. That thing looks like what the first one should have been before they stripped the initial Tel Aviv design of what made it work, resulting in embarrassing controls for stuff like Steel Batallion.

And yet, they hardly sell its functionality in games at all right now. Harmonix is jumping up and down in the background about something that's at least *original* using something unique to the Xbone, and instead Microsoft gives more time to Rome Normandy QTE Game and Call of Duty: Dog Edition.

Maybe at some point in the future we'll see this become a pretty good kids' console. Really young kids. I mean, I was fine with my NES around age 5, it's not that tough to pick up and use a controller. Still, it'll have its place for better dance games and maybe a working version of Steel Batallion, for what it's worth.
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AndrewLB  +   926d ago
One thing Microsoft definitely has an edge with is xbox live. PSN is complete garbage in comparison.
Also, hardware wise I think having the power supply internally like on PS4 could be problematic. I still don't know how they're planning on cooling the PS4 because it also has the power supply heat to contend with.
Regardless, both consoles are for the most part Laptop parts in a media center type case. People who continually claim these consoles will be anywhere near the performance of gaming PCs are delusional. Gaming PCs typically have 700-1kw power supplies and their performance is reflected in that when compared to Sony and Microsofts lap... uh.. consoles. Yea, that's it.
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Thomper  +   926d ago
HDMI 'in'

No amount of Mark Cerny jiz can get around that one.

I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 suddenly develops one on launch. Oversight fail IMO
dragon82  +   926d ago

You do know the PS3 has had it's power supply internally since launch right? I wouldn't worry too much abou the PS4 having it that way if I was you.

Also, the only thing that is better about Xbox Live on 360 over PSN is the party/cross game chat system. That's it. PSN does have both of those features on the Vita which is also free like on PS3.

The actual online experience is up to the individual game's servers. Give it a rest with that crap already.
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gaffyh  +   926d ago
@DigitalRaptor - PS4 only has HDMI out, port. The rest of the stuff you said is valid, also i'd argue that PS4 has multi-tasking as well. You can at the very least suspend your game, like on the Vita, switch the console off, and pick it up exactly where you left off, without needing to wait for a checkpoint. That's a fantastic feature even on the Vita, so really happy that they brought it to PS4.
sentury111  +   926d ago
Shadowrun was cross platform play in 2007. I played it on PC against Xbox players and eventually got it on Xbox to 100% it years later after I lost my copy.
That was an original fps to bad it didn't do better.
badz149  +   926d ago
wow...the Xboners are bragging about HDMI-IN now?

you guys do know that the PS3 has been doing what the Xbone are going to do with TV since 2010, right? ever heard of Torne? it's only available in Japan but even without HDMI-IN, the PS3 has been doing DVR thing before. so, what's so innovative/new about the Xbone HDMI-IN again? it's good that MS has finally caught up to the PS3 with their Xbone lol!
s45gr32  +   926d ago
It has kinect and live tv and probably the illumini room. It cost $500.00 that's a plus no
TomShoe  +   926d ago
LOL @ The people who reported those comments because they're butthurt fanboys...get a life
The_Con-Sept  +   926d ago
Here is an example of how the Xbox has barely anything when it comes to an "advantage."

The Xbox One now has a tattle tail system.

It is also built with ads in mind.

It is great for business meetings.

It can connect with the Microsoft surface.

It comes with a camera in the box.

Skype is now accessible on the unit.

Browse the web while listening to music.

Dedicated servers so you never miss a conference call from your boss.

Remember kids. The Xbox One was built with ads in mind. Get your corporate adbox one-80 today!

I love that dedicated server crap. It is not just for gaming. It is for every device. And in case you forgot Microsoft is trying to push this onto corporate America to use for their "all in one. Input one."

Maybe now you will better understand just what you are buying when you get an Xbox one. Yeah it is a machine for conferences. Gaming is just the side show. Good luck homies on the Xbox one.

Meanwhile in PlayStation nation....

Indie corner! It is already established in the PlayStation store. If you dislike indie games; WHO CARES ABOUT THAT OPINION?

The share button. Instantly show your friends how its done. Help them out by taking control of their controller on a tough boss. If you don't think that you will never say "give me the #&$%ing controller!" Then you are wrong because we know you've said it. Upload your gameplay so that others can find new exploits.

PS Vita. Yeah it exists. But don't forget that it is another screen to distract you. View messages when you have time to glance at the screen. Use it as a mini map to track soldier positions and relay tactics to your friends!

Instant purchase playable while downloading. First tried by Blizzard and Diablo 3. The PS4 can start playing a game while it is still downloading. Never miss a heart beat again because of installs. Keep your purchased store items forever on your account and share it with at least 1 of your friends. (Yes this can be done on PS3 and PS4.)

Tired of fps warfare and garbage mouths? We've got racers, puzzles, action, adventure, pretty much any stretch of imagination in the range of genres for games! Each category is a host of titles to choose from!

Need I go on?
hiphopisdead  +   925d ago
xb1 has tv integrated capabilities (which region and cable provider support is unknown), kinect bundled/required (which is nice to some, but i see it as creepy that it always needs to be on), minified windows os (great for app support, but might take up too much system resources).

ps4 has simplified os (less apps but more resources available to games), optional eye cam, sony world wide studios (this is huge! they've built a team to focus on great games... naughty dog, guerilla games, media molecule, polyphony, etc...), $100 cheaper, and most importantly:

Even if all things were equal (which they are not), the microsoft xbox team made their business strategy clear with their initial plans of DRM, Always Online, no used games / lending, no self publishing, etc. Microsoft planned and built this business model over the last few years. I'm glad they reversed these policies, but regardless, that was their original intention and I feel they need to earn my trust again before I even consider looking into them for a second console.

Over the next few years, let's see if they introduce anything new ahead of sony that makes us excited about (instead of just trying to keep up with what sony was fighting to keep alive).

I mentioned the sony world wide studios because I believe that is HUGE. With all the money both companies are making on their consoles, it is much harder to sit down with that money, and invest in internal teams of dev studios, manage that, as opposed to take the money to an external studio and say "crytek, please make a game just for us". As a gamer, I am excited getting a playstation console because I know I am getting access to amazing third party games as well as games from awesome first party studios. I dont care if a game is "exclusive"... I care that it's a naughty dog game, or a guerilla games game, or a polyphony/media molecule/sucker punch/santa monica/etc... game.

I hope more people realize that just because microsoft is changing stuff last minute, shouldn't put them on an even level with sony.

Even with the "gaming" advantages outlined above for ps4, bottom line, Microsoft tried to do something to us, they failed. If the ps4 wasn't coming out in the same year, and if it were just the xb1 releasing this year, I'm sure these policies would have stayed.

Keep that in mind when you pick your next gen console.
Marked  +   925d ago
HDMI in !?!?!?

Really? has is this a mention-able feature. My fricken 4 year old tv has four HDMI ports. This feature doesnt save you anything beside changing the source on your tv. OMG....ugh why must push a button.

I'm willing to bet, with the muscle used to blow air across your larynx and moving your lips and tounge to pronunciate clear enough for will have exerted more effort and energy then pressing the button of the controller thats already in your hand.

This xbox 1 is like trying to prove the need of a forskin....
punisher99  +   926d ago
"I think Microsoft has the advantage right now, In terms of all the things the X1 can do that the PS4 can't."

Name 5 things the xbox1 can do that the ps4 cant.
HammadTheBeast   926d ago | Trolling | show
Saigon  +   926d ago
See what pisses me off about his comment is that it is fanboyish to the max. The PS4 and Xbone have the same components only difference is the PS4 has a better GPU and faster ram. Xbone might have an advantage with esram but we need to see how they implied it and if their isn't any yield issues. Because their innards are identical, the PS4 can pretty much do what the Xbone can do.
PFFT  +   926d ago
Better GPU really?? Highly doubt it. But whatever
nukeitall  +   926d ago
Out of the box on top of my head in no particular order:

1. multitasking between tv, games, internet browsing and apps
2. hdmi in supporting another device such as another console (PS4? :D) or any other device, including smartpone, tablet, pc, and cable boxes
3. voice control of the entire console, "xbox on" and voice chat without a headset
4. gesture basedm(or motion control) interface and games
5. interactive tv such as polls, notifications of events (your favorite sports team just scored, watch the replay now!) or fantasy teams
6. rumble in the triggers
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TKCMuzzer  +   926d ago
Now alter your list for 'out of the box' in the rest of the world.
Try to include something that makes gaming better, I mean it is a games console.
DigitalRaptor  +   926d ago
@ nukeitall

(cloned from above)

1) PS3 has had a PlayTV add-on for years that allowed you to record TV to your hard drive and show a detailed TV guide. There's little reason to think that Sony won't have the same thing for the PS4, especially since they've registered "PlayStation TV".

PS4 has also been confirmed to be able to perform multitasking and state switching between games, applications, whatever media features they have and internet browsing.

2) Is there any actual confirmation PS4 cannot do this? Just curious.

3) How do you know the PS4 camera doesn't have this ability? It's very simple voice commands that even today's laptop microphone's could handle if setup right.

4) PS4's camera means that developers WILL be using it for gesture based gaming, and that means that the interface can be adapted to motion gestures. But I will more often than not be using my controller, so doesn't make much difference. Jut cause Microsoft have Kinect, it doesn't mean they have been the only ones doing motion control over the past few years

5) Interactive TV has existed for years and it's just not that interesting. If you're a sports fan, then go to town.

6) The Dualshock 4 has brand new controller wide rumble, though not on the triggers so you're right there. Not sure if XB1 also has this but it means that developers can provide subtle touches of rumble more so than has been possible before. Just read the Playroom feedback and you'll understand what I mean.
YNWA96  +   926d ago
Look, everyone is fighting like crazy! The big advantage right now is the Sony Fanboys are louder right now! Its Obvious! Every dog has its day! I still wonder, what do you call those who enjoy gaming on both or 3 systems?? Are we fanboys too?
Hammad, sometimes you need to be humble too, sure PS4 looking better, but nothing is really out yet... better specs have never guaranteed nothing.
elmaton98  +   926d ago
@ tkcmuzzer

Sadly all the features that the xb1 brought to the table will only be available on the US, and the rest of the world will have just a gaming console for quite some if not longer
The_Con-Sept  +   926d ago

#1. Only certain XB1 games can actually support that function. And the PSPGo already did it.

#2. Uh what? Most HDTV's come standard with 2 HDMI inputs. Putting an HDMI signal through a hoop is scientifically unsound and a waste of power. Why the hell would I want to put a PS4, Cable box, or any other HDMI input into the Xbox one just to see it on my Xbox one? I already have a second input and I don't feel like paying more money to my electric company. Nor do I want another pay wall disfunction. Your #2 reason is not an advantage at all.

#3. Valid. But I could just see it now as I did at my friends house with the current kinect. It will listen for you and you might say something similar to "socks are put on." And the console will misinterpret it as "Xbox turn on." Why do you think no one ever talks about the wave functions on the Xbox 360 kinect?

#4. Ahahahahahaha. Sorry had to let it out. Look at the current kinect. Any movement while playing a game or watching movies it will think you are trying to give it a command. Again no one likes the wave control scheme. That's why no one talks about it but you.

#5. Distractions. Ever listen to sports radio today? All I hear every ten seconds is "hashtag." Why? Because they are twit faces. So I guess the twit face mode has made it on to the Xbox one for tv that you have to pay for. Have fun being distracted on a stupid poll instead of actually watching and or playing the game.

#6. Oooooo. So innovative..... Seriously Nintendo tried this with a full body suit.... It didn't work out too well. The touch pad on the PS4 Dualshock 4 makes Xbox one gamers flailing their arms around look like monkeys..... Laters.
RememberThe357  +   926d ago
@Gman0174: Or maybe Xbox fans aren't making very good arguments. I love that I can switch from TV to game seamlessly. But to say he PS4 couldn't or isn't going to do that is just ill-informed. And dragging about rumbling triggers and an HDMI in? Really? SO I have to press a button on my controller instead of my TV? Not too enticing.

I love the Xbone now but Kinect can kiss my ass. And I've said this all along as long as Kinect is needed I will not buy this console.
BallsEye  +   926d ago

You fanboys are so funny. You name features of ps4 that were never mentioned anywhere before. Each time someone says XO1 can do something you just slap" ps4 can do it too but better!" I'd love to see it do those things, or atleast hear from some official PR.
H0RSE  +   926d ago

"Name 5 things the xbox1 can do that the ps4 cant."

Challenge accepted:

1. Can work with the Kinect
2. Will use XBL for online gaming
3. Has access to Azure
4. Can work with SmartGlass
5. Will play the next Halo game
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Mikeyy  +   926d ago | Well said
Suddenly every Xbox fanboy thinks they are game developers and know how to program...

None of you will be using the dev kit features its not a selling point what so ever to the consumer.
PSVita  +   926d ago
^This!! Lmao!
DonFreezer   926d ago | Immature | show
CerebralAssassin  +   926d ago
Yet everyone was using the fact ms wasnt supporting indie games as ammo like it was going out of style less then a month ago. Hypocritical comment there.
quenomamen  +   926d ago
No kidding, yea I expect there to be a crapload of indie games made by people who think DDR3 RAM is equal to DDR5 or who think " Teh Cloud " is gonna make their system more powerful. Im sure the guys over at Naughty Dog are pissing in they pants right now, Lol
nukeitall  +   926d ago
I used XNA, which is an identical system for Xbox 360. Yes, it was before Sony's newfound love for indies.

Many might not use the dev kit feature, but many will reap the rewards that come from that (albeit 99.99% of indie games are pure cr@p).
DragonKnight  +   926d ago
I predict the devkit feature will not last and will be next gen's "OtherOS" scandal that Xbox One fanboys will try to put under the rug.
miyamoto  +   926d ago
SephirothX21  +   926d ago
I'm a programmer and have created my owner game engine with DirectX 11 that can probably be used for Xbox One so it does interest me. Only problem is I use PhysX and Xbox One has an AMD gpu meaning the physics computations would be done on the cpu which is significantly slower. Though I can change to Havok or Bullet. I agree though that most gamers can't program so it won't be a big selling point but it is a nice feature none the less.
I_am_Batman  +   926d ago
It's still a really great feature for people that can develop games. No need to play it down. The price of the console doesn't change and it could make developing for the X1 very easy. I think this is a huge step for MS. I hope for more details soon.
kenshiro100  +   926d ago
@ DonFreezer

You didn't even refute what he just said.
RememberThe357  +   926d ago
@Seph: Sorry to break to you but there aren't that many of you out there. When your talking about features that make a console desirable and one guy out of a hundred chimes in, you know it's not a selling point. However, at the face of it, it does seem like an awesome switch.
Bladesfist  +   926d ago
Another game developer here. You will be suprised by how many game developers are on this site.
andrewsqual  +   926d ago
-How is releasing games 4 months after their release date on your servers to avoid any major bandwidth great?
-Xbox Live doesn't have a subscription that when you first sign up you get to download 14 games that averagely total 90gbs.
-Xbox Live digital games always had a measly cap of the times 2gbs being the current limit in 2013 (PSN in 2006 never had a limit whatsoever).
-Xbox Live games are very limited in advanced terms i.e never got an advanced shooting game like MAG 256 players in 2010 and Resistance 2 60 player online in 2008. Let alone awesome omline only games like Warhawk in 2007!!!

Sorry just thought I would give you a list since you wanted one so much above. A list above that you are requesting that you yourself won't even do.
Xbox Live doesn't touch PSN in terms of advancement.
You just pay a fee to play online.

If Microsoft introduced a Gold membership tomorrow that was €15 a year just to be able to play online and not do any of the other stuff Gold forces you to pay for and 100 people's membership was running out in 2 days, I guarantee you, that over 90% would get the cheaper membership because THAT is the only reason they are paying for Gold because they have to.

You would think at this stage they would have announced "cross buy" between Xbox One and Windows 8 games because THAT is what matters to you the customer. Oh and having to own Windows 8 and a rip off tablet device too to take full advantage of the "integration" as you call it.

Edit why am i even wasting my time? Its like talking to s stubborn mule. Keep telling yourself Kevin Bacon wasn't in Footloose too :)
CerebralAssassin  +   926d ago
Fyi MAG was terrible. Just because it was 256 players it doesnt make it good. The game lagged like hell. And it didnt even feel like 128vs128. Not saying i disagree with u but the mag game was a bad example.
Groo   926d ago | Trolling | show
blanket14  +   926d ago
resistance is 64 players online just sayin
ThanatosDMC  +   926d ago

Wtf are you talking about? MAG did not lag.
RememberThe357  +   926d ago
@Ass: I played MAG quite a bit. It never lagged. It wasn't very good but that was purely on the design side. Planetside 2 would be a better example but I do wonder how big those battles can get with so many people and how well the servers will be able to handle that.
PickAShoe  +   925d ago
@CerebralAssassin Goes to show that not everyone have good internet connection :P
SeanScythe  +   926d ago
Please enlighten us as to what that is, and don't BS with "The Cloud" crap.
HiddenMission  +   926d ago

You do a lot of assuming in your comments. I know many of my friends who own both prefer PS+ over XBLG. Even if you do prefer the current version of XBLG how can you say it will continue to be superior to a future service that has yet to be released or even fully yeah you assume a lot.
Godlovesgamers  +   926d ago
Well it's too bad "thinking" doesn't make it "reality".
Laneljh  +   926d ago
Microsoft has had to alter their policies more than once, whereas Sony has not had to change a single thing. If anything, Microsoft has been a huge embarrassment this year so far. The Xbox One is in fact bringing some cool things to the table, but I don't think anything they are doing is a deal breaker. The $100 price difference IS a deal breaker, though, which is why Sony has a huge lead on Microsoft right now. Granted, the PS4 Eye does not come with the PS4, but it also isn't required. Unlike the Kinect, which is required. But stating that there are things the Xbox One can do that the PS4 can't is a statement that can go both ways, as there are also things the PS4 offers that the Xbox One cannot, such as screen sharing and remote play via the PS Vita.
JamieL  +   926d ago
That’s because Sony is taking the 360's proven successful model and used it for the PS4. They don't have to change anything they already know the strategy works, whereas MS is trekking on unexplored soil. Now I’m not going to take too much time wasting my breath positively talking about MS, well not even positively, just objectively is plenty enough to get mobbed here at N4(Sony)G, but at least MS is trying something new. I mean don’t get me wrong we know what we’re getting from Sony. A bad ass gen full of good games with cutting edge graphics and all the power you can handle. Sony is very good at what they do, and they will deliver. To me though the simple fact we know what to expect is the biggest fault with Sony's plan to me. I mean it’s the same thing as this gen, and to be honest besides the major focus on internet connectivity from this gen it’s been the same since the PS1. I’m ready for something new. I don't just want prettier games with more bad guys and no loading times. I have no clue if MS will deliver on anything they say, they have a lot to prove, but I do see them working towards the future a lot more than the PS4. I understand why too, Sony has to play it safe and smart this gen. MS has more flexibility in this regard, in my opinion, and that’s why I am more interested in the XB1.
How much stuff did Sony change with the PS3 with each new model? See even the great Sony’s changed policies before.
#2.8.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report
DigitalRaptor  +   926d ago
@ JamieL

Do any of us really know what Sony/developers are going to do with the DualShock 4's touchpad and new rumble motors that have the ability to provide more subtle touches of rumble, or the light bar that can enhance player mood, or change based on a gameplay element or detect player position and switch around in splitscreen games?

Do we know in detail what Sony are going to add to the OS? The PS4 OS is going to be completely different to XMB so it's all brand new stuff, the multi-tasking and instant gaming and sharing and connectivity features are all new. We haven't even seen half of what it will do.

Have we been clued in on the breadth of Gaikai and PS+ with PS4? We know about game streaming but you can bet that it won't end there.

The PS4 camera, just like Kinect will afford new possibilities. What these are, who knows? It won't be for everybody and it's not going to be the future of games, but it's a nice addition and will provide something different.

PS4 remote play and deep native integration with PS Vita means that if you own both systems, they have the ability to feed off each other for some really inventive things. Think Wii U, but broader.

The PSN has recently undergone reconstruction to take advantage of many different devices such as tablets, phones, smart TVs, PCs etc. What you saw in Dead Rising 3 demo with the person calling in an air strike from a tablet? That is also similar to what Sony has been working on and putting R&D towards for PS4 and there have been a few examples. Did you see the Playroom demo? New things are happening all the time if you look out for them.

This all sounds like I'm trying to sell it I know, but this stuff is just common sense. I'm just thinking logically about what the implications of all of the assets are for PS4 and PSN, that many people are labelling as PS3.5 - the ones who REALLY want it to just be a PS3.5.

What do you refer to when you're talking about Microsoft and unexplored soil and "flexibility"? The cloud? Or something else?
#2.8.2 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report
JamieL  +   925d ago
@ DigitalRaptor
No I'm saying MS is trying new things and Sony is doing the same thing the xbox 360 did. LOL I find it so funny folks like you will hype a touchpad and dismiss Kinect as a gimmick. I mean we all have a right to form our own opinions, but to not see Sony's playing it safe as hell this gen your lying to yourself, or blind, or just plain stupid. I understand why, Sony tried that this gen and it failed, yes they picked their asses up, learned their lesson and kicked ass after, but back then YOU were fine with Sony doing it, to the point I could see you really going to war and killing people to defend Sony's honor, but now all of a sudden everyone is talking about how much they want everything to stay the same, just prettier. I do think MS has a lot to prove and there's no doubt about that, but I'm going to see FIRST before I make such "matter-of-fact" judgments about it, and apparently folks like you on this site don't tolerate that kind of logic.
#2.8.3 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Allsystemgamer  +   926d ago
Wow. Uh. The ps4 can do everything the x1 can.
T2  +   926d ago
"no HDMI in sez hi" LOL ....
wake me up when MS makes a game console with great games i can't get anywhere else...

1. HDMI in ... and my yamaha avr has 6 hdmi in, who cares?

2. Voice activation. "xbox on"... uhh... what about my ps3, avr, tv, etc... its called a logitech harmony remote... let me know when xbox reveals their "play ps3 bluray" voice activation and then .... I will still choose to push just one button, LOL

3. Sports - I watch a ton of sports, fantasy sports, etc... That's why I have apps on my phone and my laptop so I can monitor them while I game on my TV.

4. Multitasking ... that's what the xmb on ps3 was for.

5. Better online service = long standing fallacy only put forth by foaming at the mouth xbots. EA has terrible servers, Warhawk, Halo had better ones... not related to console.

6. Motion control - PSEye (yawn) apparently the new pseye has all sorts of innovation, still don't care.

7. rumble in the triggers - really? this is just getting desperate now... ps elite headset has a bass "thumper" too, but you don't see every ps fanboy raging about that in every article.

Basically show me a system with games, more better games, and fast load times, cool features (for GAMES) and I'm there. but nukeitall's list is terrible
JamieL  +   925d ago
Wow Joe, so you would rather bring 20 different devices into your living room than just one?
Let me see if I'm getting your message clear, the XBone sucks because there exist devices that can do one, or a couple of the same functions it can?
I mean with that attitude couldn't I say I don't need a PS4 because my SNES plays games, my laptop can get online, and my DVD player is already black. I mean getting one device that does everything you just listed sounds cool to me.
#2.9.2 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
SegaSaturn669  +   926d ago
I think PRISM should subsidize the XBone to reduce the cost, then I might consider buying one.
Clarence  +   926d ago
Please enlighten me
Omegasyde  +   926d ago
If this is true, there will be an exploit to run pirated images.

Once someone figures that out, Xbox1 will go back to DRM policies.

Sure you could do this For Ps4 dev kits, but those are itemized. Once Sony figures out who it is, they can put a block on it via Hardware MAC address and then punish the person legally.

If every Xbox can run in debug mode and the Window's OS Kernal is hacked. Xbox1 owners are #%$@#%

Don't believe me? Look at why Sony took out Linux support.
kenshiro100  +   926d ago
After that PR stunt at E3 and their press conference, I doubt it.
assdan  +   926d ago
There really isn't anything. I don't really care about my voice being replaced by the tv video button.
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
the only advantage MS has is that they can produce more xbox one units at launch, other than that sony has it all for me personally

People say MS had to target the casuals with kinect and TV/Entertainment crowd because the core market isn't that big, and that is why ms supported casuals more in last 3 years. Than how come ps3 kept selling and passes xbox360 with a year late start? core market is as big as 150-200 million but mostthink its 20 million

sony has the development studios
120 games in development
40 exclusives/exclusive content
12-15 new Ips
20 games coming within first 12 months
drive club free with psn plus
psn plus better service to me than xblive
priced $399
doesn't force me with motion controller/camera
controller has been improved and many developers have said they now prefer it over the xbox one

Sony has a long history of delivering games, their word means more to me at face value than MS. MS will push those DRM policies down the road even phil spencer said that in a tweet

Someone asked "If I buy a Xbox One, do I have to fear that the DRM stuff will return this generation?"
Response "Split will likely be digital vs. physical. Physical will feel like today. For digital we'll push features we discussed at E3"

so yeh sony has the advantage, people are saying well ms have taken back everything and now self publishing, well sony had that back in February 2013, sony announced many of these self publishing features at GDC while MS is doing it now

sony has the advantage in Japan
sony has the advantage in Europe
sony has gained back the US market in a big way, if it was 75-25 before in favor of MS now its 50-50 if not sony getting more than 50%
Jury  +   926d ago
Agree with what you wrote mostly but evidence seems to point to Sony is producing more units at launch
showtimefolks  +   926d ago

believe me that would be great so as many people can get it. There was a report few days ago that said MS may be able to put more systems in store shelf during launch, but i think the reason for that is sony is launching world wide while MS in 21 countries

more systems on shelf maybe just for USA.

ps4 is gonna sell like hot cakes world wide, here in the states some maybe have an opinion of only buying american product but world wide quality counts, and sony is known for quality

what also helps them is the lower price point

there was a ps4 on ebay that sold for $850 so if there is a shortage of systems watch the price spike

i have 15-20 gaming friends, 4 of us had ps3 while others xbox360, now all 20 of us are getting ps4 and we all live in USA. so i don't believe the news that MS has the USA market pat down, i also know many others who have told me and others that they are making the switch to the Darkside lol

i guess time to bring back my avatar

come to the darkside we have cookies lol
Gekko36  +   925d ago
Wow, after that rant, do you need a tissue and some quiet time?

How about this. PS4 has lots of fun toys and games and even though it's Japanese it be bought by millions worldwide.

Also Xbox One has lot of fun toys and games and will be bought by millions worldwide.

See... Short and sweet.
showtimefolks  +   925d ago

i am sorry how is this a rant? i gave a fair opinion

i guess anything on n4g is a rant you keep those toys some of us still buy a gaming console to play you know what its made for Games
showtimefolks  +   926d ago
to you it might to be important that price tag of $499-$399 but to families/casuals that $100 saving is a huge selling point. I said it before and i will say it again 1st year sale of ps4 will open many eyes

ps3 was priced $599-$499 yet it outsold the xbox360 from day one till now passing it, so what make people think that a $399 price tag won't just give sony the glory days of ps2?

and now with Mark Cerny a well respect developer himself leading the charge i believe the development community will show a lot of love towards ps4
ala_767  +   926d ago
MrRaccoon90  +   926d ago
You say that, but put 0 Evidence on the table. You smell like a Xbox Fanboy
RedHawkX  +   926d ago
you my friend have obtained the world record for most disagrees on n4g. have a good day sir you are a born liar and failure.
NeoTribe  +   926d ago
Wierdly you didn't give any examples. O yeah, that's becauee that's a blunt fanboy lie. Sony only does everything.... better...
ion666  +   926d ago
shake my then piss on my boots. those guys weren't up front with me. Thats why im not getting the xbox.
Neo-Axl  +   925d ago
Like the other guy says, Example.
Ezz2013  +   925d ago
When this console war BS end ?!
it gone too far now

1.Better Specs and hardware : PS4
2.Best price : ps4
both offer "almost" the same features

those are the "Facts" what ever you like it or not
so you can accept that and move on
you like the Xbox games better then get xbox1 and accept those facts
you like the ps4 games better then get ps4 and you will get a better hardware and better price

#2.23 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
deanobi   925d ago | Spam
FateoftheGame  +   926d ago | Well said
Sony still has more gamer trust at this point.
iamnsuperman  +   926d ago | Well said
and that is because they have earnt it. Despite being an arrogant A hole in the beginning they slowly turn things around and were the only company to keep pushing new ips (which everyone keeps asking for); making their system and service about games and nothing else. They deserve that added trust.
#3.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(62) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
FateoftheGame  +   926d ago | Well said
Yeah, Sony's turnaround from the initial PS3 PR disaster has been earned on their part.
Godmars290  +   926d ago
They only went half retard with the PS3 but are coming back.

What's going on with Kinect and the XB1, in addition to other issues, should show who went full.
aiBreeze  +   926d ago
Agreed.. they've earned my trust. Next generation I know Sony holds MY gaming interests as their top priority and from start to finish be completely committed to offering gamers the service they desire.

Microsoft.. I just feel like a number designed to bring in cash to help them further push the console on the masses. Ever since Kinect reveal, they've lost my trust and never really bothered to try and earn it back.

About the closest fanboyish thing I'll probably say in a long while but Sony really have earned my trust.
Omegasyde  +   926d ago
I remember Sony getting so much Flack for removing the "OtherOS" feature because of piracy and exploits.

I absolutely guarantee Microsoft will do the same, and remove "Windows-like" OS components and possibly reinstate some form of DRM. When the DRM comes back, I wonder how much respect the trully local MS "Fans" will still have.
Gekko36  +   925d ago
@aiBreeze LOL I just had visions of you calling Sony

Saying "Dave?, What are your doing Dave? hows the kids, oh and don't worry about that embarrassing trip to the doctors, after all herpes is very common. Do what can Sony do for you today?"

Come on Sony, like MS are corporations and they have a special kind of soulless existence, far worse than any second-hand car salesmen. If they could get away with social profiling, animal testing and mass genocide, they would.

Remember this mantra "Customers are like dogs, give 'em a biscuit and they love you, even if its mouldy"
aiBreeze  +   925d ago
Sony are a corporation and a business but as a passionate gamer, I put my faith in the business that is most tailored to my needs/desires as a gamer.. without a doubt that is Sony. I'm not going to brown nose them because that's stupid but they have proven their commitment to gamers.
#3.1.6 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
FITgamer  +   926d ago
That video isn't legit, funny, but fake. There were some people cheering after the Xbox One price was announced...though it was forced.
#3.2.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report
SeanScythe  +   926d ago
Sony was the only one at E3 that had the crowd chanting their name.
Akuma2K  +   926d ago
That vid was funny as
threefootwang  +   926d ago
Haha Awesome!!
_FantasmA_  +   926d ago
I still don't see how Sony messed up. Sure PS3 was expensive, but they were selling it at a loss. If I had known back then that there was a PS2 inside it and that eventually it would be removed in the future PS3s, I would have bought it. I spent more on batteries, controllers, WiFi adapter, headsets, extra M$ Points, repairs, etc on the 360 than the original PS3 $600! MicroSoft are scammers. Their boxes come with hidden fees and poor quality and without the features.

The PS3 had everything in it and it was of higher quality and I was stupid for waiting so long to make that switch. Well not this time, I got my PS4 preorder and I will never buy another M$ box again.
FateoftheGame  +   926d ago
People didn't care whether Sony was selling the PS3 at a loss, though. They cared about Sony's arrogant marketing approach and the audacity of selling a gaming console at such a high price.
T2  +   926d ago
both partially correct... I bought the ps3 and gladly paid the price... Hell i could still get 200 for my ps2 on a trade in at the time, so I paid about 450 (cdn) for my ps3... and I used it as a blu ray player, web browser, games console, chat machine, got a mouse and b/t keyboard for it, showed photo slideshows on it, stored my media on it, played ps2 games on it, evne the odd ps1 game... LOL.
People certainly didn't like the price, but it was indeed still worth it. Noone can argue that it was an unfair price, just that it was quite high. then they stripped some stuff out and sold it cheaper. not my cup of tea but people do have budgets.
JamieL  +   925d ago
@ Joe
LOL wow man your bias is really showing now. In the very same article you bash the XBone for having features that can be done on other devices, but now are praising the PS3 for features it had that could be done on other devices. F$%king ridiculous man.
#3.3.3 (Edited 925d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
sigfredod  +   926d ago
PS4 have several advantages, sony history for game production, specs and price
kingmushroom  +   926d ago
tech that will not RROD
voodoogts  +   926d ago
Specs? PS3 had better specs than 360 but for some reason 360 performed better in side by side comparison
HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
In multi platform games, developers didn't take advantage of the hardware properly. If you compare exclusives, games on PS3 almost always look better.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   926d ago
That's the equivalent of saying that a Ferarri doesn't have better specs than your average Toyota Pruis because they're both required to obey the speed limit of 45MPH...

Simply dumb, right?
Insomnia_84  +   926d ago
That comment coming from someone with a Kratos avatar doesn't make sense unless you've never played GOW3, U2, U3, TLOU, KZ2, KZ3, etc.
Godmars290  +   926d ago
Right now the PS4 has more system power and a better reputation overall. Doesn't look like its playing catch up or is being forced to reverse policy announcements.

And as for people who are going to cite that you can make your own games on XB1, 1) Its not known when that feature will be available, 2) Its also unknown what it entails and 3) How many people really know how to make games?

I've never understood the quantity better than quality argument. How iOS gaming is equal to full console or PC gaming. Really in the best possible case they're just more crap to pick through.
majiebeast  +   926d ago
If PS4 and Xbone were like IOS it would be like this.

1.Angry bird clones
2.Runner games
4.achievement/trophy hunter games
5.Occasionaly good game.
T2  +   926d ago
Holy Sh.. if there's one thing on smartphone games that I hate it's the pay for perks scam...
This is my definition of a crappy, casual gamer.
Paying for advantages rather than earning them.

In bf3 I don't mind if people want to pay for perks I can just earn, but paying for an outright advantage? have some freaking pride.
BattleTorn  +   926d ago
christocolus  +   926d ago
Ms is trying to make a better console by listening to fans and making this changes so how are they being like sony? isnt sony also trying to make a better console?.. i dont get?
Root  +   926d ago
Listening to they are listening to the people in the board rooms tell them off because it's been a PR nightmare and they need to do something positive.

If they were listening then all of this would of been avoided when you had the outrage on Adam Orths comments about DRM months ago or for self publishing when the PS4 announced theirs.
SexyGamerDude  +   926d ago
If they were listening to their fans they would have not even implemented these policies.

Fans were telling them for months that they didn't want these things but MS didn't listen.
Christopher  +   926d ago
IF they were listening to fans, then they wouldn't have gone in with this policies from the beginning? It's not any of the issues around DRM, self-publishing, Indie developers, etc. just popped up in the last few months.
S2Killinit  +   926d ago
You would get it if you had been informed about the things MS was trying to do with consumers starting when then revealed their console.
HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
Pre-orders talk louder than fans.
Consoldtobots  +   926d ago
ultimate proof that although all companies are in this for profit, the only thing that MS sees is your wallet, your preferences or rights as a consumer are just an inconvenience to them.
Groo  +   926d ago
MS doesn't listen to what fans want.. who told you that?
_FantasmA_  +   926d ago
M$ doe$n't ¢ar£ about ¢u$tom£r$. They don't listen. They are deaf and heartless. They only care about making loads of cash so they can stash it. Oh you thought they were going to spend that money back on you as a way of showing their appreciation? Nope. In fact, as their way of saying thanks, you have to pay them more now.
#7.7 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
christocolus  +   926d ago
Wow so many pissed fans. I guess to an extent you guys are right but i kind of havent given up on them stil hoping they make it all right in the end and get their core audience back.(you guys inclusive)
kenshiro100  +   926d ago
Listening to fans doesn't equate adding DRM to their console and implementing a bunch of crap no one cares about or asked for. All people want to do is play games on their consoles. Everything else should be secondary.

Microsoft lost a lot of respect after their PR stunt at E3 and their press conference. They have a LOT to make up for.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   926d ago
"Xbox One Looks More Like PS4" The Xbox One looks more like the Xbox One. *Fixed
BattleTorn  +   926d ago
Huh, cause the Xbox One is looking like it did yesterday, or needless to say a month or so ago right after E3.

The Xbox One is actually looking different every day it seems.
#8.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
AngelicIceDiamond  +   926d ago
"Huh, cause the Xbox One is looking like it did yesterday, or needless to say a month or so ago right after E3."

I'm not speaking about the problems it had. (though your right it is changing everyday) I'm speaking about the games, hardware and features.

Whoa I guess people really hated my comment. What's wrong with it.
#8.1.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(15) | Report
Keyser  +   926d ago
"What's wrong with it?"

It is incorrect.
D-riders  +   926d ago
why does master cheif have on a coat, isnt he in a suit
makes no sense
HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
Dat spartan armor paint yo.

Gotta keep it shiny.
threefootwang  +   926d ago
Here's a clue, look at Destiny by Bungie, then go back to Halo 5(??), make the connection. Pretty obvious they're trying to imitate them.
BattleTorn  +   926d ago
He's gettin' old... gotta hide dat cane :p
PickAShoe  +   925d ago
He haven't taken a bath for decade, at some point he need to take it off.
S2Killinit  +   926d ago
the biggest advantage for me at least is the games (: remember? the stuff we buy these things for? Playstation has had a stellar support for those things which is actually reached the point where you can look at game ratings and awards to see that there is clearly a console with better gaming, and that is the PlayStation.
Campy da Camper  +   926d ago
Bingo!. At the end of the day I want to game. Not share, not have my heart rate moitored, not make a new PacMan, not wave my arms and ask my TV to turn on, I want to grab a controller and play quality, long running fun games.
Foxhound922  +   926d ago
Well said. It's like no one wants to play games anymore.
guerojose  +   926d ago
Xbone has a TV tuner? Article fail.
bjmartynhak  +   926d ago
Just thinking about E3. Sony had the best PR with price, used games, always online and indie self-publishing. They probably decided to show less games because it would be enough. Then Gamescom would be the killing blow.

Now, with all these 180 MS is doing, probably it should be better for Sony to have shown more games at E3.
TKCMuzzer  +   926d ago
Why? Sony can now focus on games at gamescon.
Sony did right, their PR team where right on the pulse.
bjmartynhak  +   926d ago
Yeah, they were completely right, sure. At that time, at least.
After the 180s, don't know, MS probably recovered some pre-orders and people are talking about MS showing more games.
#12.1.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
lgn15  +   926d ago
Honestly as of know MS has the advantage. Just so many things the ps4 can't do.

Kinect integration and games already using it in creative ways

Better game line up

T.v. integration

Screen within screen functionality

It is know actually a dev kit and modding was hinted at

Better online features, ps+ is the worse of the two

And if cloud is as cool as it seems to be (see asteroid demonstration) then that too.

EDIT: real cloud demonstration can be seen here:

Seems to prove the power of the cloud but interestingly enough of course you don't see this on n4g. If this is real then something big is coming. Billion dollar tech is no joke.
#13 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(32) | Report | Reply
TKCMuzzer  +   926d ago
Ever heard the expression "clutching at straws".

You seem to be trying to come up with reasons to justify your purchase.

When it comes to the games line up, it's best to look at history rather than trying to guess the future.

TV intergration?
Dev Kit?

Non of those will ever improve my gaming experience....
#13.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
lgn15  +   926d ago
Tell me why you like PS4 and I can say the same thing.

And why wouldn't I want to justify my purchase before I hand over hundreds of dollars to buy a gaming rig, ps4 or the one.

In fact normal people justify every purchase. Why did you buy the shirt your wearing? The car you own? The t.v.? You're not seriously telling me to buy something just too spend money?
TKCMuzzer  +   926d ago
There is justifying your purchase and coming up with the smallest non gaming reason to make yourself feel about happy about splashing out the money, let me explain.
I will buy a Ps4 regardless of the games Sony have yet to announce. Sony have earned my trust as a consumer over the last few years. They have been game and gamer focused, investing in their own studios and putting faith in the unknown. They have produced an optional service which caters for people who like games and it keeps giving. They got stronger through the Ps3 years unlike Microsoft who yet again showed that money and control was their ultimate goal as new first party ip's dried and it became about COD dlc every E3. I gave up my 360 because of this and I could no longer justify Xbox live when Sony's equivalent was offering more value.
Move onto the next Gen and Sony came straight out, no bull, no smoke and mirrors, its a games console. Microsoft on the other hand thought they would use their windows skills and try and control what people wanted, they stood firm ignored their fans and told people this is what you will abide by. They still had an opportunity to do right but stood firm. It was not gamers that changed their stance but their competitors direction. It was the coverage and good will Sony where getting that forced their hand, not you or I , so don't forget it.
I don't need to list features to justify my purchase of the PS4 as its not the features that justify my money going to Sony, it's my trust in something you can't see or touch, that I have a voice and I'm important and it's from the past I have learned to put my trust in the future.
Hope that clarifies it for you.
Foxhound922  +   926d ago
Tkc owned you lol almost all the things you listed are either gimmicks, available on ps4, or just flat out wrong.
TheEvilWithin  +   926d ago
I don't even consider the Xbox 1 a Video game console any more. There focus is all over the place when it SHOULD be on gaming. There to much about battling Apple and Google and Sony and Nintendo and Everyone and everything else. Someone comes out with a new invention or contraption there at war to do battle against it. So I have thrown in the towel on Microsoft. In my eyes there finished in gaming.

I don't care what anyone says. Sony will ALWAYS out beat Microsoft because Microsoft's heart is not in the right place. When some of there studios start winning Game of the Year awards and they start making a effort to move away from that gimmicky Kinect cam and start spitting out amazing Next Generation tittles then I might consider taking another look at the X1 but I think it might be way to late for that. Sony has my trust this coming Generation and I know Sony will do right by gaming first and other options second.
drsfinest72  +   926d ago
We live in a different time bro. Everything is about media media media. Many good shows. Movies streaming. Etc so having everything in one system including games is a plus. That's just like ps3 Sony said it's "sony entertainment system" it played blu ray streamed from your house media center and also obviously played games.
TheEvilWithin  +   926d ago
Yea that's all fine and good but Microsoft came out not talking about what new feature's it was bringing to gaming but what it was bringing to your cable box and T.V. I'm sorry I BALEY watch T.V anymore. If my wife wants to use the T.V I hop on my Wii U and work on Earthbound or another VC game or Wii U tittle.

To be a gaming console it NEEDS to be about the games and nothing less. Everything else needs to seem like Icing on the cake. I enjoy my systems because of gaming first and getting to use my Netflix or Youtube account second.

To me Microsoft made a over priced set top box and when they got blasted by gamers for not being a gaming machine all they have done is back peddle to try to become a gaming machine because in the beginning no one wanted it. All there doing at this point is begging for people to put it in there living room and hope word of mouth does the rest for them. Once again letting everyone else do the work for them instead of them putting in the effort to tell me why I need it. Just plain lazy. Look at what last gen looked like. They were lazy about there gaming department and look at all the lack of first party support. Once again they will hope 3rd party does all the work for them. Once again there just to damn lazy.
_FantasmA_  +   926d ago
And yet Netflix was still more popular on the PS3! And Blu Ray killed HD DVD! And PS3 games killed the 360 games in quality and variety!
Groo  +   926d ago
Microsoft has a heart?
drsfinest72  +   926d ago
so you do you agree that ps3 is a multimedia device? its all the same crap with this gen and next gen. both the ps4 and xbox one will be multimedia devices. its not ONLY about games anymore.
pyramidshead  +   926d ago
(seeing as the new xbot announcement is of topical convo in this comment section)
I kinda love when fanboys move the goal posts, seems to be happening a lot more in the micro-garden though. When Sony announced it will allow free publishing for indies the Xbot fanbase was in an up roar and the popular trolling comments and complaints I could pick out were that the quality of indie games would suffer as there would be no regulation on what games were released and that indie games 'didn't matter' and were irrelevant. Now suddenly they are, and no-one has commented on the 'quality' of games that may be produced by this new announcement. Just an interesting observation.

The new feature is cool though, but doesn't really affect me much as a general consumer which is disappointing.
strifeblade  +   926d ago
NO i think it still applies, just no need to be said because there is nothing to differentiate the two systems in regards to self publishing. What ever pros and cons that are listed will now apply to both systems. I do hope the quality of indie titles are regulated though on either systems, i dont want to cycle through garbage lol.
boikanyo  +   926d ago
yes! will do everythng they cn 2 win fans back by syng every1 can create games for xbox 1 i mean how cn a fan create a gme whle u dnt knw nthng how 2do tht....mxm silly thing i ever heard 4rm microsoft.
corvusmd  +   926d ago
Uh, so by Sony copying MS, then MS doing the same thing again...MS is copying Sony? So now that Sony MAY have cross game chat, and Xbox is doing it again...does that mean XB1 is copying PS4? At leas try to hide your fanboy good sir
drsfinest72  +   926d ago
The only advantage ps4 has over Xbox one( and most importantly ) is the price. & this is coming from a die hard Xbox fan.
Groo  +   926d ago
Think you may have been drinking the coolaid for too long.
quenomamen  +   926d ago
Guess actual superior hardware means nothing in your world.
threefootwang  +   926d ago
Coming from a die hard xbox fan, Sony is absolutely spanking M$ in every way with next-gen. Stop being so delusional.
quenomamen  +   926d ago
Only if you consider not having your fanbase bent over a chair with a pillow on their mouths before backing out at the last minute an advantage, I do.
pimpschitz  +   926d ago
I'm a troll because I have an Xbox and support Xbox, but I'm buying a PS4 because Xbox One didn't impress me, please down bubble me because you think that your vote matters when consumers show MS with their wallet and not a random post on N4G.

We all have opinions, good or bad, just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean that the person should be down bubbled or call them a "troll" cause you don't agree with what they are saying. It's BS that people can't express themselves about what they want to do in life. It's also BS that people can't look at a simple post, reply logically, and without reprimand because you think that your opinion is better than theirs. I like how xHeavYx has 80 agree's and few disagrees but he's "trolling" because he posted his opinion. This is an article about PS4 last time I checked, the people are trolling someone talking "bad" about XBox on a PS4 page . . . now who is trolling?
loulou   926d ago | Immature | show
kenshiro100  +   926d ago

You obviously cared since you answered him.
loulou   926d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
sync90  +   926d ago
Theres alot of fanboys in this article calling other fanboys....fanboys! Catch ma drift?
#22 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
strickers  +   926d ago
I've heard the "ps3 was more powerful on.paper but not reality" loads.
I haven't played 360 in awhile( mine died and I didn't bother with another). I'd only played L4D in recent times and that is hardly a graphics showcase( great game though). The other day I played Halo Reach. I'd heard a lot of talk about it. I enjoyed my time with it BUT it did destroy a myth.
The PS3 exclusives shit all over 360s premier games for graphics / physics etc. I've played KZ3 multi player recentlyvand Halo Reach single player looked utter shit by comparison. Not even close.
sync90  +   926d ago
Its not just the gfx that are better, ps3 exclusives were just better in general. While the 360 has gears, halo and forza, all pretty good games, there hardly groundbreaking or offering anything new mechanics wise. it has never had a TLOU or a MGS4 or a uncharted 2. same thing next gen, sony leading the way in exclusives. xboxone will have some great gasmes, just not as many as ps4 will.
#23.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
strickers  +   926d ago
I firmly believe that some people dint know what they are looking at.
Driveclub may run 30 GPS but some of the things it's doing are beyond Forza. Just like it was with Gears( massively better textures) and Resistance 1( physics with environment damage, long lasting smoke and particle effects, large areas and enemy counts).
All I'm saying is the tech behind games is about more than an opinion on how pretty you think it is. It's rarely black and white. As these consoles age, PS4 games will look better and better next to XB1. The tech does not lie and there will be a few things XB1 does a bit better. Difference this time is, multi plat games will also be better on PS4.
H3ADWOUND81  +   926d ago
It appears to be raining over Microsoft headquarters, it's Sony pissing all over them... Lmao...
JunioRS101  +   926d ago
It really frustrates me that MS clearly had a selfish vision originally, sucked at PR...

But now, even though I still don't trust them, they've got their PR more straightened out, and it's tricking people who don't know any better into thinking that they mean what they say lol

They might *allow* self publishing, but we all know it won't heavily support it and indies like PS4 has already proved.
Nexus38  +   926d ago
the sony fanboys hate is strong on this topic it is
wordonthestreet   926d ago | Spam
Jiggy7d  +   926d ago
It's not even about what each console can do, it's about the whole approach, philosophy.......Sony invests in diversity&amazing exclusives while MS pays for timed content+ calls TV functions&Kinect 'The Future' and has little to show in terms of exclusives. I mean all I do as a gamer is look at the track record of both companies and it paints a pretty clear picture.That+s why Sony will be getting my money in a few months.
xJumpManx  +   926d ago
The X1 actually has better exclusives for launch. I still go back to the sony E3 conference and watch and listen to how quiet it was until they announced their little DRM jab at Microsoft. That was the only cheer up to that point. Multiplatoform superiority will determine the winner this generation and I think the edge for that has to go to Microsoft who shares their tools with their developers. We shall see who wins but much like last generation I will be surprised if Sony wins the the USA territory.
unicron7  +   926d ago
Sony shares tools with 3rd party developers as well. They have a more powerful platform to work off of this time and it's easier to develop for. Multiplatform titles should look equal to better on PS4 this generation judging from the specs and ease of use of X86 architecture involved. I honestly don't see any draw that the XB1 has over the PS4 at this point. Kinect is also a forced gimmick.
#29.1.1 (Edited 926d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
s45gr32  +   926d ago
Well said
bambooman584  +   926d ago
Where have you been lately? The PS4 is designed to be cool, and the Xbone has been having overheating issues. PSN is nothing to scoff at either, and I'm not sure how you can argue against it. The only people I find that think PSN is complete garbage, are those that haven't used it. It works how its supposed to work, when you add PS+ onto that? Look out MS.
xJumpManx  +   926d ago
Its not complete garbage because they give you free games. But when you compare just pure online capabilities and online community XBOX Live does destroy it.
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